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Increase Revenue through Employee Engagement

Let’s get ready to rumble!

Intelestream’s Splash CRM gamification platform for SugarCRM is ready to knock out its competition.

Humans love games. We love to watch them, and we love to play them. The more a job or task feels like a game, the more we enjoy doing it. That's what "gamification" is all about.

By introducing game-like mechanics into your CRM, you can inspire your employees to be more curious, detail-driven, and competitive. This not only increases their productivity and performance, but it can even boost their job satisfaction.

Tap into your workforce’s hidden potential and turn your CRM into an employee-motivation engine.


Turn the most mundane tasks into an opportunity to increase performance and efficiency as workers:

  • Climb leaderboard rankings
  • Earn redeemable points
  • Complete team challenges


This powerful solution allows executives and managers to incentivize behaviors that will increase revenues, improve KPIs, and encourage CRM user adoption.



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