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How many times you came into office today not really knowing where to spend your time first. How to keep pushing those opportunities down the pipeline, should you work on those early one’s or one’s that are further down the funnel?

There are many ways to decide on what to work on first. Most of us will be in situation where managers or our boss tells us “Can you please keep working on this opportunity!”. How many times you think they made a mistake? I think many times.

I’m a strong believe in data and analytics. There are exceptions that are beating the numbers but most of time data will be telling the truth. So why not use the data you have today and let it drive your day. We leverage Opportunity scoring, a data driven approach to running your sales pipeline.

In my experience so far, working on various Sugar implementations and consulting, not many people invest time to help their sales team make educated decisions on how to live through the day. Sales people these days should know, what opportunity will likely close and why. Data should already be there and if it’s not, blame your consultants and managers!

Establishing basic concept of opportunity scoring isn’t really rocket science at all! You need to start of by gathering existing data you have about your won opportunities. Who you were selling to and what. Then start looking at what information keeps repeating. Once you can talk about:

  • Type of customers you are selling to
  • Region they are coming from
  • Usual deal size
  • What you sell the most

You can rest assured that your base model for opportunity scoring is ready.

Where you can go from here is take the number 100 as your maximum score. Now start giving different number score to different information we mentioned above when they appear. Make sure if all information matches up for perfect opportunity that your score doesn’t pass that 100 number.

Once you complete above steps, educate your sales team and let them know to work by the numbers and data. Don’t let your sales team rely on managers to direct them.


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