Cassie Nelson

Salesfusion: Solving the Age-Old Problem

Blog Post created by Cassie Nelson on May 13, 2016

Salesfusion_logo_2015.jpgIt's an age-old problem: Sales and marketing don't work well together.

Marketing thinks sales isn't following up with the leads they're driving. Sales thinks marketing isn't driving enough quality leads. What's the solution to alleviate the misalignment between marketing and sales? A well-integrated marketing automation platform to your SugarCRM.

With the strongest SugarCRM integration on the market, Salesfusion provides the sales team with real-time, interactive marketing data. By automatically syncing data between Salesfusion and Sugar, and creating a bi-directional workflow, you can ensure you have a unified funnel. Marketing is able to push leads to the CRM and route them to the right salesperson. Sales can send them back to the marketing team for further nurturing if the lead isn't ready to buy - all from inside Sugar. Not only does this approach to lead management keep sales and marketing on the same page, but prospects will also have a seamless and consistent customer experience.

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