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GrinMark TextMiner

Blog Post created by Alexey Grinevich on May 13, 2016

TextMinerLogo2_256.pngThe first and the only automatic email signature extraction for Sugar®. Leading edge technology for mining contact data.


Email messages contain valuable auxiliary information: signatures, addresses, events and more. GrinMark provides a solution for automatic extraction of email signatures in a structured way: name, title, organization, address, phone, etc. With this structured data users can quickly create new or update existing contacts in Sugar®.


Email signature extraction is based on GrinMark TextMiner – a sophisticated technology which applies the power of machine learning to routine tasks of email archiving. TextMiner uses cutting edge algorithms to extract valuable structured data and relationships from email body.

GrinMark offers full set of integration solutions for Sugar®, most popular email clients (plugins) and mail servers (server-side synchronization). Our server-side products are available for on-premises deployment or ready to use in the GrinMark Cloud. GrinMark TextMiner is now a part of Outlook 365 Plugin and shortly will become a part of all other integration tools.

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