Erwin Buggenhout


Blog Post created by Erwin Buggenhout on Apr 5, 2016

XD-square.pngOne-click Generation and Delivery of all your Professional Documents

Generate documents with one click from any Sugar module; include fields from related modules multiple levels deep; save generated documents in the Sugar Document Subpanel; print, e-mail and DocuSign generated documents.


Give power to the template designer with the XperiDo add-on for Microsoft Word. There is no limit to what a template designer can do with XperiDo: make content and lay-out appear conditionally, populate lists or tables with related module records, group, filter, sort, do calculations, find and replace, generate and insert barcodes, QR codes, e-signatures, dynamic text/pictures/hyperlinks, charts, translations, references, tables of content. Avoid complex queries when extracting data from Sugar. Rationalize template management. Track versions of your templates, promote them along a DTAP-path and roll back, re-use content segments across multiple templates. Provide a single-click experience to the user with override options. Go for a managed cloud service or opt for on prem/private hosting.



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