Glenn Richmond

RSVPselling for SugarCRM

Blog Post created by Glenn Richmond on Apr 19, 2016


Improve your Sales Effectiveness with the First Enterprise Sales Methodology for SugarCRM

In business to business (B2B) selling there are four areas that must be addressed to win business. We need relationships with the right people and strategy to manage the political and economic power-base; we also need to uniquely create compelling business value and then align with the customer’s evaluation, selection and procurement processes. This is exactly what the world renowned RSVPsellingTM methodology does.

CRM Online has leveraged the SugarCRM 7 framework to create arguably the most user friendly sales methodology on the market today. The platform is a framework can be configured to support multiple methodologies and includes these components:

  • Qualification Tool
  • Sales Playbook
  • Organisational Chart
  • Influence Map
  • Close Planner
  • Opportunities at Risk Escalation
  • Configurable Qualification Questions & Answers
  • Automated identification of missing stakeholders based on big data analysis

The result is a complete platform to drive your enterprise sales team.

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