Justin Kuehlthau

Starfish ETL for Integrations and Migrations

Blog Post created by Justin Kuehlthau on May 11, 2016


As CRM experts, we wanted a tool to move and transform our own data quickly and easily.  Thus, we built Starfish ETL. Our background enhanced our understanding of all aspects of data migration/integration to help us create the ultimate product.  Use a GUI to quickly map data from source to target.  Leverage the power of VBScript and .NET to manipulate and pre and post process your data.  An included SQLite database allows for easy to use cross reference lists.


With an extensive library of pre-built Connectors, Starfish ETL links your organization’s marketing, sales, finance, and support systems together with simplicity and speed for a comprehensive view of your data. On the migration side, it works with flawless accuracy to weed out the bad data so you can focus on the information that matters. Plus, we offer a variety of pre-built migration maps, so you can plug-and-play your way to sweet data freedom!

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