• When I link an opportunity to a parent opportunity, how do I see it (and others) within the parent opportunity?

    We do not use line items, so this appears like a good way of linking multiple opportunities together but I can't see them anywhere. 
    Robynn Hyde
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  • I need a recommendation on a free/inexpensive online calendar app

    I want to send a link to an online calendar app in e-blasts that allows recipients to book appointments based on the times open on a calendar. I would embed the link on the landing page and also in texts. Any advice...
    Ken Janc
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  • Reintroduce the Contact Field for Calls and Meetings

    6 votes
    Prior to 7.6, the Calls and Meetings modules had a contact field that could be displayed in dashlet and module list views. This field was helpful since meetings or calls associated with a contact would also display th...
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  • Implement Ability to Report on Audit Logs

    78 votes
    We have a number of fields set up for "Auditing" and we can obviously see the old and new value changes by user and date. We would like to be able to pull a complete list for the changes made by a particular user ins...
    Bud Hartley
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  • Reporting on Comment Log

    6 votes
    the comment log field is great, i love it and the customers do too, but........... you cant get it in reports   It would be great to be able to filter or report on comment log entries in order to extract and im...
    lee Ingham
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  • Provide a Utility for Managing Images for PDF Templates

    24 votes
    Currently, the Sugar default PDF templates contain a logo file embedded in the template for SugarCRM. However, there is no clear mechanism to embed another image unless the image is hosted at a URL outside of the Suga...
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  • Locating the scroll position at start of the quickcreate form

    When clicking "create" button in a subpanel, i want to put the scroll position (and page position) to the start of the form were the first field is. since yesterday and only in chrome browser, when clicking "crea...
    Asaf Army
    created by Asaf Army
  • Subpanel opens upwards instead of downwards on chrome browsers

    only since yesterday, and only on chrome browsers, when pushing "create" in the subpanel, the quickcreate opens upwards instead of downwards (or the system doesn't locate the scroll in the start of the quickcreate for...
    Asaf Army
    created by Asaf Army
  • How to assign product editing rights?

    i'd like to be able to assign the ability for different users to edit products in our product catalog. i don't see "products" or "product catalog" as an option on the matrix listed under an individual user or team pe...
    Robin Kiefer
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  • Remove Global Team from all the modules

    Hello Everyone,   I am working on SugarCRM Enterprise, Version 9.2.0-dev.1 (Build 120) (Fall '19).   I have to remove Global team from all the records which I have in SugarCRM all modules. Earlier I ...
    Kishor Mali
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  • Changing the Body of the Scheduled Reports Email?

    Scheduling reports currently works as I would like it to - it converts the Report selected as a PDF & sends it to the users that are intended to receive it. However, I'm looking to change the text in the body of t...
    Tim Miller
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  • How can I set a default Instance URL

    Hello everybody! I've been working on an app to test this SDK stuff. I would like to get the Instance URL prefilled to make it easier for users. So I have tried on app.json with these two options: "jsConfig": { ...
    Javier Torón
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  • How to set default Server Url at login setting?

    How to set default sugar instance URL at login view. So user directly enters userId and password on login page, and login view setting becomes noneditable.
    Shrikant  Borkar
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  • Announcing SugarClub - Are you in? 

    In two weeks, we’re thrilled to personally invite you to the SugarClub. Come join fellow Sugar enthusiasts to Engage, Learn, and Explore as part of one elite team. The Club, which will replace the existing Commu...
    Alex Nassi
    created by Alex Nassi
  • [2020-07-21, 05:30 PM UTC] Known Cloud Issues - Sugar Market API

    We have addressed an issue in our cloud environment where Sugar Market API experiences slow response and/or connection issues intermittently. We will update this post as we address this issue.
    Vlad Popescu
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  • Email case creation created by default user

    We've implemented de inbound email automatic case creation. Following the next tutorial: https://support.sugarcrm.com/Knowledge_Base/Email/Automatically_Creating_Cases_From_Inbound_Emails/  Everything is workin...
    José Carlos Solorza
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  • Comment log not showing in customer portal

    I have already set up de fiel <Comment Log> in the case module, i can see it in my cases module form de sugar admin portal,but if i check the customer portal i doesn't show the corresponding field. Any idea what...
    Karen Escritorio
    created by Karen Escritorio
  • Sugar Mobile 21.0 and Mobile SDK Are Live

    Sugar Mobile 21.0 is now available for download on iOS and Android devices.   This latest update includes the following new features and enhancements: Users can now choose which mapping application on thei...
    Zac Sprackett
    created by Zac Sprackett
  • Sugar Mobile 22.0 and Mobile SDK Are Live

    Sugar Mobile 22.0 is now available for download on iOS and Android devices.   This update addresses issues identified in prior versions of Sugar Mobile. More details about this update, including details abo...
    Rich Green
    created by Rich Green
  • Sugar Integrate Quick Start Guide

    Once we’ve created a Sugar Integrate organization for you, you should receive an email from our team with your credentials.   Based on your needs, you’ll be given credentials to one or more of the fo...
    Matt Marum
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