Hussain Nasir

RT GSync - A Fast & Effective Sync Solution for Sugar and Gmail

Blog Post created by Hussain Nasir on Apr 27, 2016


RT GSync takes your Google Apps to the next level by integrating Google Services with Sugar. By offering a two-way sync between Google Apps and Sugar, RT GSync empowers users to manage their Gmail in a simpler and effective way.

This award winning integration has the functionality of automatically archiving all the incoming and outgoing emails with the associated Sugar records. As a result, users have access to communication history of a particular customer at their fingertips which leads to enhanced customer engagement.

With this plugin, Sugar users can also manage their Google Contacts, Google Calendar, and Google Drive (GDrive) in Sugar. This helps them stay on top of their customer relationships as they can easily synchronize Contacts, Calendar and Drive information between their Gmail and Sugar.

If you’re looking for in-depth synchronization between Google Services and Sugar, then RT GSync is made just for you.


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