Hussain Nasir

RT SalesMap: Google Maps integrated with Sugar

Blog Post created by Hussain Nasir on Aug 18, 2017

RT SalesMap logo    By bridging the gap between Sugar and Google Maps, RT SalesMap helps users track and locate their records on Google Maps within Sugar.

The visual representation of Sugar Accounts, Leads, and Contacts enables sales team to situate multiple prospects on Google Maps. It also plans route for the sales team as it integrates GPS to find the best possible route to reach the destination. This enhances the overall performance of the sales team, making them more productive and efficient to deal with the customers.

With RT SalesMap users can customize search as per their needs to get the best matching results on the map. Also, the ability to store customized search enables Sugar users to keep track of their search activity. Instead of searching through the database, users can save a lot of their time and effort by visualizing their records on a map inside their Sugar, all with RT SalesMap.


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