Alex Nassi

Sugar On-Demand Upgrade to PHP 5.6

Blog Post created by Alex Nassi Employee on Feb 2, 2017

Beginning this month, we are going to update our On-Demand platform to PHP 5.6. Sugar was the first release to introduce support for this version of PHP and now that Sugar 7.6 is EOL, we can safely update all of our servers. These upgrades continue our efforts to deliver a faster, more stable, and more secure hosting option to our On-Demand customers. 


We will begin these upgrades in early February. There will be more specific details sent to all applicable email contacts per our On-Demand Communications policy.  For many instances, this will be a seamless process, but if you have added any customizations to your instance via Module Loader, please take this time to verify that they are compatible with PHP 5.6.


If you have any questions about these impending changes, please ask them below!