• How To Remove List View Edit Button Based On Condition..?

    Hi All, How to remove list View Edit Button Based On Condition..?sugarcrm expert sugar developers
    M Gupta
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  • How to change the theme in sugarcrm 7.9 ?

    Hi All,   Is it possible to change the theme in Sugarcrm 7.9 ? Please advise me to change the theme in Sugarcrm 7.9.
    Sino Thomas
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  • When will Tasks support reminders and recurrence?

    Are there any plans to include this capability in an upcoming release? If not, has anyone been successful in replicating those functions using processes?
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  • What hardware do i need in order to integrate Click to Call?

    Im willing to make a system where agents will be able to simple click and call costumers. After few hours of reading, its very confusing for me and i dont know what hardware would i need. Im thinking to get separate m...
    rhymeguy rhymeguy
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  • Unable to turn off TRACKER - support unable to help :(

    Hi everyone,    We have a customer (on-site) using Ent 9.0.3, who must have their Tracker function in Sugar turned off (for compliance reasons). Using the checkboxes in Admin > Tracker doesn't stop the ...
    James Banbury
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  • User profile advanced settings, Field Name Placement

    Following the upgrade where the Field Name Placement has been moved to the side, I'd like to change it back.  I go into my Profile and the Advanced Tab but I don't have Layout Options available to change the sett...
    Alison Whittle
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  • How to remove/disable by permanently sidebar pane (right side Dashboard) in Sugarcrm 9.1 from list view and Record View to all Module

      How to remove/disable by permanently sidebar pane (right side Dashboard) in Sugarcrm 9.1 from list view and Record View to all Module.sugar10.sugarcrm 9.1developer preview developer 
    M Gupta
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  • Use currency rate on calculated field

    Hi there   Looking to perform some calculations on opportunity records using a currency conversion. However, I can't seem to do this as the base_rate field is stored as text. Any ideas how I can convert this fie...
    Ray Brookes
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  • Which CMS is best for using with SugarCRM?

    Hello! Does anybody here gave good experience with a CMS-System to connect with SugarCRM? Is there a CMS-System which is better to connect with?   Maybe someone can share his experience with it.   We want...
    Deniz Kilic
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  • How set readOnly dynamically in record.js?

    I'm need set readOnly in custom field when logged user not admin in record.js if(app.user.get('type') == 'admin')   //set readOnly field else   //set editable fiel
    Rodolfo Jesus
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  • How to remove append contact multi email Save.

    How to remove or restrict multiple email insert in contact create .  or I want to make Normal email field contact module. save only single email remove multi email save features or plus button.    ...
    M Gupta
    created by M Gupta
  • Post upgrade failed 9.3.0 > 10.0.0

    Dear Michael,   We are upgrading clients local instances to the latest version 10.0.0 from 9.3.0 for the clients hosted in sugar cloud and development / QA instances are on our local server. We have created separ...
    Ambit Support
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  • IfElse Formula to Calculate Percentage

    Hello,    I'm trying to create an ifelse function that calculates a different percentage of the Contract Price based on the State.   I tried the following, but am receiving an error of "Cannot read prop...
    Cheryl Alderson
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  • How to configure components Independently

    Hi All,   How to configure various components Independently. Anybody can share a graphical representation of components like File system Web server Load balance DB Elastic search cache etc
    Sino Thomas
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  • Relate field to 'Employees' module

    Hi, I have built a custom module using module builder and have deployed to a Sugar instance. I want to add a Relate field in the custom module which links to the Employees module. This is because the information to ...
    Neil Conacher
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  • How can I use the rollupCurrencySum and only obtain certain records?

    Here is our use case: We have a custom field with a year field. Accounts has a 1 to Many relationship with the custom module I want this rollupCurrencySum($mymodule_accounts, "amount")  where equal(related(...
    Jeff Bickart
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  • Assigning account back to original user automatically with conditions

    Hello,   I am encountering a situation on the process definitions.   Details of Process Definition:   I would like to create a process where I can assign an account back to the original user whose na...
    Punit Desai
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  • Scheduled report too big

    I suspect that I have some reports scheduled by users that result in files too big to send via email. I am seeing errors like the following in my logs:   Wed May 13 18:05:09 2020 [20239][2488a848-2e7a-4290-87c0-...
    Francesca Shiekh
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  • No valid themes are found on this instance

    I am using Sugar CRM version 6.5.7 on PHP 5.3.28. I have recently migrated this application from Windows Server 2008 R2 to Windows 2016 Datacenter.    The users on the application are getting this error ran...
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  • Show Fields of Any Module in a Custom View

    Okay, so this is a pretty advanced level question (I think) and only people who have really worked in depth with SugarCRM might be able to answer this.    What I am trying to achieve is this.   I want...
    Arslan Irshad
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