• Exclamation mark on Subpanel-Module Record count

    Hello, Does anyone know the reason behind the issue mentioned in the attached file? Actually, getting exclamation mark on the subpanel-Module record count.       Thanks, Shrikant
    Shrikant  Borkar
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  • Dashboard chart does not match filter when clicking through

    Hi all I have this Dashboard/Chart on the landing page that's been setup by someone else. the red bar does not show the correct number (shows 25 count here) as when I click through to the filter it shows more.  ...
    sonesay inthavong
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  • logic hooks popup alert

    Hello,   Please help me solution to display popup alert by logic hooks This logic hooks after save of Case, when Case set to Closed but Task in subpanel is not Completed, the logic hooks will popup alert and re...
    Bao Tran Hoang
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  • How to Make validation duplication entry  for custom module ?

    i want to make validation for duplicate Entry , For Example- I have make from Studio  Custom Module [Program ]And I want to validate to duplicate entry in data base  
    M Gupta
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  • Remove subpanel from a module

    Hi All   How can we remove subpanel from a Module? I want to remove contacts subpanel from Accounts Module (In two ways :-One is simply hide and other is based on some condition,I want to hide contacts Subpanel ...
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  • OAuth: Logout after 15 minutes of inactivity?

    Corporate has requested that I change the inactive timeout for Sugar to 15 minutes to match their security policies across their other web/desktop applications.   I have the oauth2 lifetime's as so:    ...
    John Hoffmann
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  • How to access an information hold by a relationship in my view / layout / field ?

    Hello,   I want to improved the Contact subpanel for the account's module, by including an additionnal CSS property to highlight contact that do not "work" anymore for the account, ie the contacts marked as not ...
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  • Sugar BPM

    Hi Everyone, We have upgraded our Sugar CRM 9x from Professional to Enterprise edition. After upgrade, Sugar BPM is not working properly. I have created a Sugar BPM process dashboard and the design sheet is not fun...
    Nagamani D
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  • pre_execute.php ignored

    Hello. I am trying to remove a custom module of ours from a 9.0.2 installation, called AG_AG_Version. I updated the code in the files using the module, that part is working. BUT, I also have to remove the module folde...
    Nagy Zoltan
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  • Custom components don't work on mobile build iOS/Android

    Hi all,   We are having some difficulties with our mobile application while running iOS and Android builds. Our current implementation involves 4 custom made components: Calendar, Near me, Saved Near me search...
    Aleksandar Djordjevic
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  • Copy reports from Test to Prod

    Does anyone know how to copy a report form one instance of Sugar to another?    I've attempted to find where Sugar stores the reports but have been unsuccessful so far. 
    Chris Bourgeois
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  • Trying to install local sugar environment receiving an error

    I am trying to set up a local sugar environment, I am following the instructions to the letter, and I am receiving this error: SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate in certificate chain (when I am trying ...
    Scott MacLeod
    created by Scott MacLeod
  • How to save Inbound emails attachments in case  Attachments ?

    Hi All I would like to save inbound emails Attachments save to cases module... => same as emails create cases but attachments not shows. any idea..       Regards MK.
    M Gupta
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  • Setting default values in new custom fields doesn't work

    I've created three new custom fields using a module loadable package by placing the text quoted at the bottom in manifest.php. The fields were created with no problems. When I look at these fields in Studio, I see the...
    Yury Voloshin
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  • inbox

    How do I get to the email inbox?
    David Karohl
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  • Calculated Field - Count selections in related module

    Hi all,   In our Tasks-module there's a custom dropdown field with a product selection. I would like to see what's the highest "product interest" per individual contact based on the number of tasks with the...
    Daniela Scheiwe
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  • Logic hook can't find link name of relation

    Hello All,   I'm looking for help with figuring out why a new logic hook works well on my local Sugar instance but does not work in the online instance. This is an after_save logic hook in the RevenueLineItems m...
    Yury Voloshin
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  • Can the elastic search work on a clustered search node?

    config.php accepts an array of Elasticsearch nodes. Can we enter each node separately within that element and have sugar handle node availability on its own? If not then is fronting the ES cluster with a load balnacer...
    Amy Cox
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  • Delete Child entities if parent record deleted using end point.

    How can I delete child entities using end point ,  If I delete parent record (via end point ) in sugarcrm? delete child parent endpoints
    Sagar Honrao
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  • How can I enable Activity Streams for custom modules?

    How can I enable the activity stream for custom modules?  This is meant to be a feature for Enterprise and upwards. Cheers Andy
    moinerus moinerus
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