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To kick off SugarCon 2017, we announced the winners of this year's App Throwdown during our opening reception. I'd like to extend huge CONGRATULATIONS to the following teams who threw it down and won their category. You can see these teams in action on Wednesday at the SugarCon App Throwdown where they will compete for bragging rights to have the "Ultimate Superpower!"

Giving Sugar customers clairvoyant insight to how people are interacting with their content. 
 "Fuses" in extra super powers, like teleportation to mobile applications--including the Sugar mobile app.
With the power of X-Ray vision, Rolustech helps you know where to go and how to get there.
Building high performing teams is hard work--but it can be fun as well. Intelestream made a Splash in the App Throwdown and won for the best Utility Best app.
Your Crowd Pleaser, the app with the most "Likes" in the SugarCommunity, 3CLogic, integrates the power of Amazon Alexa to enable your BDRs to work on what's most important--building extraordinary customer relationships. 

“Sure… what time works for you?”

We all know the song in dance these 6 little words will start.


Email from prospect: Sure we can have a chat… Does Monday at 3:00 still work?

Email from us: Sorry, I just booked up then. How about 2:00?

Email from prospect: No I can’t do then… Does Tuesday from 8:00 – 10:00 work?

Email from us: I can squeeze in 9:45. How about then?

Email from prospect: Sure, send me a calendar link

Email from us: Great! Just sent

Email from prospect (after cal invite is sent): I’m meant 9:45 PST…

Oh the fun we have spending an hour over the course of three days to schedule a 15 minute meeting! Luckily for me, the Collabspot team has built a new (and FREE) tool for Sugar users that allows you to just send a link and have your prospect pick a time that works for them.

In honor of our beta release of Collabspot Scheduler, I wanted to share 5 ways that automated meeting scheduling has changed how the Collabspot team works and collaborates. Let’s dig in!


No more going back and forth scheduling meetings

For sales teams the most obvious benefit of automated meeting scheduling is the ability to schedule calls and demos without a long back and forth about when is best to meet. You can easily send prospects, partners, and coworkers your Collabspot Scheduler link and have a meeting on the calendar in minutes, not days.

We add the link to the bottom of emails, in our email signatures, and on our sales pages to maximize efficiency. Prospects simply pick a time and the meeting shows up in my calendar.

Collabspot Scheduler will even automatically block out times that I’m not free in my calendar.

scheduler-3 booking page.png 

Never Forget to update Sugar

The Collabspot sidebar helps me ensure that I keep Sugar updated, however, sometimes meetings with leads slip through the cracks.

Now I don’t have to worry about those meetings getting into Sugar.

Every contact that clicks my scheduling link will be prompted to fill out their name, and email address which automatically gets pushed to Sugar where a contact is updated to include the meeting. It will even update opportunities that the contact is related to. So I don’t have to remember to go back and add this meeting for it to be included in Sugar.


Stop Screwing up Time Zones

Collabspot has customers and partners all over the world from NYC to Australia, so figuring out timezones is a constant struggle.

Nearly everyday I find myself thinking “Ok so they are in England, so that’s 6 hours ahead so I can make a 6:00am I suppose… oh wait I’m in Cupertiono that week…”

With Collabspot Scheduler, your prospects calendar automatically adjusts to their timezone, so they see your availability in thier timezone.

No more timezone math!


Always gather phone numbers

Nearly every call that I conduct with a new prospect involves a conference call line. This makes it really easy to get multiple stakeholders on the phone, but doesn’t do anything for me in terms of gathering contact information like phone numbers.

Collabspot Scheduler grabs the email address, phone number, and any other information you request from everyone that signs up for a meeting with you.


Give your prospect autonomy

Sometimes prospects don’t want to sit on a conference call with you for an hour and a half. They just need 15-minutes to get information, ask a quick question, or place a order. Instead of us choosing how long a call is, we can let prospects choose the desired call length with Collabspot Scheduler.

This gives prospects more autonomy and allows them to keep control of their schedule.


Everyone loves it!

Our favorite thing about Collabspot Scheduler is that everyone loves it. It’s easier for prospects and partners and virtually removes data entry for our sales team.


We’d love for you to join us with the only scheduling tool that integrates directly with Sugar for a FREE Beta later this month.

We'll be at SugarCon so just swing by our booth at SugarCon and we'll get you signed up. Other wise, fill out this form and I'll make sure you're one of the first users.

Want to see more? Join us at SugarCon 2017! We're on the show floor and will be able walk you through all of our exciting offerings!

TIBCO Simplr helps revenue heroes make cash flow, earlier.

