• Logic hook can't find link name of relation

    Hello All,   I'm looking for help with figuring out why a new logic hook works well on my local Sugar instance but does not work in the online instance. This is an after_save logic hook in the RevenueLineItems m...
    Yury Voloshin
    created by Yury Voloshin
  • I have a problem with a chart in a dashlet

    I'm trying to do a custom dash-let with a chart, I installed the package and  when I add it to the dashlet in a Dashboard before it was saved in preview the charts looks great but when I save it, it doesn't ...
    Mario Ramos
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  • Setting default values in new custom fields doesn't work

    I've created three new custom fields using a module loadable package by placing the text quoted at the bottom in manifest.php. The fields were created with no problems. When I look at these fields in Studio, I see the...
    Yury Voloshin
    created by Yury Voloshin
  • Subpanel with external database table

    I am working with Sugarcrm 8 ENT versdion, I want to display values from external ERP as a Sub panel in Accounts module.   How can display legacy/external database table values in Accounts module subpanel.
    Sino Thomas
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  • HI Is it possibile to copy the logic behind a kreport and then reuse it.

    I use a test vesion of sugar and when I am happy that the requested report runs ok. I have to type it out in the main SugarCRM Kreporter. Thus duplicating the work. Thanks Anthony
    anthony malone
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  • How to check relationship field value is changing in logichooks

    Hi All,   For the normal fields it is possible to know that value is changing   if(isset($arguments['dataChanges']['<your_field>'])) {          $GLOBALS['log']->fatal("pre...
    Muhammad Shaji Uddin
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  • How to save Inbound emails attachments in case  Attachments ?

    Hi All I would like to save inbound emails Attachments save to cases module... => same as emails create cases but attachments not shows. any idea..       Regards MK.
    M Gupta
    created by M Gupta
  • Campaign Emails Very Slow Processing

    Good Evening,   Has anyone dealt with this error message before with campaigns? Our emails have still been sending, but every email gets the error below tagged in the log files. Our campaigns used to be really q...
    Dan Petersen
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  • [2020-03-23 19:13 UTC] Known Cloud Issues - IDM Hosted Instances

    We are currently addressing an issue in our cloud environment where IDM hosted instances have been experiencing performance and login issues, including degraded performance and the IDM login page timing out,...
    Kevin Louie
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  • logic hooks on EmailAddress relationships not working?

    I need to trigger a process when an Email Address is added or removed from a Contact. I was hoping to leverage the after_relationship_add/after_relationship_delete on Contacts:   function EmailAddressChanged($be...
    Francesca Shiekh
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  • pre_execute.php ignored

    Hello. I am trying to remove a custom module of ours from a 9.0.2 installation, called AG_AG_Version. I updated the code in the files using the module, that part is working. BUT, I also have to remove the module folde...
    Nagy Zoltan
    last modified by Nagy Zoltan
  • Best Practice for Exporting Sugar Report Data to Google Data Studio

    Hello,    I'm working on creating reports for my company where I connect many different data sources together for one cohesive report. I've found Google Data Studio (GDS) is a great tool for this because I ...
    Katie DelValle
    created by Katie DelValle
  • Connect Sugar with DataBase

    Hello,    Following few weeks of test i'll transfer my on premise server to a cloud server.  The application has been installed and tested on cloud few weeks ago with a database from December 2019....
    Thibaut  Legrand
    created by Thibaut Legrand
  • After Code deployment with Git I am Getting Error..?

    Warning: require_once(src/Cache/Backend/BackwardCompatible.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/html/sugarcrm/include/utils/autoloader.php on line 355   Fatal error: ...
    M Gupta
    created by M Gupta
  • Making a field a clickable link in a report

    Good Evening,   Has anyone ever made a field a clickable link in reports? Currently the Leads module is set to only have the contact name be a link in views, subpanels, and reports. I was able to make the "Organ...
    Dan Petersen
    created by Dan Petersen
  • Related field not updating

    HI   First off - sorry if this has been asked and answered before - I've looked but can't find anything ...   I have a Module 'Event Locations' which has a TextArea field, 'test refreshments'. I have made ...
    Matthew Cooke
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  • Sugar Connect getting "Invalid authorization in Sugar Please, log in to your Sugar account and re-enable Sugar Connect sync."

    We're trying to get our SugarCRM instance calendars synced with our MS Office 365 calendars.  Have followed all instructions online.  The sync seems to happen once and then hangs on syncing contacts (spinnin...
    Nathan Morrison
    last modified by Nathan Morrison
  • Relate field to 'Employees' module

    Hi, I have built a custom module using module builder and have deployed to a Sugar instance. I want to add a Relate field in the custom module which links to the Employees module. This is because the information to ...
    Neil Conacher
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  • "Your company's license for SugarCRM needs to be validated. Only admins may login.

    "Your company's license for SugarCRM needs to be validated. Only admins may login." Error pop-up all the time  I have reset a admin Password from dB and also change the license type of Admin user every time i en...
    Ambit Support
    created by Ambit Support
  • OAuth: Logout after 15 minutes of inactivity?

    Corporate has requested that I change the inactive timeout for Sugar to 15 minutes to match their security policies across their other web/desktop applications.   I have the oauth2 lifetime's as so:    ...
    John Hoffmann
    created by John Hoffmann