Peter Frings

Squirro: Customer Insights

Blog Post created by Peter Frings on May 13, 2016

Customer Insights:  Actionable Sales Intelligence with Sugar

Squirro Customer Insights for Sugar provides the insights needed to better understand your customers’ entire engagement while providing a 360° near real-time picture of their possible needs and market behavior. Squirro is built on years of experience creating complex data solutions and exceeding the expectations of our clients.  With Sugar, the Squirro Customer Insights solution integrates and leverages the unstructured and structured data from within your organization as well as delivers tailored information from external digital resources. Squirro works seamlessly and intuitively with Sugar allowing users to access a 360° customer view in customized interactive dashboards. The Customer Insights solution adds a competitive edge to your sales organization, translating into increased customer satisfaction and revenue growth. Transform the value you add to your customers with Squirro Customer Insights for Sugar.

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