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In the "Age of the Customer", AI is the new superpower.  Riva and Sia have combined superforces to throw down the ultimate AI towel. With our IBM Watson powered engine, all sugaheros are able to get superior, email insights teleported right into SugarCRM, augmented with clairvoyant AI magic - cognitive insights, machine learning and conversational UI, all only one click away. This doesn't just give you the insight you need to compete, it also gives you a deep understanding of customers and prospects rooted in industry leading AI. 
So who wins? Your customer does of course!
Millennial Mike, a Sales Love Story

The Magnolia SugarCRM Connector makes lead capture and personalization easy.
Create lead capture forms in SugarCRM. Magnolia fetches the forms from Sugar and displays them to your website editors in a user-friendly list. Editors can embed a form on the website with a few clicks. Magnolia does all the technical heavy lifting. Editors don't need to edit HTML or copy-paste any code snippets. When a visitor fills the lead capture form on your website a lead record is created for them in SugarCRM instantly.


You can now contact the lead or start tailoring their user journey with personalized content. Any lead details are available in Magnolia for targeting. Use them to offer relevant content. For example, if the lead has already visited your product page you could show them a video next, or point out the location of the nearest retail store since you know the visitor's city.


Who is this masked man...err...solution?

Who hasn't read a cheesy comic book with a story about some place or thing being in trouble? Well we figured what better way to introduce this new kid on the block with that same premise.

Introducing Fanatical Chat with Intercom.

  • Communicate with customers and leads
  • Send targeted messages at the right time
  • Works great with Sugar

And please, watch this super cheesy video. We invested millions into it. OK, thousands. Fine, nineteen dollars.

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To learn more about our app, visitFanatical Chat with Intercom

From sales proposals, case studies and contracts, PandaDoc allows your to create customizable documents directly from Sugar CRM!

PandaDoc comes with a pre-built library of hundreds of document templates that are ready to use inside of your SugarCRM account. You can easily customize these templates and add new ones to create a robust library of branded templates for your sales team.  PandaDoc’s electronic signatures are easy to use and legally binding. Your prospects will be able to view and sign your proposals from anywhere without having to install specialized software.

Populate documents with customer and product details, reducing errors and saving your sales team time.

Document analytics allow sales reps and managers to know when proposals are sent, viewed, and signed.

The drag & drop document builder makes it easy to create new documents inside Sugar. Reps can embed images, product sheets, and videos right inside their proposals. Who Uses PandaDoc in Sugar?

  • Sales Representatives
  • Sales Executives
  • Marketing Directors

Help put us on main stage at SugarCon 2017!!

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To learn more about our app, visit our listing on SugarExchangePandaDoc