• Bulk delete from csv

    Enterprise 9.3 on-demand.  I have been given a csv containing long list of bouncing emails and I need to delete the contacts associated with them.   Any options to make this easy?
    Tom Repetti
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  • Troubleshooting Cross-Site Forgery Messages / Token Problems

    When trying to save / attach a document in the module itself or i.e. in the ticket modul using the document sub panel, users are getting sometimes the following Error Message     According to the research...
    Deniz Kilic
    created by Deniz Kilic
  • Dependency for all fields readonly based on a fields value ( checkbox) ?

    Working with Professional, Version 9.0.0 I`m new into SugarCRM, I have a little question.  The case is: I Make fields read-only ( most ) but not only one ( the checkbox) in module Quote. When I click the che...
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  • Different levels of access for reports

    We have some reports that are for management only and should only be seen by them.   I don't see a way to set permissions on any particular report.   Some reports should be editable by some users.   ...
    John Kitsmiller
    created by John Kitsmiller
  • Browser Focus Generating Unsaved Changes Warning?

    Our users seem to be having the "unsaved changes" warning messages pop up more in recent days/weeks. It seems like user interface is pretty "touchy" about leaving the focus during entry/editing (e.g. to take a call, l...
    Vince Outlaw
    created by Vince Outlaw
  • Is it Load balancer is a required component ?

    Hello All,   I saw an architecture of Sugarcrm and I like know about the relevance of load balancer in Sugarcrm architecture .   is it a required component in the scalable architecture ?
    Sino Thomas
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  • Docker container no longer available

    Hi guys   I tried to configure a docker container in my Ubuntu stack and I notice it is no longer available at Docker Hub . Is it anywhere else or SugarCRM doesn't support it anymore?   Regards
    André Lopes
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  • How to make linebreaks in an import - i.e. text for the "Description" field (TinyMCS)?

    Hi good people.   How can I format my text for the "Description" field in my csv file so that I get a nice text with line breaks once I´m done importing into Sugar?   Here is my attempt in the csv fi...
    Kristjan Geir Mathiesen
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  • Is there a way to restore deleted leads?

    User deleted several leads that should not have been deleted - is there a way to recover them.  As an example, SalesForce.com has a wastebasket area where deleted records can be restored.  Anything like this...
    Robert White
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  • The modules at the top banner of the interface are not populating. How do I fix this issue?

    Tried clearing cache and this happens. Do I have to clear the cache multiple times?
    Tom Ricciardi
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  • Why does the new design in V10.0 waste my 27" monitor space?

    We've just been updates to V10 and found our glorious 27" screens wasted as all our information is scrunched to the left of the screen.  Where we could see full email and address details these are now truncated. ...
    Nathan Morrison
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  • Increase Timeout in Sugar.API Call Request

    Hi, Is there any way to set a Timeout Key in Sugar.API.Call to increase request time from 30000 ms to more.   Thanks, Shrikant
    Shrikant  Borkar
    created by Shrikant Borkar
  • Poor UI design - Altering record card design in new UI

    We've recently had our sugar cloud instance updated to 10.0. There has been a massive step back in UI design across the board but especially when viewing records.   Any fieldname in a record gets cut off after 1...
    Angus McKechnie
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  • Comments in Activity Stream (custom module) are not appearing on Record View

    Hello,    I have just enabled the activity stream on a custom module following the directions here: How can I enable Activity Streams for custom modules? This means I did:  created a file he...
    Katie DelValle
    created by Katie DelValle
  • How do I assign role for new user using Rest API, what end point do I have to use for assigning roles to a particular user?

    After Creating a new user in SugarCRM, In the Access Tab we assign the User a Role. How do we do that using Rest API. which Endpoint helps here ? 
    Ram N
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  • Sugar Instance: Procedure Instance does not get executed

    Hi All,   I was trying example given in Your First Integration in 60 Minutes | Sugar Integrate  . I was trying to syn data between "Salesforce Sales" and "Sugar Enterprise". For this i follo...
    Manisha narwade
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  • return to listview after editing record

    Hi, When i click the "pencil" icon in the listview, in order to edit a lead record and then push "save" in the lead editview, i need to be redirected to the listview again, not the lead detailview (like today).  ...
    Asaf Army
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  • What's Best Way To Communicate With Building Material Industry Manufacturers?

    We are a manufacturer of building materials (deck waterproofing and floor coating materials) and occasionally have questions about how others are configuring or using Sugar for their businesses...and even for those in...
    Vince Outlaw
    created by Vince Outlaw
  • SugarBPM - Extending PMSEEmailHandler

    Hi,   I've been trying to extend PMSEEmailHandler.php, located in modules/pmse_Inbox/engine/PMSEHandlers/PMSEEmailHandler.php. What I'm trying to accomplish is creating an Email record of the email that is being...
  • Is there any latest integration of Quickbooks with Sugarcrm?

    Hi, Is there any latest integration of quickbooks with SugarCRM 
    Phillips Campbell
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