When you collect customer data into Sugar, sometimes it's not entered accurately. When there are thousands of customer and opportunity data that are not accurately entered, bad things happen. You can’t contact them, you can’t bill them.  Your company can’t collect. You can’t make the cash flow. Your Finance people are not happy. You, are not happy.


With TIBCO Simplr's Sugar API Connectors you create forms and flows to verify and complete contact data, profile information, opportunity information, or other information sitting your Sugar. You can trigger events to detect if the data is entered new, or has reached a certain status. Another flow can be added to have your own staff approve the data. Now you can rest assured that your customer data is accurate for every opportunity entered. You make it happen.


You. Make. The Cash. Flow. Sugar Sweet!

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In the "Age of the Customer", AI is the new superpower.  Riva and Sia have combined superforces to throw down the ultimate AI towel. With our IBM Watson powered engine, all sugaheros are able to get superior, email insights teleported right into SugarCRM, augmented with clairvoyant AI magic - cognitive insights, machine learning and conversational UI, all only one click away. This doesn't just give you the insight you need to compete, it also gives you a deep understanding of customers and prospects rooted in industry leading AI. 
So who wins? Your customer does of course!
Millennial Mike, a Sales Love Story

The Magnolia SugarCRM Connector makes lead capture and personalization easy.
Create lead capture forms in SugarCRM. Magnolia fetches the forms from Sugar and displays them to your website editors in a user-friendly list. Editors can embed a form on the website with a few clicks. Magnolia does all the technical heavy lifting. Editors don't need to edit HTML or copy-paste any code snippets. When a visitor fills the lead capture form on your website a lead record is created for them in SugarCRM instantly.


You can now contact the lead or start tailoring their user journey with personalized content. Any lead details are available in Magnolia for targeting. Use them to offer relevant content. For example, if the lead has already visited your product page you could show them a video next, or point out the location of the nearest retail store since you know the visitor's city.


Who is this masked man...err...solution?

Who hasn't read a cheesy comic book with a story about some place or thing being in trouble? Well we figured what better way to introduce this new kid on the block with that same premise.

Introducing Fanatical Chat with Intercom.

  • Communicate with customers and leads
  • Send targeted messages at the right time
  • Works great with Sugar

And please, watch this super cheesy video. We invested millions into it. OK, thousands. Fine, nineteen dollars.

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To learn more about our app, visitFanatical Chat with Intercom

From sales proposals, case studies and contracts, PandaDoc allows your to create customizable documents directly from Sugar CRM!

PandaDoc comes with a pre-built library of hundreds of document templates that are ready to use inside of your SugarCRM account. You can easily customize these templates and add new ones to create a robust library of branded templates for your sales team.  PandaDoc’s electronic signatures are easy to use and legally binding. Your prospects will be able to view and sign your proposals from anywhere without having to install specialized software.

Populate documents with customer and product details, reducing errors and saving your sales team time.

Document analytics allow sales reps and managers to know when proposals are sent, viewed, and signed.

The drag & drop document builder makes it easy to create new documents inside Sugar. Reps can embed images, product sheets, and videos right inside their proposals. Who Uses PandaDoc in Sugar?

  • Sales Representatives
  • Sales Executives
  • Marketing Directors

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To learn more about our app, visit our listing on SugarExchangePandaDoc 

Fanatically Zen. Superpower Machine.

Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest. We superheros forget at times that all we need to do is give more visibility to all the good data that is happening in the world. That's where Fanatically Zen comes in. By taking the best CRM (SugarCRM, naturally) and integrating it with the best helpdesk (Zendesk, of course) you give others the power to also become superheros.


  • Improve visibility for your sales team
  • Improve visibility for your support team
  • Better Data. Better Results.


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To learn more about our app, visit our listing on SugarExchangeFanatically Zen

Looking for your next game changing, timesaving, efficiency machine? Look no further for the next tool to add to your already super-cool utility belt, Zipwhip.  

Zipwhip enables businesses to two-way text with their customers. The twist? Landline, VoIP and Toll free numbers are used with Zipwhip apps. Yes! It's possible to text using your landline, VoIP, and toll free numbers. You can turn on existing published phone numbers for two-way, real-time, conversational texting with your customers.  


We built a Sugar integration that allows text-data-sync into Sugar. Zipwhip for Sugar CRM brings all of your Zipwhip conversations into a single source, allowing users to maintain a complete view of all customer interactions. Zipwhip apps are easy to use and can be used to set up next steps with customer (meetings, phone calls, action items). Why should Zipwhip go on your utility belt? Forbes described Zipwhip as "“slightly less sexy, but arguably more impactful”. Impactful tools are the only tools to add to your utility belt!

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Analytic Reporting by IT Sapiens offers you the kind of business intelligence that gives insights throughout your organization and allows to make the best decisions! 

