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Have you ever wanted to send and receive text messages with Sugar? We did too, which is why we built our Sugar Messaging Module: Sugar Messaging powered by Ytel.

Sugar Messaging is an SMS messaging integration for Sugar users that can send personalized text messages to the people in your Sugar database. With Sugar Messaging you can create rich SMS messaging without a single line of code.

Using Sugar Messaging, you can do all kinds of cool stuff, including:


  • Send and receive automated, customized SMS messages from the Messages Module.
  • Send customized SMS messages to Leads and Contacts associated with a Campaign.
  • Message one on one with Contacts from their Sugar record page.
  • Send group texts.
  • Send texts via workflows.
  • View texts in the Messages Sub-Panel.


SMS is projected to be one of the fastest growing marketing channels by 2020, with 48.7 million consumers receiving SMS business messages and mobile phone users grow to over five billion worldwide.

Our Sugar Messaging module allows Sugar customers to use SMS as a core avenue to engage with prospects and customers. Sugar users can now send one to one SMS messages to a lead or create a contact list “on the fly” and have conversations over text without leaving the CRM. It also will provide marketers the ability to send targeted messages in bulk as a part of campaigns and workflows.

Visit to see an on-demand demo and view pricing information.

Post originally published by FayeBSG Project Manager, Vicki Leopold 

Certifications. This is definitely a hot topic and can drive some very passionate discussions. It seems there are two camps – those who support them and those who don’t. Many will claim that certifications show only that one can study, take a test, and pass. They will argue that having the certification doesn’t mean that the certification holder can do his or her job any better than a person without a certification. Others will argue that having a certification shows a basic knowledge of the subject and shows that the certification holder was motivated to invest the time and energy to learn the material well enough to pass the test.


We fall into the second camp here at FayeBSG. We believe that a Sugar Admin Certification is a worthwhile investment of time. The exam tests a lot more than just one’s knowledge of basic configuration and screen navigation. Many of the questions cover scenarios of user and technical issues that occur every day, requiring an admin to troubleshoot, find, and fix the issue. Answering the exam questions correctly requires the knowledge of someone who has had experience with the product. You can argue that on a multiple choice test, one can simply guess their way through and pass, but it’s unlikely that any test taker is lucky enough to guess their way through 70 questions, many of which have answers that are very close to being correct or have multiple correct answers to choose from. It takes experience to get a passing score on this exam.


The bottom line is that holding a Sugar Admin Certification shows that you have more than a basic knowledge of the product – it shows that you also have experience as well, and that is valuable to you as a job candidate and to your employer. If you have the experience but don’t yet have the certification or don’t feel you need it, why not take the test anyway? It’s 90 minutes of your time, and you just might learn that you don’t yet know everything!


Participate in the Sugar Certification Program to validate your knowledge, skills, and abilities on Sugar best practices. Learn more here: Sugar Certification Program - SugarCRM 

One of the most frequent requests we get as a leading Sugar partner is from clients that have large groups of customers or partners or other outside reps that may need access to a small portion of their CRM data, but not all of their CRM data. What to do?

Does it make sense to give these folks access to Sugar? Even on a limited access basis? We suspect cash-textnot, for a variety of reasons not the least of which is that these people don’t belong in our clients’ CRM software.

If you’re running CRM software and are in this predicament, do you really want to have to give your customers or your partners a heads up every time you make changes to your CRM? Do they all need really to know about your internal technology initiatives? Depending on your type of business, there might be security considerations as well. Naturally, there are also financial implications in terms of purchasing licenses for all these folks.

With all this in mind, we recently created CASH, the Customer Access Sugar Hub for Sugar. CASH acts as a portal for accessing Sugar data without actually having to be logged into Sugar.


It’s really cool. After you setup the CASH user in your Sugar instance, and assign them rights to Accounts and any other modules they need, they can then log into CASH and see real time, live Sugar data. This includes not only standard Sugar modules like Cases, Contacts, Documents, etc., but also any custom modules that have been created. For example, for our clients who’ve implemented our Sugar Sage Integration or Sugar Quickbooks Integration, they can login and see invoice history detail or open invoices. This is the perfect solution for CRM users who are looking for a Customer Portal.

We have other clients that have businesses with a partner or independent distributor model where their sales team might be hundreds or thousands of independent reps out in the field. For these clients, CASH can be configured to act more as a Partner Portal. CRM users can assign leads or opportunities to CASH users, and then the independent reps can use CASH for the assignment of leads and to keep the SugarCRM users up to date on the status of the leads.

One of the other valuable features in CASH is that we’ve added access to some Global data in Sugar, like the Product Catalog and Documents. With this, Sugar users can give CASH users access to standard company documents like price lists, legal announcements, shipping procedures, etc.


Our Sugar clients that have one of our ERP connectors for Sage, Quickbooks, NetSuite, or Intacctwould generally be syncing inventory data into Sugar from these systems. With CASH, they can choose to show their customers or partners the product catalog with inventory quantities on hand if they desire. What a great time saver for customer service or salespeople to be able to direct customers and partners to CASH rather than have to answer the same questions on the phone day after day.

CASH is hosted on state of the art servers for fast, secure, and reliable performance, and we continue to innovate and add new features and functionality to the product each week.  I encourage everyone to check out the recorded demo on the product web page or contact us as soon as you can for a personalized demo.

If you have a need for a portal into your SugarCRM data, CASH could be the answer.

FayeBSG Launches West Coast SugarCRM User Group in Anticipation of December SugarCRM Workshop in Los Angeles.


SugarCRM Elite Partner Faye Business Systems Group today announced the launch of their West Coast SugarCRM User Group. The West Coast SugarCRM User Group is dedicated to bringing together Sugar Users, Admins and anyone interested in keeping their finger on the pulse of all things SugarCRM and CRM industry related.


In anticipation of a Sugar Workshop being held in Los Angeles in early December, FayeBSG is encouraging everyone to register for their LinkedIn West Coast SugarCRM User Group, which can be found here:


The West Coast SugarCRM User Group on LinkedIn will be a social community providing updates on Live Events, Webcasts and Discussions on all things Sugar.  Additionally, all communications about the December SugarCRM Workshop will be first announced in the Linkedin feed and members will also be able to pre-register there for the in-person workshop.

iCRM.jpgDoing any kind of billing, sales, marketing, support or operations without an integrated CRM is like fishing for tuna with a big net, catching 1000 fish, and having no idea which fish are edible, which fish are toxic, or not even knowing if the fish are really tuna. Sounds like a recipe for going hungry!

The point is that CRM without an integrated strategy is the definition of controlled chaos. It couldn’t be a more inefficient way to achieve organizational success. Integrating systems with your CRM is the first step in the right direction toward getting all the teams in your organization the visibility they need to ensure operational success.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 10.42.28 AM.png

With all the information that is coming in and out of ERP systems, Cloud document platforms and Marketing Automation tools, there is absolutely no reason that all of the data shouldn’t be accessible by everyone within an organization.

The “Hub” of the organization means that ALL customer related data flows into a CRM software. Information about leads, customers and critical data sources for all human and digital touch-points during customer engagement needs to be in one repository.

Software that stands alone can result in silos, redundant data entry, and duplication of effort, unintended errors…and just overall unhappy people. Wow that sounds bad. When you integrate software, you’re bringing software and people together. Our clients integrate Sugar with everything that they can. As a result, our clients see fewer errors and greater productivity; they have faster access to data, streamlined operations and overall happier people.

Sounds like a recipe for success doesn’t it?

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