Mike Vetter

Insights for SugarCRM

Blog Post created by Mike Vetter on Aug 14, 2017

Extending business intelligence to your business!

If you are like us, you may need more insight from your CRM. How can you save the world (or at least make your lives and the lives of your customer easier) without understandable and actionable business intelligence? Insights for Sugar helps give meaning to your data, seamlessly – right in the context of your Sugar CRM. Dashboards give strategic insight and drill-downs give you the detail to discover the meaning behind the data so you can do the great business you already do, better.  Insights for Sugar has the flexibility to include built-in and custom fields and modules, no limits on the number of reports you can build or run, and the ability to embed your reports into your Sugar dashboards and intelligence panes. Now you too can have the power to see through walls to deliver insight and value and answer questions before they are even asked!

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