• Age of the Customer vs. Artificial Intelligence - Who will win?

      In the "Age of the Customer", AI is the new superpower.  Riva and Sia have combined superforces to throw down the ultimate AI towel. With our IBM Watson powered engine, all sugaheros are able t...
    Ken Lorenz
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  • Starfish ETL for Data Migrations and Integrations

    Starfish ETL - The Super Hero of Data Migrations and Integrations A starfish is a resilient animal. Its brain and intelligence are distributed through each of its arms. This is reflected in StarfishETL’s abilit...
    Justin Kuehlthau
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  • Amazon Alexa and Integrated CTI for SugarCRM

    Extend the power of SugarCRM with Amazon Alexa and 3CLogic CTI! While popular opinion might suggest the future of client engagements rest in digital channels (email, SMS, chat) and asynchronous forms of communic...
    Guillaume Seynhaeve
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  • Only Superheroes can create integrations where no SDK exist

    Integrating Sugar Mobile for Android with the MobileIron EMM SDK Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) allows IT organizations to manage and secure company data on mobile devices. There are several EMM solutions includ...
    Jan Sysmans
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  • RT Telephony: The Ultimate Telephony Solution for Your Sugar

        By offering a seamless integration between Twilio’s Telephony and SugarCRM, RT Telephony makes it easy to establish a secure connection with the customers. This plugin enables CRM users to make inb...
    Hussain Nasir
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