• RT CXM: Website Visitor Tracking, Live Chat and Lead Generation all within Sugar!

    RT CXM is a seamless integration between your WordPress website and Sugar, allowing you to leverage valuable visitor profile information to proactively interact with real time traffic on your website from wi...
    Hussain Nasir
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  • TimeLine Viewer Saves Your Time for Business and Rest

    Time is money. We cannot buy, rent or steal time, but TimeLine Viewer enables an X-ray Vision and helps Sugar users significantly reduce time on mining modules, reports, records and subpanels. Out-of-the-box TimeLine ...
    Zlatyslava Topchyi
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  • All your company’s sales documents integrated with Sugar!

    From sales proposals, case studies and contracts, PandaDoc allows your to create customizable documents directly from Sugar CRM! PandaDoc comes with a pre-built library of hundreds of document templates that ...
    Jared Fuller
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  • Sometimes Being a Hero Means Creating Heroes

    Fanatically Zen. Superpower Machine. Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest. We superheros forget at times that all we need to do is give more visibility to all the good data that is happening in the world. Tha...
    Jason Eggers
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  • Business Analytics Superpower for You and Your Sugar

    Analytic Reporting by IT Sapiens offers you the kind of business intelligence that gives insights throughout your organization and allows to make the best decisions!  The ease of use will allow you to save time a...
    Eva Narunovska
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  • Splash - Gamification Platform for SugarCRM

    Increase Revenue through Employee Engagement Let’s get ready to rumble! Intelestream’s Splash CRM gamification platform for SugarCRM is ready to knock out its competition. Humans love games. We love to wa...
    Jennifer Karpus-Romain
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  • TrustSphere Transition Report gives Superpower to SugarCRM users; fight Customer Relationship breakage with a single click! 

    If staff turnover is kryptonite to your sales and business development, TrustSphere’s Relationship Analytics for Sugar is just the secret weapon you need to save customer relationships!  Even when sales rep...
    Priya Bagga
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  • Act-On's seamless integration with SugarCRM provides a complete closed-loop system for multi-channel lead generation, management & revenue contribution!

    Act-On’s seamless integration to SugarCRM delivers more highly qualified, sales-ready leads to the sales team. Using Act-On’s native, out-of-the-box integration, you can set up automatic, bi-directional ...
    Jennifer Machgan
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  • Insights for SugarCRM

    Extending business intelligence to your business! If you are like us, you may need more insight from your CRM. How can you save the world (or at least make your lives and the lives of your customer easier) without un...
    Mike Vetter
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  • RT GSync: A Seamless Google Apps Integration

        RT GSync takes your CRM experience to the next level by integrating Google Services with Sugar. By offering a two-way sync between Gmail and Sugar, RT GSync empowers CRM users to manage th...
    Hussain Nasir
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  • Tenfold: Get a 360-Degree View of Your Prospects and Customers

    Software that unifies 100% of customer interactions Tenfold seamlessly connects your existing phone system with SugarCRM in a matter of minutes, allowing organizations to capture every customer and prospect interactio...
    Aki Merced
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