Kelly Houtchens

Zipwhip, Z-I-P-W-H-I-P, "Z" like Zipper, "W" like whipping around in the wind

Blog Post created by Kelly Houtchens on Aug 31, 2017

Looking for your next game changing, timesaving, efficiency machine? Look no further for the next tool to add to your already super-cool utility belt, Zipwhip.  

Zipwhip enables businesses to two-way text with their customers. The twist? Landline, VoIP and Toll free numbers are used with Zipwhip apps. Yes! It's possible to text using your landline, VoIP, and toll free numbers. You can turn on existing published phone numbers for two-way, real-time, conversational texting with your customers.  


We built a Sugar integration that allows text-data-sync into Sugar. Zipwhip for Sugar CRM brings all of your Zipwhip conversations into a single source, allowing users to maintain a complete view of all customer interactions. Zipwhip apps are easy to use and can be used to set up next steps with customer (meetings, phone calls, action items). Why should Zipwhip go on your utility belt? Forbes described Zipwhip as "“slightly less sexy, but arguably more impactful”. Impactful tools are the only tools to add to your utility belt!

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