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Collabspot - Bring your communication data into Sugar

Blog Post created by Brandon Sellers on Aug 3, 2017

Make Sugar the Collaboration platform it should be!

Collabspot is a sales communication platform that compliments CRM’s like Sugar, and allows teams to effortlessly input data into their CRM that is essential for collaboration, reporting, forecasting, and coaching. By seamlessly connecting Sugar with Gmail and Office 365, Collabspot allows users to sync emails to Sugar and add contacts with a single click. Users can also automatically sync calendar data to between their Gmail or Office 365 calendars and easily edit or add any Sugar record.


Organizations with this critical communication data in their CRM can truly use Sugar as the a single source of truth and collaboration that it is intended to be. 

Collabspot's key features include:

  • One click email syncing
  • Automatic calendar & contact sync
  • Create and edit any record from within Gmail or Office 365


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To learn more about our app, visit our listing on SugarExchange: Collabspot for Gmail Sugar