• How to have a custom platform

    I want to register myself, by providing my SugarCRM URL, User Name and Password.    Means I want to add my own new platform called 'jessica' so that I can have my own Layout. &#...
    Jessica Chugh
    created by Jessica Chugh
  • SugarCRM Solution Architect , SCP - 501

    Hi All,   I looking for SugarCRM Solution Architect certification for that I need to refer sample and previous questions dump and tutorials. So please help me to find or by provide the question dump
    Sino Thomas
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  • If my organization decided to cancel SugarCRM, how do we take our data so we can transfer to a new platform?

    Trying to decide if we are going to keep Sugar or go somewhere else but wanted to know if there are any pains with taking your data out of Sugar. Does anyone else feel the same about leaving Sugar?  
    Jesica Trejo
    created by Jesica Trejo
  • How to add image type field to PDF template?

    Hello everyone,   I am trying    <img src="{$product.product_image}"/>    in the PDF template HTML. But it fails.   How to add image type field to PDF template?   ...
    Ric Mital
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  • Can I use a dependency to set entire record to read only?

    I know how to use a dependency to set one or more fields to ReadOnly but is there a simple way to set EVERY field in a record to read only without having to do it for each field?   I would like to avoid using th...
    Francesca Shiekh
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  • How to document Changes

    Greetings Developers,   My Instance have stacked up a lot of modifications on a lot of fronts (multiple workflows that depends on one another, old workflows, bussiness rules, schedulers, logic hooks, etc). What...
    Giovanni Marazzi
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  • How to do a record view count

    I've created a new module and I want to have a field that represents the number of time a record has been viewed - just like the KnowledgeBase module does.  How do I do that? 
    Becky Dale
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  • Null field on studio

    Does anyone know what is happening? I noticed a error on saving and appeared 3 null, i went to the studio and on the fields of accounts appears me 3 nulls also: [ATTACH]10404[/ATTACH] Thank you in advance, Spo...
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  • How to add image from field to PDF template?

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to add an image from a module field in a PDF template. I've tried to use <img src="{$fields.image|tmp_image_path}"/> label but I didn't have success. Can anyone explain to me the best way...
  • Error when creating fields from module builder

    Hi   Currently we have a problem in the module builder module. When we create a module and add a field this does not. 1- The module is ModuleBuilder, the module is created from 0 2- type: varchar, name=test, D...
  • send an email after contact updates in backbone.js

    following from my previous question, I have a button to reset a contacts password field and want to send the contact an email once the update is complete the function that updates the row is   resetUserPassword:...
    john Fieldsend
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  • What does "no_default" field property mean?

    In many field vardef files you can find the property "no_default". I would like to know the purpose and usage of this property as I have found no info about it anywhere.   Thank you very much.   Jaume ...
    Jaume Albaigès
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  • How to clone dump of installed Enterprise Crm

    I want to add a new module in crm but i want to test in another copy of dump. how to install it in another server what are changes i have to do. I followed the https://support.sugarcrm.com/Knowledge_Base/Platfor...
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  • Saving Contact $bean deletes email addresses

    In the after_save logic hook for Accounts I wrote some code that would change the primary address of all Contacts linked to that account to the billing address of that account. The code works, but we eventually notic...
    Aroddo Aroddo
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  • vagrant issue

    Hi all,   I've followed the steps as described in this link https://support.sugarcrm.com/Resources/Environments/Development_Environments/Vagrant_Development_Environment/ to set up my local vagrant box....
    Polys Kasinides
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  • Email custom status

    Hello! Could you describe me if it possible to create custom status for email. And create emails with this status via API I changed dom_email_status. And I can create email via API. But in web interface I still se...
    Vladimir Tykvach
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  • Option "email all invitees" causes blank emails being sent

    SugarCRM 6.5.17 Pro Hi, enabling "email all invitees" will indeed send reminder emails before the meeting starts. Unfortunately these are blank - no subject, no text. Is there a way to configure their content? Thx,...
  • No active time periods

      Why do I keep getting this pop up? Can I prevent. Chrome browser. (on task window)
    Sanjay Sanghani
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  • Custom dashlet example (Chart)

    Hi,   We need to develop a custom dashlet for our mobile app. Does anyone could provide an example of a dashlet that display a bar chart, just to give us an idea what is the best way to start? ...
    Marilia Girardi Piva
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  • When duplicating a record also duplicate related records

    When I duplicate a record I also want to duplicate related records In 6.5 this was fairly simple I did it using an after save logig hook I checked  for $_REQUEST['duplicateId']  and $_REQUEST['module'] =...
    Mike Solomon
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