Tawny Mergel

Riva Insight and Riva Sync drive Sugar adoption to the highest level!

Blog Post created by Tawny Mergel on Apr 15, 2016


Many CRM implementations still struggle with user satisfaction and user adoption.  And it all boils down to two problems: users not having access to CRM data in their email client and users not being able to see relevant CRM contact and account information in their email client.


Riva Sync solved the first problem by automatically synchronizing relevant Sugar data to users’ email clients – without any plug-ins and without users having to do anything!  Riva provides 100% user CRM adoption.


Riva solved the second problem by creating Riva Insight, our new Sugar side panel.  Riva Insight creates customer delight by providing relevant contact and account information – directly in users email clients – without users having to do anything!


Want your users to benefit from industry’s best 360° Sugar and social view of customers?


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