SugarCon 2016 -- It's a wrap!

Blog Post created by mweitzel Employee on Jun 21, 2016

It's a wrap!

sayhello.pngSugarCon 2016 is officially in the books. There were incredible presentations from Larry Augustin, Clint Oram, and Rich Green, that communicated where SugarCRM is today, how we are delivering value to our customers, and our vision for the CRM of the future--hello Candace. But we brought the house down with the App Throwdown. An AI based digital assistant built directly into Sugar will be game changing, but, really, is that as awesome as a t-shirt cannon? I didn't think so either.


Throwing it down!

This year's App Throwdown significantly raised the bar. Many of the video submissions were fun, clever, and effective and communicating the value of the application. Eva Narunovska and the it sapiens team did a great job with their Analytic Reporting Tool video. Everyone at SugarCRM enjoyed watching it. We tried to capture many of these in the wicked cool intro video that our team put together to get everyone excited about the App Throwdown. We showed this Wednesday morning right after everyone came back from the morning break. Check it out--I think we woke them up!


Congratulations App Throwdown Winners

In the end, there were five participants that competed on main stage for the "Best in Show" honors--the four "Best in Class" award recipients and your "Community Favorite". Here were this year's participants:

I'll post the video as soon as I get my hands on it so you can see Katie Liesmann in hot pink heels and a robot costume. And Joshua Daggs as "Dr. Document" solving your "EDD" problems. All of the presentations were awesome and totally brought down the house. Difficult as it was, the attendees had to pick a Best in Show winner. And it was...


Best in Show

Collab! A relative newcomer in our partner ecosystem, Collab demonstrated a sophisticated with an integration to the new Facebook Messenger Bot, their call center app, and Sugar. And they did this with a clever play on 007. Thank you again to everyone that participated in this year's App Throwdown. Your hard work and effort was a key part of why SugarCon was an incredibly informative and fun event. I look forward to next year's contest where we'll figure out a way to raise the bar and....



-Mark W.

Mark Weitzel


banner-11edccfb461fcd203d60783f4aeb63c3.jpgp.s. I forgot to give a shout out and a congrats to Leandro Alves. He was the lucky winner who caught the t-shirt that had the "golden ticket" inside. He ended up taking home the DJI Phantom 3 drone! Nice catch Leandro!