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Are you looking to expand your business and capture new markets? Maybe you need to develop a new app or service offering to capture a market opportunity. Or maybe you have an existing proposition but need to stay ahead of the competition; provide more value to your customers; and/or drive more revenue from your install base.


If so, then you know that speed, agility and innovation are key. You need to get to market quickly and iterate to align your offering with customer expectations. To stay ahead of the competition, you need cutting-edge technology. And, you need an industry-leading, innovative partner, so that you don’t have to “go it alone”.


These are all good reasons to look at partnering rather than building. By partnering, you can:

- Accelerate your time to market

- Lower cost and risk

- Leverage existing industry-leading functionality


Whether you want to offer:

- Your own branded CRM;

- CRM “light”;

- Or an product that includes any or all of contact, account, lead, opportunity, campaign management;

partnering to take advantage of SugarCRM’s proven, industry-leading functionality is quicker, more cost effective, and more innovative than building your own.


Example - Access Group

Access Group, a leading author of business management software, drove 1M$ in year one of launching their CRM Powered by SugarCRM, representing about 25% of net new business for aCloud, the brand under which Access Group markets Sugar within its business services package.


“A few years ago, we recognized that we needed to have a transformation strategy that moved to a cloud solution – that’s the way the market is going – and that it made sense to have a CRM as part of that strategy,” says Greg Dennick, head of aCloud operations. He concludes: “Sugar was the best fit for us.”


As a “Powered by SugarCRM” partner, Access Group realizes: 1M$ net new revenue; faster time to market with a highly customizable CRM; deeper CRM functionality as part of an integrated suite of business applications; a stronger customer centric product that adds value for customers. Learn more by reading the SugarCRM OEM Access Group Case Study.


Example - Vodafone

Vodafone has launched a suite of role-based customer management apps for Small and Medium Enterprises, Powered by SugarCRM, hosted in the cloud and available from their Digital Marketplaces.


For more information, message me (Emma Price) in the community or, if you prefer, drop an email to

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