• RT CXM: Website Visitor Tracking, Live Chat and Lead Generation all within Sugar!

    RT CXM is a seamless integration between your WordPress website and Sugar, allowing you to leverage valuable visitor profile information to proactively interact with real time traffic on your website from wi...
    Hussain Nasir
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  • App Throwdown Winners Announced!

    To kick off SugarCon 2017, we announced the winners of this year's App Throwdown during our opening reception. I'd like to extend huge CONGRATULATIONS to the following teams who threw it down and won their category. Y...
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  • 5 ways auto scheduling meetings has changed my life

    “Sure… what time works for you?” We all know the song in dance these 6 little words will start.   Email from prospect: Sure we can have a chat… Does Monday at 3:00 still work? Ema...
    Brandon Sellers
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  • Age of the Customer vs. Artificial Intelligence - Who will win?

      In the "Age of the Customer", AI is the new superpower.  Riva and Sia have combined superforces to throw down the ultimate AI towel. With our IBM Watson powered engine, all sugaheros are able t...
    Ken Lorenz
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  • TimeLine Viewer Saves Your Time for Business and Rest

    Time is money. We cannot buy, rent or steal time, but TimeLine Viewer enables an X-ray Vision and helps Sugar users significantly reduce time on mining modules, reports, records and subpanels. Out-of-the-box TimeLine ...
    Zlatyslava Topchyi
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  • Logic Builder. Superpower Your Automation!

    Everybody loves automation! It allows us to save time and makes our life easier by letting the machine deal with all of the boring routine tasks and giving us the opportunity to focus on what really matters. Unfortuna...
    Zlatyslava Topchyi
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  • A Simplr Way to Make Sugar-sweet Cash Flow

    TIBCO Simplr helps revenue heroes make cash flow, earlier. When you collect customer data into Sugar, sometimes it's not entered accurately. When there are thousands of customer and opportunity data that are not accur...
    Wens Gerdyman
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  • All your company’s sales documents integrated with Sugar!

    From sales proposals, case studies and contracts, PandaDoc allows your to create customizable documents directly from Sugar CRM! PandaDoc comes with a pre-built library of hundreds of document templates that ...
    Jared Fuller
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  • The Magnolia DX platform integrates with SugarCRM

    The Magnolia SugarCRM Connector makes lead capture and personalization easy. Create lead capture forms in SugarCRM. Magnolia fetches the forms from Sugar and displays them to your website editors in a user-friendly l...
    Samuel Staehelin
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  • A Cheesy Video for a Mysterious Newcomer

    Who is this masked man...err...solution? Who hasn't read a cheesy comic book with a story about some place or thing being in trouble? Well we figured what better way to introduce this new kid on the block with that s...
    Jason Eggers
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  • Zipwhip, Z-I-P-W-H-I-P, "Z" like Zipper, "W" like whipping around in the wind

    Looking for your next game changing, timesaving, efficiency machine? Look no further for the next tool to add to your already super-cool utility belt, Zipwhip.   Zipwhip enables businesses to two-way te...
    Kelly Houtchens
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  • Sometimes Being a Hero Means Creating Heroes

    Fanatically Zen. Superpower Machine. Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest. We superheros forget at times that all we need to do is give more visibility to all the good data that is happening in the world. Tha...
    Jason Eggers
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  • Business Analytics Superpower for You and Your Sugar

    Analytic Reporting by IT Sapiens offers you the kind of business intelligence that gives insights throughout your organization and allows to make the best decisions!  The ease of use will allow you to save time a...
    Eva Narunovska
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  • Starfish ETL for Data Migrations and Integrations

    Starfish ETL - The Super Hero of Data Migrations and Integrations A starfish is a resilient animal. Its brain and intelligence are distributed through each of its arms. This is reflected in StarfishETL’s abilit...
    Justin Kuehlthau
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  • Splash - Gamification Platform for SugarCRM

    Increase Revenue through Employee Engagement Let’s get ready to rumble! Intelestream’s Splash CRM gamification platform for SugarCRM is ready to knock out its competition. Humans love games. We love to wa...
    Jennifer Karpus-Romain
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  • Yathit: Use SugarCRM inside Gmail

    Specifically designed to be fast, smart, and accurate, Yathit helps salespersons get things done on the go and makes their daily lives much easier.   Yathit caters to your needs, gives you accurate information on...
    Kyaw Tun
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  • RT DocuSign: Your E-signature solution integrated with Sugar

        By integrating DocuSign and Sugar, RT DocuSign empowers CRM users to close business deals faster and in a more effective way. With this simple yet powerful integration, users can send and receive documen...
    Hussain Nasir
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  • Amazon Alexa and Integrated CTI for SugarCRM

    Extend the power of SugarCRM with Amazon Alexa and 3CLogic CTI! While popular opinion might suggest the future of client engagements rest in digital channels (email, SMS, chat) and asynchronous forms of communic...
    Guillaume Seynhaeve
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  • Only Superheroes can create integrations where no SDK exist

    Integrating Sugar Mobile for Android with the MobileIron EMM SDK Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) allows IT organizations to manage and secure company data on mobile devices. There are several EMM solutions includ...
    Jan Sysmans
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  • RT SugarBox: A remarkable Sugar add-on integrating Box

         RT SugarBox makes Sugar and Box talk to each other like never before. This app enables CRM users to access, share and manage Box documents right from their Sugar. The instant access of any type of ...
    Hussain Nasir
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