Ronnie Mansoor

SugarCRM Integration with Outlook / Office 365 for Mac and mobile users

Blog Post created by Ronnie Mansoor on Apr 1, 2016


Discover the convenience and increased productivity of accessing your CRM data and taking actions directly from within your Office 365 Inbox.

Implicit FrontEnd for Office 365 transforms the way users interact with SugarCRM. It allows them to do all their daily CRM work from within Office 365 inbox whether they are in the office or on the go.

  • Email Pane – instantly view all CRM information related to contacts and leads and their related records: accounts, opportunities, cases, meetings etc.
  • View, edit or create new CRM records right from within Office 365
  • Archive emails and attachments to related records on SugarCRM with a single click
  • Annotate emails and save annotations as notes in SugarCRM


It’s 100% cloud based; gets installed on companies’ Office 365 account and automatically becomes available to users on any device they use.



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