The ease of use will allow you to save time and focus on the important things – doing good business.
Interactive charts will give you a wide overview right from your dashboard allowing you to drill down into data and see the details that matter.

  • Merge multiple reports into one Excel or PDF, create professional looking layouts and schedule them as email attachments
  • Analyze your business trends over the time by comparing sales results by the end of each month using snapshot reports (using historical data from the change log)
  • Track the time spent on each Sales Stage to identify and improve the steps needed for closing important deals
  • Add data ranges to your reports and calculate your own functions to set deadlines or sales targets.


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To learn more about our app, visit our listing on SugarExchange: Analytic Reporting Tool for Sugar 

StarfishETLStarfish ETL - The Super Hero of Data Migrations and Integrations

A starfish is a resilient animal. Its brain and intelligence are distributed through each of its arms. This is reflected in StarfishETL’s ability to connect to multiple products at the same time, using its intelligence to make your systems work together.

StarfishETL is a powerful tool for integrating ERP, marketing automation, social media, email, and even obscure systems with your CRM. Its framework supports projects of every size and complexity with Cloud, on-premises, and hybrid capabilities — and it continues to expand with every new release. We believe anyone can migrate or integrate if given the proper tools and support. With our passion for simplicity, DIY capacity, and global support network, we encourage businesses to empower themselves through data.


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To learn more about our app, visit our listing on SugarExchangeStarfishETL for Integration 


Yathit Logo

Specifically designed to be fast, smart, and accurate, Yathit helps salespersons get things done on the go and makes their daily lives much easier.


Yathit caters to your needs, gives you accurate information on demand, and enables you to create or update records quickly and with ease. The single-click UI brings speed and simplicity into your work, while the Gmail and Sugar integration allows you to do even more with Sugar than before.

Some of the most important features of Yathit are:


  • Auto-View – allows users to see the summary of the sender’s records as soon as they open an email
  • Archive Email  can be used to quickly archive both sent and received emails
  • Template – allows the use of Sugar templates inside Gmail, and
  • Quick Create Record – enables users to quickly create and edit data in any field in Sugar from Gmail.


Get more from Gmail and Sugar with Yathit.

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To learn more about our app, visit our listing on SugarExchangeYathit 


Logic Builder. Superpower Your Automation!

Everybody loves automation! It allows us to save time and makes our life easier by letting the machine deal with all of the boring routine tasks and giving us the opportunity to focus on what really matters. Unfortunately, custom automation is time-consuming to implement and expensive to maintain… Unless you use Logic Builder, that is!

With Logic Builder you can bring all of your most creative Sugar automation ideas to life by using a visual programming language, which allows you to build flexible “If This then That” logic out of connectable blocks without writing even a line of code. The expressive power, provided by Logic Builder, can be used for great effect in tandem with Sugar Advanced Workflow to extend your business processes with complex calculations, calls to external web services and much more.

Wear the ultimate utility belt and become an automation superhero with Logic Builder!


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To learn more about our app, visit our listing on SugarExchangeLogic Builder

RT Docusign logo    By integrating DocuSign and Sugar, RT DocuSign empowers CRM users to close business deals faster and in a more effective way. With this simple yet powerful integration, users can send and receive documents for signatures from within Sugar.

With RT DocuSign users can upload and send multiple PDF documents to their Sugar Accounts, Contacts, Leads, and Opportunities. This takes away the need of sending documents physically to the customers which saves a lot of time and effort of the sales reps as they can easily take electronic signatures from the customers. Moreover users can remain updated about the status of documents with the help of real-time updates inside Sugar. RT Docusign can also be configured to maintain the privacy of the users. It offers ‘Global’ and ‘User’ options by which either one global DocuSign account can be used for all Sugar users or all users can use their individual accounts.


Integrating Sugar Mobile for Android with the MobileIron EMM SDK

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) allows IT organizations to manage and secure company data on mobile devices. There are several EMM solutions including Blackberry Dynamics, Airwatch, MobileIron and IBM MaaS360. 

In order to integrate a mobile app with an EMM solution, the EMM vendor publishes an SDK (Software Development Kit). Without such an SDK, it is impossible to integrate the EMM solution with a mobile app.




MobileIron does not have an Android SDK for its EMM solution. At the App Throwdown, Appdome's Professor Fusion will do the impossible; Integrate Sugar Mobile for Android with the MobileIron SDK. 

Vote for us now and see Profession Fusion:

  • Perform integration magic 
  • Show how Appdome for SugarCRM is the ultimate Utility Belt
  • Use Teleportation to give every Sugar Superhero secure access to their CRM data from any device


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To learn more about our app, visit our listing on SugarExchange: Appdome for Sugar