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For most of today’s consumers, customer service plays a larger role in purchasing decisions than both price and product. And this fundamental shift has led many businesses to invest more resources in innovations that enhance the customer experience, including CRMs, Marketing Automation platforms, and contact center software. But despite an increased focus, there continues to exist a large gap—while 80% of businesses think they are delivering a superior customer experience, only 8% of consumers agree. How can organizations make better use of their data management and customer engagement solutions to streamline and automate customer service processes, and boost customer satisfaction?



1- Help customers help themselves


Consumers are increasingly gravitating towards self-service channels to resolve their problems and inquiries—in fact, self-service recently exceeded phone as the most used customer service touch point. Sugar Enterprise and Sugar Ultimate each offer a self-help portal, enabling customers to create cases, upload notes, track case statuses, manage subscriptions, and update account information. They also offer a searchable knowledge base where customers can find FAQs, troubleshooting guides, and product updates. Platforms such as 3CLogic’s contact center software also offer the ability to enable self-service via IVR meus—all of which will help decrease support costs, and boost customer satisfaction.


2- Leverage client data to optimize queue management and call routing


While every customer is important, certain instances may require the need to prioritize specific incoming calls due to the client’s size, the urgency of their need, or their status (i.e. Premier Customer, etc.). When integrated with Sugar, 3CLogic’s contact center solution can automatically prioritize calls in the queue based on the clients’ information stored in Sugar records. It can also intelligently route calls to the individual best suited to address them based on a number of factors, including language, who the customer has worked with in the past, and the complexity of the case/agent skill level.


3- Offer users immediate access to client records and cases


When assessing why certain cases were not resolved on the first call, customer service managers have found that more than half the time, it is due to the agent’s inability to quickly access customer information. But by leveraging Sugar in combination with a cloud communications platform, help desks can automatically populate agent screens with each client’s record and open cases upon every incoming call, facilitating fast and seamless customer support. Users will also have access to click-to-call functionality within each customer record or case for enhanced efficiencies. 


4- Automate the recording and documentation of calls


Less than ten percent of interactions are entered into the typical CRM, largely due to the fact that it is an extremely time consuming and manual process. And this lack of interaction data can inhibit service rep and managers’ ability to adequately understand previous as well as existing client issues. But by using a solution such as 3CLogic’s telephony platform, businesses can automatically save all call recordings and call details within each Sugar record or case, enabling reps and supervisors to better understand each customer’s service history. Call recordings can also be used by managers for coaching, and quality and training purposes.


5- Measure, measure, measure


The only way to truly understand how your customer service team is performing, how satisfied your customers are, and what product or process changes need to be made, is by properly documenting all case information, interaction details, and customer feedback. Thanks to Sugar, this is quite easy to do using its reporting Module, offering actionable business intelligence including support team responsiveness, customer satisfaction scores, and incident frequency. Combined with call center data, managers can gain a better understanding of their team’s efficiency and where improvements should be made to cut down support costs and improve CSAT scores.


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Sales has always been equated to a numbers game. In fact, the average sales rep makes eight dials per hour for over six hours to set a single appointment, a reality that can quickly demotivate even the most qualified and hardest working sales teams. But with the help of Sugar and a few other tools and tricks, sales teams can quickly put the odds back in their favor to increase both contact rates and conversions, all while making their lives significantly easier.


Check-out our top five sales hacks for Sugar:


1) Contact prospects from their own local area code: The first step towards any successful sale is getting in touch with the prospect. But when considering the fact that 80% of consumers are extremely unlikely to answer a call from a toll free or unknown number, this can often be one of the most challenging. Using local presence dialing technology, reps can automatically reach out to prospects from their own local area code (as accessed directly from Sugar), a tactic that has proven to increase contact rates by over 400%. A simple yet extremely effective means of getting reps in front of more potential customers.


2) Reach out to inbound leads FAST: No matter
where leads are coming from, whether it be through a landing page, web form, online chat, or email, following up in a timely manner is extremely imperative. In fact, for web generated leads, following up within five minutes increases the likelihood that they will convert by nine times. By using a multichannel communications platform, seamlessly route leads from any source to the rep best suited to meet their needs within a matter of seconds, drastically enhancing lead-to-call and the likelihood of a successful close.


3) Don’t hesitate to use an auto dialer: More than half of a sales rep’s time is unknowingly wasted on unproductive prospecting—looking up the prospect, manually dialing their number, waiting eight rings with no answer, and repeat—sound familiar? And for certain large outbound campaigns with hundreds or even thousands of prospects to call, this is simply not an efficient use of reps’ time. Using statistical algorithms, predictive dialers will automatically contact prospects while reps are busy finalizing a call, putting them in touch only with those individuals who answer to minimize the time spent between interactions and improve agent productivity.


4) Have the prospect’s information ready: More than half of consumers believe that sales reps are poorly prepared or not prepared at all for their initial meeting. And the problem is not necessarily that they do not have information about these potential customers, but rather that they cannot access it quickly enough when juggling outbound prospecting and data management. But by integrating Sugar with an advanced communications platform, automatically populate reps’ screens with each prospects information upon every call and sync call recordings and details within their record, ensuring every pitch starts off on the right foot.


5) Don’t forget to follow-up (or automate follow-up): Eighty percent of sales require at least five follow-ups before a successful close—yet almost half of sales reps give up after just one. While a larger portion of this rests on the shoulders of the representative, proper integration between Sugar, call center software, and marketing automation can help automate lead nurturing, triggering actions in workflows and scheduling follow-up calls on agent calendars. Just a simple way to keep reps on track, and prevent leads from slipping through the cracks.



