• Custom Route doesn't pass OAuth token via app.api.fileDownload()

    Hello, I made a custom route to be able to download file via link (e.g. sent in email notification). I made a custom API endpoint for that, which shouldn't be accessible without login (noLoginRequired parameter in...
    Jakub Valenta
    created by Jakub Valenta
  • What is the best practice to synchronize external data sources with Sugar DB?

    Dear All,   Please could you let me know what is the best solution to synchronize Sugar CRM with data coming from external DB, for example with accounts and billing information extracted every night from another...
    Dario De Matteis
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  • Apple Store Upload error UIWebView are no longer accepted

    Hello,   I am getting error while deploying latest mobile app version in Apple. There was no issue with version 18.0.534 which i have uploaded in March 2020. The problem version is 21.0.546. I did tried with lat...
    vikram vaishna
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  • Please help with process definition workflow

    I could not find department field in Users Module. I am trying to create process definition for quotation approval. I used exclusive gateway for criteria. I want to set Users(Department is sales managment) in criteria...
    Julia Khin
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  • How can I embed a phone number from a related custom module into an email template.

    We have a custom module that contains all the detail information about each one of our stores.  We have created an email template that is sent as a followup to our customers when a purchase is made and we embed t...
    Jim Cotten
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  • Using Advanced Workflow to identify overdue records

    Fairly basic question - is it possible to use Advanced Workflow (Sugar BPM) to follow up overdue records which can currently be done easily in Legacy Workflow.   It seems Advanced Workflow is limited to selectin...
    Greg Barrass
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  • Procedure to import csv data into Sugar

    Michael Shaheen
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  • Module Tab Drawers does not appear

    I removed a few users from Global Team and assigned them to a few new teams. By doing so, I understand there are a lot of functions and record will have to manually assigned to them, these are fine to me so far. Howev...
    Chuong Kelly
    created by Chuong Kelly
  • Calculated Field to return 0 when date not entered

    Hi,   I have created a calculated field to forecast the expected date to reach the next stage of construction, using the completion date of the previous stage + agreed days.  Below works as expected:  ...
    Cheryl Alderson
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  • want to insert into another module's Table.

    Hi Team,   I have added a custom button on custom entity next to SAVE and CANCEL. On the click of custom button i want to pick some value from the FORM and want to insert into another module's Table. &#...
    Liu Yunde
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  • Mock Account Data for importing into Sugar

    Michael Shaheen
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  • Issue with shared calendar view.

    Hello everyone! I have an issue with meeting's calendar view. In my Organization there are user who depends by other user, in a master/slave relationship. When the "master" sign in they are able to see the meeti...
  • Provide Outstanding Support with Sugar Serve

    8/12/20 12:00 AM
    Sugar Serve’s customer support platform has everything you need to create outstanding customer experiences, from easy at-a-glance dashboards to robust self-service portals. Join us on August 12th at 2 PM Ea...
    Sarah Friedlander Garcia
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    Provide Outstanding Support with Sugar Serve

    in Partner Corner

  • rounding up values on dashlet

    Hello! Hoping someone can help me out. I want to display a true value in a dashlet, but the dashlet always rounds it to the nearest 1000 i.e. the true value is £4680, but the dashlet column says £5k. Anyone ...
    Chris Bailey
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  • Can anyone suggest any way to Import teams?

    Hi, We have 300+ Teams can any one suggest the way to import teams.  If any third party tool available or any custom way to do it. Best Regards, Pragati 
    pragati22 pragati22
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  • Comment log

    I would like to know if the new Comment log field can be reportable and/or can be included in the Historical Summary. The field is not visible as field in the module, but only in the Record View (Studio).
    Renzo Leone
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  • How do I find out what field type Assigned To is?

    I am currently mapping fields from SugarCRM (Professional) to Zoom Info so we can export data from ZoomInfo into Sugar. However, I need to determine what field type Assigned To is so I can properly map it. I'm assumin...
    Armena Ballard
    created by Armena Ballard
  • How to get current platform(base/mobile) in SugarCRM logic hook?

    In my sugarcrm logic hook i wanted to know the if the user is using mobile app or desktop browser. Is there any function available to get current user platform?
    Deepjyoti Bora
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  • Using Variables

    I'm trying to not use 16 nested ifElse statements   I have created 8 fields all with the same name format $pX_haz_premium_c X being 1 to 8. Each performs a similar calculation based on which p number has been s...
    Howard Jennings
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  • [2020-07-14, 12:39 PM UTC] Known Cloud Issues - Sugar Market EU API

    We have addressed an issue in our cloud environment where Sugar Market EU Api experiences slow response and/or connection issues intermittently. We will update this post as we address this issue.
    Vlad Popescu
    last modified by Vlad Popescu