Hussain Nasir

RT CXM: Website Visitor Tracking, Live Chat and Lead Generation all within Sugar!

Blog Post created by Hussain Nasir on Aug 18, 2017

RT CXM logoRT CXM is a seamless integration between your WordPress website and Sugar, allowing you to leverage valuable visitor profile information to proactively interact with real time traffic on your website from within the Sugar interface.


As soon as a visitor lands on your webpage, RT CXM starts tracking all the visit metrics and provides insights into the visitor behavior on your Sugar dashboard. Your support team can use these to instantly start real time chats.  Your salespeople can propose the visitor with an irresistible offer from the chat box knowing their level of interest in your products and services.

An extremely valuable feature of the plugin is that as soon as visitor converts on the website, RT CXM pulls all the social information of the lead including their interests and recent activities from various social media platforms allowing your salesperson to have access to all the information before they engage with the client in a meaningful and productive sales conversation. 


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