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As a Sugar user, you understand the value an advanced CRM platform can bring to an organization. It can help businesses manage and analyze the vast amount of information their prospects and clients provide, and use it to build lasting customer relationships. But where many organizations are falling short is not in managing their customers’ information, but in leveraging it when it matters most—at the point of the interaction. By integrating Sugar with a robust multichannel communications platform or CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), businesses can simplify

and automate their ability to deliver high quality customer engagements and support, by simply leveraging data they already have.


With seamlessly integrated CTI for Sugar, your business can:


1) Enable Self-Service: Offer customers the ability to self-service their own needs through intelligent Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menus, enabling them to access important account details directly from Sugar—something 67% of consumers prefer over speaking to a live representative.


2) Intelligently Route Customers: One in four consumers reports constant transferring with no resolution of their problem or inquiry. But by data-dipping into Sugar, an integrated CTI will automatically route customers to the individual best equipped to meet their needs using advanced IVR and skills-based routing tools. 


3) Prioritize Customer Calls: While every customer is important, certain instances require the need to prioritize specific incoming calls due to size, urgency, or client status. With CTI, easily set call priorities and leverage account details within Sugar to ensure your business’ most valued calls are answered first. 


4) Enhance Lead-to-Call: Contacting leads within five minutes increases the likelihood that they convert by nine times. With CTI for Sugar, quickly and efficiently respond to leads and prospects from any source (website, chat, email, and phone) while they are hot, enhancing the likelihood of a successful close.


5) Reach Customers with Greater Efficiency: Today’s consumers are more challenging to reach than ever before. Enhance your agents’ efficiency when reaching out to leads and prospects with advanced auto-dialers and click-to-call functionality available within CTI for Sugar.


6) Increase Contact Rates: 87% of consumers say they would be extremely unlikely to answer a call from an unknown area code. But with CTI for Sugar, automatically reach out to leads and prospects from their own local area code using local presence dialing technology, a feature that has shown to increase contact rates by over 400%.


7) Automate Screen-Pop: Automatically populate agent screens with each customer’s record/previous interactions upon every outgoing or incoming call, removing the need for reps to do so manually while enhancing the likelihood of a seamless customer engagement.


8) Provide Dynamic Scripts: Automatically populate agent screens with personalized dynamic scripts which leverage customer information stored within Sugar (i.e. customer name, account details, etc.) offering agents custom prompts and mandating the collection of certain fields for targeted and relevant engagements.


9) Facilitate Follow-Ups and Nurturing: By simply selecting a disposition highlighting the result of an interaction, automatically place customers in designated campaigns or workflows to trigger any necessary follow-up steps while nurturing them through the sales funnel with ease.


10) Automate Record Keeping and Call Recording: Less than 10% of interactions are entered into the typical CRM. But with an advanced CTI, automatically store records, transcripts, notes, and recordings of every customer interaction in Sugar for future use or reference.


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Welcome to the Partner Corner blog, your place to engage on interesting topics regarding innovative technologies for the Sugar platform. This guest post is written by Rachel Brink from 3CLogic, a Gold sponsor of this year's SugarCon. I encourage you to join the conversation and share your thoughts by commenting on this post. Enjoy! --Mark Weitzel

Customer experience is quickly becoming a business’ next competitive battleground, expected to overtake price and product as a brand’s key differentiator by the year 2020. The global “Switching Economy”— the potential revenue in the U.S. market due to changes in consumer spending—has swelled to $1.6 trillion. Integrating your call center and CRM will boost customer satisfaction scores and retention rates. Here are five best practices to consider when looking for an integrated solution.



1) Deliver Multichannel Support: Because 76% of consumers want to use three or more channels during a single transaction with a company, multichannel customer service should be considered an absolute necessity. According to the Aberdeen Group, companies with extremely strong omnichannel customer engagement retain on average 89% of their customers. To ensure streamlined and informed interactions, businesses must converge digital channels under a single roof and leverage the CRM to make customer information available across all touch points.



2) Reduce Average Time in Queue: Studies have shown that only 43% of consumers are willing to wait for longer than a minute, meaning that 57% of consumers will hang-up if their call is not answered by a live individual in less than 60 seconds. Failing to plan for high call volume or fix long wait times presents businesses with a number of challenges, including lost sales and reduced customer loyalty. Businesses should offer callers the option to remain on “virtual hold”, which prioritizes them based on information pulled from the CRM (size, spend, customer level e.g. a "Gold" customer, etc.), and schedules a call-back when the next qualified agent becomes available.


3) Optimize Call Routing: Constant transferring has always been an ongoing issue within the call center, with one in four consumers reporting no resolution of their problem or inquiry.  Leverage advanced call routing strategies, with information pulled from the CRM, e.g. identifying a "Premier" customer, to automatically select the right agent for the customer.


4) Ensure Customer Information is Documented and Readily Available: 42% of service agents are unable to efficiently resolve customer issues due to disconnected systems and poor user interfaces (Forrester). Less than 10% of interactions are entered into the CRM, limiting an agent’s insight into a customer’s service history. By integrating Sugar and 3CLogic, customer facing professionals have immediate access to every interaction from the call center. This increases efficiency and drastically improves first call resolutions and customer satisfaction.



5) Measure the Results and Tweak Accordingly: While it is not a crystal ball, a customizable and robust reporting engine can help guide a help center in the right direction. Measuring call center specific information e.g. an agent’s CSAT score can help highlight a help center’s strong suits and progression, or areas that are falling behind and need improvement. However, when call center data is aggregated with CRM information, a more sophisticated view of the customer can be understood.


Following these best practices, an integrated call center and CRM is a powerful tool to win more business and increase customer satisfaction. Call center history is a critical part of the 360-degree customer. 3CLogic and Sugar are two key front office systems that work together to make every customer relationship extraordinary.

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