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Logic Builder. Superpower Your Automation!

Blog Post created by Zlatyslava Topchyi on Aug 28, 2017

Logic Builder. Superpower Your Automation!

Everybody loves automation! It allows us to save time and makes our life easier by letting the machine deal with all of the boring routine tasks and giving us the opportunity to focus on what really matters. Unfortunately, custom automation is time-consuming to implement and expensive to maintain… Unless you use Logic Builder, that is!

With Logic Builder you can bring all of your most creative Sugar automation ideas to life by using a visual programming language, which allows you to build flexible “If This then That” logic out of connectable blocks without writing even a line of code. The expressive power, provided by Logic Builder, can be used for great effect in tandem with Sugar Advanced Workflow to extend your business processes with complex calculations, calls to external web services and much more.

Wear the ultimate utility belt and become an automation superhero with Logic Builder!


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