• How to change text to longtext.

    I want to store more than 64kb of data in Case->Description field. The solutions I have tried so far: modifying DB type for description field to 'longtext' - this did not survived QRR. modifying field_metadata tab...
    k v
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  • How to lock closed opportunities/transactions?

    How to lock closed opportunities/transactions?
    Emily Yang
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  • New Video: What's new in Fall '19

    Sugar's Fall '19 is now available for all SugarCloud customers running Sugar Sell, Sugar Serve, Sugar Enterprise, and Sugar Professional.    The Fall '19 release further advances Sugar...
    Brieanne Rowe
    created by Brieanne Rowe
  • SugarCRM integration with Sage Peachtree

    Hi All, I need to integrate Professional 6.7.9 and (On-Demand version only) with Sage Peachtree. Is there any plugin or package available? or any customization work has to be done than how? Any help will hig...
    Muhammad Shaji Uddin
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  • how to disable edit option for records based on satus closed

    I want to disable edit button and inline edit for records based on status value. how to do that?? Ex: i dont want give an edit option for status closed records. I have tried with this code but it is disabled Edit bu...
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  • Sage X3 integration to SugarCRM

    Does anyone have experience with integrating SugarCRM (on-premise) with Sage X3 ERP?
  • Sugar Fall '19 Is Live

    Sugar Fall '19 has been released and is now available for all SugarCloud customers running Sugar Sell, Sugar Serve, Sugar Enterprise, and Sugar Professional.   The Fall '19 release further advances Sugar’s...
    Alex Nassi
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  • Website Live Chat Options for SugarCRM...

    Hi everyone.   We have a customer who is interested in leveraging a website 'live chat' feature on their website, however, would like this to be integrated with Sugar.   With so many available, and the spe...
    James Banbury
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  • OPI 2.2.0 mass deployment: Best practice

    Hi all   Got Sugar Ent and running Outlook 2016 (Office 365):   Installed the OPI 2.2.0 already using the setup.exe and all working fine. Uninstall it.   Try to install the OPI 2.2.0 using ...
    Kristjan Geir Mathiesen
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  • Is there any documentation on how to optimize SugarExchange app listing

    Hi Everyone!   I have been searching for content with no luck, please share a link if there is one.   Thank you
    Noah Thomas
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  • Rest v10 issue OAuth2 after upgrading to 7.9.1

    Hi all, I've got an installation of SugarCRM Pro in my own server and today I migrate from to 7.9.1.  Language different from English are broken but the very important thing is that in some cases, using ...
    Federico Ricci
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  • After Retrieve Logic Hook is running multiple times in a loop

    Hi, How to prevent after retrieve logic hook from executing more than once. I tried session variables, static variable for locking but of nothing happened. Thanks.
    Haroon Khaleeq
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  • Can I sync with outlook on multiple PCs ?

    Hi,   We are using 1 exchange account with all our contacts in and we share this exchange account on our multiple PCs, allowing all of us to update contacts and mails. These contacts are synchronized with o...
    Laurent Pot
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  • Assign Team on new record creation

    Hi all,   we are currently looking into segregating our system by teams. Previously we already had teams assigned to users, but all records in our system were defaulted "Global".   I started changing all ...
    Fabian Varasteh
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  • Just about everything you need to know about the Fall '19 Release

    Sugar Fall '19 release is officially live! There's a huge buzz around our offices for this release - it's very exciting! Fall '19 brings an updated Portal experience as well as a few other features and fixes. &#...
    Michael Shaheen
    created by Michael Shaheen
  • How to get a field from another module on create view?

    Hi everyone, I have the next requirement, I need to get a field from a no related module and set the value of this field on the name field when I'm creating a new record. For example, in a custom module, we have a fi...
    Eduardo Martínez
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  • Custom filter not showing in popup

    Hi,    For a customer of ours we have the requirement to have a default filter shown when we open the search drawer on a relation ship field. On my local development environment (9.0.1) I got it working as ...
    Jeroen Somhorst
    created by Jeroen Somhorst
  • Dropdownfield Required after certain Sales Stage

    Hi!   I would like one of me fields to be required but not until the opportunity has developed to a proposal. I want the field to be visible at all sales stages so you can put information there if you know in ad...
    Lena Andersson
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  • To Grow Your Business, Invest in CRM Software First for a Great Customer Experience

    To Grow Your Business, Invest in CRM Software First for a Great Customer Experience  Your business can grow without Marketing but will die without Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Exceptional cust...
    Dilshad Delawalla
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  • Script to run before the view is created.

    HI, thanks. I have a special requirement. We created a custom module from opportunities, named bookings and a MasterData Module to keep record for the booking id, this number must increment for any new booking recor...