• Reports not filtering correctly when clicking on column

    Hi,   I have a report that does not seem to filter correctly when I click through.  If I click on any of the dates the results coming back are always 0 'No data available'     Here is the curl...
  • Allow Admins to "View As" to test system wide changes

    20 votes
    Similarly to how Facebook and LinkedIn allow you to view how your profile would look depending on who it is that is looking at it, it would be great to be able to toggle between different levels of access, roles, team...
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  • Defining the custom index in a Vardefs Extension

    HI All,     I Just want to what is the purpose of defining the custom index in a Vardefs Extension and Is it any relation elastic search ?
    Sino Thomas
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  • How to run test cases for SDK?

    Hi, I've a test folder in my app. I ran npm test to run a test file however, It gave me this error But if I comment the line 1 out then it start giving me this error Here is my package.json Kindly po...
    Arbab Khan
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  • Workflows, Set checkbox based on Team on record

    Hi, is it possible to create a workflow that checks the Team value.   If Team === A, Set checkbox 1 = true,   If Team === B, Set checkbox 2 = true,   I'm new to workflows so just asking to make sure ...
  • Workflow alert recipients

    Hello,    I'm working with Sugar Professional 9.0.0.  In Admin -> Workflow management each workflow has recipients. I'm trying to find the list of recipients for each workflow definition in the dat...
    Chris Bourgeois
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  • Automated task deletion

    I want to build in some automated housekeeping on tasks, ones which after completion are no longer relevant. So I've added a field in the task module which is ticked to say it can go when complete and that's fine...
    Craig McKee
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  • DocuSign signature with Sugar makes life easy

    Many businesses require electronic signatures on all official documents to safely and securely conduct transactions. Companies that do so may also require those e-signatures to come from trusted and reputable services...
    Dhaivat Naik
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  • How to build custom relationship 1:M?

    custom relationship 1:M
    Sagar Honrao
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  • Remove page numbers from PDF Manager output

    Hi there   When I export the PDF using PDF Manager, a footer is automatically generated, producing a horizontal line and a page number in the bottom right corner. I want to be able to remove the footer all toget...
    Ray Brookes
    created by Ray Brookes
  • How to fetch the details Accounts database table and list in an custom module

    Hi All   I have a requirement of list the Accounts module details in an custom module and  filters out the data. How to Create a custom module that fetch details from the Accounts module table in the ...
    Sino Thomas
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  • Create/Update multiple contacts/users via REST API for a meeting

    I am trying to add contacts/users to a created meeting as follows POST call to https://demo.sugarcrm.com/rest/v11/Meetings/<record_id>/link/  body  {        "link_n...
    Manoj Prabakar
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  • Showing timeout while trying to search on custom field

    Hi All,   I created and deployed a custom field through Studio  and when I trying to search the particular custom field in the list view it seems to be timeout.   How can I solve this issue ?
    Sino Thomas
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  • What is server-side components ?

    Hi All,   As part of knowledge acquisition.I like to know about the server side componets.   Actually which are server-side components in the Sugar framework ?   is it Sugar bean is a server-side com...
    Sino Thomas
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  • Subpanel with external database table

    I am working with Sugarcrm 8 ENT versdion, I want to display values from external ERP as a Sub panel in Accounts module.   How can display legacy/external database table values in Accounts module subpanel.
    Sino Thomas
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  • Where is the best place to add Relationships to Custom Modules.

    I need to add a new relationship to a Custom Module, which was not originally built with Module Builder, should I add the relationship via Studio or the Module Builder?   If I have a module that shows to be avai...
    Samuel Jennings
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  • why doesn't work the 'include(config.php)'?

    Hello everybody   I am sending data by ajax from a custom module to make inquiries with the data sent, so I include a connectionDB.php with this data:   include('config.php'); $db_host_name=$sugar_config[d...
    David Solano Rojas
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  • do a secure install with custom entry points

    Hello everyone. I need to know how to do a secure installation with customentrypoints, I created a module in which add 2 new records in custom / Extension / application / Ext / EntryPointRegistry / customEntryPoint.ph...
  • How to know the data types of the fields of the different modules?

    Is there any place where the datatype values are stored? I need to know what kind of data they are in order to display them. For example if the status field is a dropdown I will put a dropdown, if it is a text area I ...
    David Solano Rojas
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  • Is there any way to build a CSV report scheduler?

    Hi all.   A client of mine is asking for the utility to setup scheduled reports in sugarCRM, but for them to come as .csv rather than a PDF file. Has anyone done this yet or has seen it done in the past? The on...
    Daniel Hill
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