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Hi, I’m John and I´m your Bot. How can I help? Let Facebook Bots take care of your Customer Service!

Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular applications, used by 900 million people worldwide. This hype demonstrates the power of messaging apps. They are easy to use, connect people no matter where they are and are cheaper than other communication channels. With the launching of the new Messenger for Business it is possible to engage your customers, through a virtual bot, that will treat your client as a “friend” and will help you deliver an automated customer support. 

This experience can be maximized when integrated with Sugar. Therefore, Collab developed a self-service tool based on the Facebook Messenger for Business and mixed it with OneContact CC contact center solution and Sugar system. This way, companies can provide fast and contextualized support, collect data about clients, maintain a clear view of the profile / interaction history and improve the contact center performance. The process can iterate in multiple touchpoints, such as email and Facebook.


Key Advantages:

  • Full Integration with Sugar and Facebook Bot Messenger

    • OneContact CC can be integrated with SugarCRM and Facebook Bot Messenger. When combined agents use a multi-channel desktop, which provides the relevant information in a single interface, without the need to change applications. Teams have immediately a deep knowledge of every client, personalized data and business insights. With these capabilities organizations can improve the agent´s performance and call center efficiency, while delivering an engaging customer experience.
  • Unified Customer View

    • Obtain a complete view of the customer profile information and interactions in a unique screen. Recognise different client identifiers (e.g. incoming phone number, customer name, email address) and route them to the right agent. This means increased productivity for the call center agent, increased customer satisfaction and greater first call resolution.
  • Omnichannel Customer History

    • Complete history of all the media interactions (made or received by the agent) in the "Calls" list with full interaction details such as: call start and end time, name of the agent, name of contact or lead Interaction business outcome and also external links to the recording files.
  • Audit log (Recording of social and other media interactions)

    • The recording of media interactions are available in SugarCRM Dashlets. Supervisors can listen/view the interactions and monitor the agent´s performance.

  • Natural Language Understanding

    • With machine reading comprehension it is possible to evolve the automated self-service and use it in specific scenarios, without sounding like a robot. When is needed an agent intervention, the conversation is transferred to the contact center and assigned to the most suitable.


More info available here.

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