• Error: SVG contains invalid content

    We're currently attempting to use https://mobiletools.sugarcrm.com to build out our Andorid and iOS container apps, however when we go to upload the SVG file for the Application Icon For iOS, Applicatio...
    Tim Crishi
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  • SugarCrm add a column to leads list page.

    I've to add a column in leads list view page. I've tried this...   custom/Extension/modules/Leads/Ext/LogicHooks/specQuickEditButton.php <?php $hook_array['process_record'][] = Array(1, 'Add Quick Edit Butt...
    Ashutosh Sharma
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  • Product Catalog to be editable by non-admin

    Hi Everyone,   Just wondering if anyone have ever had any experience doing some customisation for Role / Product Catalog. I am currently trying to get Product Catalog to be editable by a non-admin user. Just wo...
    Jimmy Prasetyo
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  • Postcode and address validation...?

    Hi everyone,   We have a customer who requires a tool to validate addresses and postcodes in Sugar. Ideally, they need a solution whereby users can enter a house number and postcode, and the system finds all the...
    Philippa Grover
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  • I need advice on using a custom platform for API's in Sugar Cloud.

    We are using Sugar Enterprise 9.1 in Sugar Cloud in a retail B2C environment.  When a potential customer enters the store, they are handed an iPad where the watch presentations, answer questions, etc. Once they a...
    Jim Cotten
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  • add related record based on unique value

    I have a process definition that creates a related record when a case is created with specific criteria. The case and the related record (Nonconformances)  have a field (Batch) which is a unique value. How can I ...
    Kristen Dougherty
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  • Field dependancy : display a textfield dependant from a custom multi-enum

    Hello there ! i'm building a new project under Sugar Pro 7.5.2 and i'm meeting some difficulties :  What i have and what i would like : I have created a muliple choices dropdown, and a textfield. I would like ...
    Gaelle Fernandez
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  • Appending data on multi select field via SugarBPM

    Hello friends,  Have anyone tried to append data on a multi-select field using sugarBPM? I have a "trade show" dropdown list for our Leads module. multiselect   Some leads we imported from a tra...
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  • TypeError:undefined is not a constructor (cordova - iOS)

    Hello All, I have an issue to display google map with multiple marker. When I use, var baseArrayClass = new plugin.google.maps.BaseArrayClass(data_array);it gives fatal error:TypeError:undefined is not a constructor...
    Aniruddh Vaghasia
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  • Renamed modules not appearing in Flex relate

    Hi All, There are couple of modules which we have renamed. E.g. (Lead to Prospect, Account to Client, QLI to RLI etc.) On the top menu all the renamed modules are shown correctly but we are facing an issue with the f...
    Juned Rawoot
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  • Date format in email template

    Hi All,   How to format date in email template.Is it any function to format the date in email template.   Please help me to find a solution.
    Sino Thomas
    created by Sino Thomas
  • Sugar Market: Your End-to-End Marketing Automation Platform

    Marketing bridges the gap between consumers and the organization. Most businesses focus highly on marketing and look for innovative ways to increase ROI through marketing automation platforms. Additionally, compa...
    Hussain Nasir
    created by Hussain Nasir
  • make field dependent on a multiple choice

    Hello,   Having a bit of an issue with making a field dependent on a multiple choice field.   Take for example 2 fields v_type (either single choice or multiple choice with values based on a dropdown list...
    Caim Astraea
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  • Trying to create a rollupAve of a number, where it doesn't count fields that are empty?

    I've created a calculated field where I've successfully created a rollupAve function to a related module:   rollupAve($contacts_rtc_session_2,"avg_speaker_score_c")   This works great, but I'd like for it ...
    Jessica Taggart
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  • Sugar and Pendo Analytics - deactivating it

    Hi everyone, when testing Sugar 9, we (and also our Sugar partner) were very surprised to find that Sugar had implemented the service Pendo Analytics to analyze usage and user interaction with the system.   Why...
    Julia Weinhold
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  • SugarBPM check assigned user

    How to check if any user is assigned to Opportunity in SugarBPM?    I have flow where I need to add Round Robin on Opportunity if there is no assigned user on it. So this is how I done checking of ass...
    Marko Vucak
    created by Marko Vucak
  • Making a field read-only in the view

    Hi   Another basic question I'm afraid...   I'm trying to force an int field to read only (dependent upon various conditions). However, I'm not having any luck. Is there a way to either alter the vardef me...
    Steven Cox
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  • Can regular expressions filter records in an API GET request?

    I want to get contact records via the API, but I want to filter them based on phone number so I don't have to get a list of every contact record every time I run the code. I want to do something like the following to ...
    Greg Billings
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  • Better logging for failed schedulers

    11 votes
    Currently the scheduler interface just shows if a job is done or not. It does not show if it failed and why. It would be nice to have individual logs for scheduler jobs accessible from the Scheduler interface. At the...
    Francesca Shiekh
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  • Add a label to a panel layout to separate types of data?

    On lead panel, I have a section on product interests with several check boxes - I'd like a label to identify this section of the layout.
    Robert White
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