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TimeLine Viewer Saves Your Time for Business and Rest

Blog Post created by Zlatyslava Topchyi on Aug 16, 2017

TimeLine Viewer Saves Your Time for Business and Rest

Time is money. We cannot buy, rent or steal time, but TimeLine Viewer enables an X-ray Vision and helps Sugar users significantly reduce time on mining modules, reports, records and subpanels.

Out-of-the-box TimeLine Viewer collects dozens all-important events and makes them available at the end of your fingertips through special TimeLine dashboards and a record view:

  • Look through all-important events instantly in a chronological order
  • Read details of emails, calls, tasks, etc. directly from events stream
  • Collaborate with colleagues in a click
  • Filter events stream for convenience and efficiency

You can adjust TimeLine Viewer to your unique style and needs:

  • Set up your own events, tailored for your business
  • Use the most illustrative icons
  • Configure the most informative messages

Select TimeLine Viewer X-ray Vision and become a CRM Superhero.

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