Hussain Nasir

RT QuickBooks - Relish the Power of QuickBooks Accounting in Sugar

Blog Post created by Hussain Nasir on Apr 27, 2016

RT-Quick-Books.pngFrom generating invoice to managing payrolls, RT QuickBooks simplifies your accounting and management needs.

As customers interface with the company, Sugar users can obtain a unified view of their Quickbooks customers in Sugar. With its sync on-demand feature, it empowers CRM users to sync a record immediately to either QuickBooks or Sugar. Moreover, users can also track their sync history with its integrated logs, helping them to keep a record of their activity.

As RT QuickBooks keeps the two platforms updated, different departments can access real-time customer data. However, you can configure as to which team should have access to synced records or not with its in-built feature.

RT QuickBooks also eliminates the need of repetitive data entry and manual sync, allowing your team to focus on their work instead. If your company values productivity over punching a clock, then RT QuickBooks is made for you.


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