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We're all familiar with the current spate of buzzwords surrounding customers - from disruption, to journeys, to the customer experience... it's easy to get confused. But I want to ask you a really simple question - how well do you actually know your customers? And crucially, what are you doing with that knowledge?


You’ve probably used some form of CRM since the start of your business – remember Rolodexes? But as you grow, so does the amount of information you hold about your consumers. And good luck keeping all of that written on the back of an index card. In the dawn of AI and ever-advancing technologies, it might be time to modernise how you get to know your customers.


Last week, I received an email from a company I'd recently bought a pair of trainers from. I admit I’m guilty of ignoring a lot of emails like this, but this one really grabbed my attention because it really seemed like they knew me. Of course, the email contained a personal greeting and a blurb about my recent purchase, but it also contained the most perfectly-selected products I could hope for. I wanted to buy every single one! It was as if the company had scanned my thoughts and decided, "Hey, I know what she'd love!" and packaged it all into one nice, neat, beautifully-presented email.


It got me thinking about just how they knew me so well, and I admired how clever their strategy was. Some people might wonder just how much time and effort went into designing an email like this, but as a SugarCRM specialist, I know the truth - a good CRM will do all this for you, and more.


From capturing vital data such as my location, gender, and spending habit, to my shoe size and color preference, the retailer was able to exploit this knowledge and send me a targeted promotion which made me feel special. But this won’t be the end of my journey in the retailer’s CRM – it will likely be used for logging product support tickets, recording activities like calls and emails, as well as have an integration to their website so they know exactly what products I’ve viewed. All of this history provides them with a comprehensive view of “me” as a consumer, allowing them to get ahead of the competition.


In today’s ultra-competitive market, conventional methods are no longer going to cut it. As consumers faced with the paradox of choice, we’re beginning to expect this kind of bespoke communication. We want to feel special, and businesses want to feel empowered to get ahead of their competition.


As a fully customisable and intuitive CRM, Sugar can capture intelligence about your consumers, allowing you to attract new customers and maximise the value of existing ones.


To find out how Sugar can help you create extraordinary customer relationships, get in touch today.


(PS – Oh, and guess what? My credit card took a big hit that afternoon!)

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