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Welcome to the App Throwdown!

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Increase Revenue through Employee Engagement

Let’s get ready to rumble!

Intelestream’s Splash CRM gamification platform for SugarCRM is ready to knock out its competition.

Humans love games. We love to watch them, and we love to play them. The more a job or task feels like a game, the more we enjoy doing it. That's what "gamification" is all about.

By introducing game-like mechanics into your CRM, you can inspire your employees to be more curious, detail-driven, and competitive. This not only increases their productivity and performance, but it can even boost their job satisfaction.

Tap into your workforce’s hidden potential and turn your CRM into an employee-motivation engine.


Turn the most mundane tasks into an opportunity to increase performance and efficiency as workers:

  • Climb leaderboard rankings
  • Earn redeemable points
  • Complete team challenges


This powerful solution allows executives and managers to incentivize behaviors that will increase revenues, improve KPIs, and encourage CRM user adoption.



Help put us on main stage at SugarCon 2017!!

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To learn more about our app, visit our listing on SugarExchange - Splash.

Tenfold Logo

Software that unifies 100% of customer interactions

Tenfold seamlessly connects your existing phone system with SugarCRM in a matter of minutes, allowing organizations to capture every customer and prospect interaction, increase productivity, reduce response time and build better relationships. Tenfold helps SugarCRM users and their orgs grow revenue by enhancing prospect and customer interactions, providing a framework for sales, service and support best practices, increasing organizational technology adoption and offering high-level actionable analytics. Some key features include:

  • Click-to-dial & caller info screen pop
  • Log inbound/outbound calls automatically
  • Advanced analytics dashboard and reporting

Here's a demo of how Tenfold works with SugarCRM and 8x8.

Help put us on main stage at SugarCon 2017!!

Vote for us to win "Crowd Pleaser" by clicking the "Like" at the top of the page!

To learn more about our app, visit our listing on SugarExchange: Tenfold 

The 2017 App Throwdown is officially open!

The App Throwdown is our annual showcase for customers, analysts, partners, and prospects to see the coolest, most useful, and innovative extensions that provide customer intelligence, save costs, and enable businesses to close deals faster.


We are now accepting entries to see which application best transforms the average user into a CRM Superhero! 


If you are not familiar with the App Throwdown, it's our annual event that celebrates technology and innovation on the Sugar platform. It is open to everyone--customers, partners, hackers--who has ever done anything cool with Sugar. This could be integrating bot technology, like last year's winner Collab, or coming up with a slick integration for increasing productivity with other tools like Slack. Sugar execs, along with our community, will select applications who they feel are the best representation of a particular category--or superpower. Those winners will then be invited to demo their application live on SugarCon's main stage. You participate by simply describing it in 150 words and showing it off in a quick video. You can see last year's entries in the archive if you'd like an example. 


Your Community - You Pick a Winner!

This is your community--and as a community member, you have a voice! By "Liking" an entry, you'll have the opportunity to choose your favorite application--or "Crowd Pleaser". Not only will this app have bragging rights, but they will be invited to demo their application live on SugarCon's main stage for the chance to be recognized as the "Ultimate Superpower." And to sweeten the deal, this year's "Crowd Pleaser" will also receive one free pass to SugarCon!


Best Superpower Apps

Each submission can have up to two categories, a.k.a. "Superpowers" that helps describes how it turns the average user into a CRM Superhero. Once the App Throwdown stops taking submissions on September 1, the Sugar executive team will select one winner from each category. Each winner will be invited to present their innovation under the bright lights on SugarCon's main stage!


Need more details? Then refer to the App Throwdown Superhero Handbook. Start with the App Throwdown Overview, then work your way into the App Throwdown FAQ. You'll then be ready to submit your app to the App Throwdown!

Remember: The deadline for entries in Midnight, September 1, 2017. 

The technology and innovation that you bring to the Sugar platform will make our users CRM Superheroes. So what are you waiting for? Grab your cape. Don your mask. Load up your utility belt. Get your app in gear and THROW IT DOWN!

Click the button above to get started and submit your app!