• Writing PHPUnit tests just got easier!

    We can probably all agree that automated tests are great, but sometimes we put off writing them because the initial first step of getting everything working correctly can be really difficult.     ...
    Matt Marum
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  • Creating a PHP unit test for Sugar 7

    In a previous post, we learned how to write JavaScript unit tests using Sugar 7's Jasmine framework.  Today we will learn how to write PHP unit tests using Sugar 7's PHPUnit framework.  If you do not ha...
    Matt Marum
    created by Matt Marum
  • How to Set Up Sugar Mail for Local Testing

    Testing email notifications is something we find ourselves doing rather often while developing Sugar customizations. Ideally, while doing this, we don’t want to send out emails to recipients not involved in the ...
    Yury Voloshin
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  • Code completion in your Sugar development environment

    Code Completion I have finally gotten around to improving my development environment and I chose to start with code completion. I use phpStorm but I think everything here would apply to any editor out there. When Suga...
    Kenneth Brill
    created by Kenneth Brill
  • Version 2.3.3 of the IBM Notes Plug-in Released

    SugarCRM has released version 2.3.3 of the IBM Notes Plug-in.   This latest release fixes an issue where some users are unable to connect IBM Notes to Sugar due to TLS 1.2 enforcement. More information on t...
    Rich Green
    created by Rich Green
  • Sugar 8 End-of-Support is April 30, 2020

    SugarCRM Enterprise and SugarCRM Professional Version 8 have begun the End-of-Support process. This is a follow up to two previous notices sent in 2019.   As detailed on SugarCRM's End-Of-Support site, all on-pr...
    Rich Green
    created by Rich Green
  • 10 Quick Tips About ERP

    There’s more to growing a business than winning new customers and clients. To experience real growth, you need to optimize, streamline, and centralize your core business processes. Then you can get the full pict...
  • 5 Tips for Implementing CRM Governance After a Merger

    By Elizabeth Mankowski   So your company acquired a new business (or you’ve been acquired yourself!). What does that mean for your CRM?  Imagine this: you’re the Vice President of Sales at Ac...
    Bridgett Colling
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  • The Bots Are Coming - We’re Here to Help!

    Bots, or programs built to do automated tasks, encompass an enormous amount of online activity and by some estimates are responsible for more than half of total web traffic! There are many useful actions that bots tak...
    Logan Henderson
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  • What Is Sugar Sell? Here’s What You Need to Know

    Customer experience is rapidly becoming a top priority for businesses. More consumers are placing their loyalty with companies based on their experiences, rather than pricing and product. In fact, reports sa...
  • Blocking TLS v1.1 and earlier in SugarCloud

    We intend to disable support for TLS v1.1 and older in the SugarCloud on November 8, 2019 February  1, 2020. This action is consistent with the rest of the industry. It may impact some Sugar integrations that con...
    Michael Shaheen
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  • Using e-mail fields correctly in Sugar

    Post originally written by dwheelz.   Here is an important message from David Wheeler, a long time Software Engineer and Architect at SugarCRM, about using e-mail fields correctly.   E-mail handling is cor...
    SugarCRM Developers
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  • How to Build Custom Record Views in Sugar

    Note: This content was originally posted on Upsert's blog on October 31, 2019.   Have you ever wanted to create a custom route in Sugar that allows you to create, display, and edit a subset of a module's fields?...
    Jerry Clark
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  • Sugar Mobile 16.1 and Mobile SDK Are Live

    Sugar Mobile 16.1 is now available for download on iOS and Android devices.   This release enhances the use of tags in Sugar Mobile by introducing the abilities for users to filter by tags in Glob...
    Rich Green
    created by Rich Green
  • Five Factors to Consider When Choosing a Small Business CRM in 2020

    There comes a time when managing your client’s databases via thousands of spreadsheets, hopping from one system to another to find leads or customer data, or navigating amongst sales opportunities by checking sc...
    Naudine Mosime
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  • CRM Platform Training: How You Can Benefit

    CRM implementation can definitely skyrocket growth in your business. This isn’t us claiming it, but what numbers say! According to Capterra, 65% of businesses adopt a CRM platform within their first five years o...
    Hussain Nasir
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  • How to build an External API Dashlet

    On October 28, 2019, we conducted a webinar on the topic of How to deploy code to SugarCloud using Module Loader. In that presentation, we demonstrated a Module Loadable Package that would do 3 things:   Modify ...
    Michael Shaheen
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  • New Video: What's new in Winter '20 Release

    Sugar's Winter '20 has been released and is now available for all SugarCloud customers running Sugar Sell, Sugar Serve, Sugar Enterprise, and Sugar Professional.   The Winter '20 release furth...
    Brieanne Rowe
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  • Sugar Winter '20 Is Live

    Sugar Winter '20 has been released and is now available for all SugarCloud customers running Sugar Sell, Sugar Serve, Sugar Enterprise, and Sugar Professional.   The Winter '20 release further advances SugarR...
    Rich Green
    created by Rich Green
  • Nearly everything you need to know about the Winter '20 Release

    Hello Sugar Developers!   It's that time again - we have completed a new quarterly release. Sugar 9.3 (Winter '20) is a cloud release but the updates in this version will be available to on-premise customer...
    Michael Shaheen
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