Wens Gerdyman

A Simplr Way to Make Sugar-sweet Cash Flow

Blog Post created by Wens Gerdyman on Sep 1, 2017

TIBCO Simplr helps revenue heroes make cash flow, earlier.

When you collect customer data into Sugar, sometimes it's not entered accurately. When there are thousands of customer and opportunity data that are not accurately entered, bad things happen. You can’t contact them, you can’t bill them.  Your company can’t collect. You can’t make the cash flow. Your Finance people are not happy. You, are not happy.


With TIBCO Simplr's Sugar API Connectors you create forms and flows to verify and complete contact data, profile information, opportunity information, or other information sitting your Sugar. You can trigger events to detect if the data is entered new, or has reached a certain status. Another flow can be added to have your own staff approve the data. Now you can rest assured that your customer data is accurate for every opportunity entered. You make it happen.


You. Make. The Cash. Flow. Sugar Sweet!

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