Jérémi Joslin


Blog Post created by Jérémi Joslin on Apr 15, 2016

collabspot-logo.pngCollabspot makes it easy to access and create your contacts, accounts, opportunities, cases, and even tasks from right inside Gmail so you can stop switching back and forth between Sugar and Gmail and start closing more deals.

Collabspot users can:

  • Sync emails to Sugar
    Sync incoming and outgoing messages to Sugar with one click so you never have to copy a message into Sugar ever again.
  • Create and edit contacts, accounts, opportunities and more from inside Gmail
    Be more productive by editing and creating contacts, accounts, opportunities, cases, and tasks from within gmail using the   Collabspot sidebar.
  • Schedule Emails to Send Later
    Craft the perfect personalized email, or use one of the shared templates you or your team has created using Collabspot’s email template creator, and send them out at the perfect time. So you can create emails on Sunday and have them sent out Monday morning automatically.
  • Google Calendar and Contact Sync
    Keep track of all of your events, tasks, and meetings with one calendar with Collabspot’s automatic calendar sync. You can also eliminate the need to check multiple contact listings by automatically syncing your Google contact data with Sugar.
  • Sent email and Link Tracking
    Track any and all emails that you’ve sent and instantly know when a lead has opened your email or clicked a link all within gmail.
  • Never forget to follow up again
    Losing sales because your reps are forgetting to follow up with leads? Use Collabspot’s email reminders to ensure that you’re following up with the right leads and the right emails at the right time.


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