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It’s official: we are living in a world where data is the most expensive resource*. The idea that data is the new oil may just be the secret mantra of the tech giants who are growing bigger.


Their approach and perception of data is not unique but the collection, analysis, and use is unique. A few years back, Apple established a research group called ‘Apple Customer Pulse’ where they reached out to a select few Apple product owners. They surveyed this group to solicit their opinions on current Apple products, and frustrations, and then Apple made modifications based on the feedback. 


This is Apple’s weapon to stay ahead of everyone - reaching out, listening, and understanding their customers, and then appending their products or services accordingly.


To help you stay ahead of the competition, we are going to talk about one of the ways to understand your customers, how to use that data to make business decisions, and how to craft marketing and sales strategies. 


Even with all the data analysis tools available, the survey hasn’t lost its charm because it is a better option to reach out to a customer directly rather than studying them secretly. Not only do you receive clear answers to your questions, but surveys also make your audience feel heard and valued. Collecting data is one thing, but understanding massive chunks of data to come up with answers to questions is another. Understanding the data you collect is where accurate survey reporting comes in. You can use a survey tool with reporting available in the marketplace or you can utilize the survey module in SugarCRM. The benefit of using a survey module integrated with your CRM is that it provides a 360-degree view of any situation.


Survey reports and data can help you:


  • Know your customers
  • Research the market before launching a product or service
  • Reinforce branding through content
  • Measure customer satisfaction


With all these things combined, you can supercharge your business by focusing on your customers and target market bringing success and a clear product roadmap.


  • Know Your Customers


There’s never a bad time to invest in building buyers’ personas for your company. It’s always better to have your personas ready before launching your product or business. While it is possible that you know, without a buyer’s persona you may miss small details, like their daily habits, lifestyle choices, beliefs, challenges or decision-making process, all of which can make a difference in how your brand is perceived.


Market research surveys provide demographic data to increase your customers’ knowledge, which in turn you can use for product development, content creation, tweaking the customer journey of your website, and more.


  • Market Research Before a Launch


It’s a sure way to fail if you launch anything without having an insight into what your customers want. It’s always better to test the waters before the final launch. You can do this by investing in a focus group and ask them to review your product or conducting a survey about your industry and competitors. The data collected will give you insight into how customers perceive your industry and what are the gaps left by your competitors. This information is highly useful not only to market better but also to increase your product effectiveness making it more compatible with the market.


  • Reinforce Branding Through Content


A survey report with all the data including preferences, perceptions, and traits of the target audience can be a goldmine for marketers—which is why survey reporting is so critical to any business. of your targeted audience. Through this data, you can understand what hurdles you will face in the market and consumer’s perception of your industry. This data can help you create content that is more targeted by refining language and understanding the priorities of your target audience. Additionally, through this data, you can further utilize it to create landing pages for lead conversion, FAQ pages for your product, and targeted email campaigns.


  • Measure Customer Satisfaction


While this is not a new point, it’s still one of the most important. We already know this and is one of the reasons why surveys are popular but it is one of the easiest ways to utilize a survey in your business. Sending a survey after a customer just purchase or after their interaction with your support team can provide helpful insight into multiple areas. Using surveys in this stage provides you insight into technical faults, problems during the checkout process, or experience with your support team. An added benefit of the surveys is that positive customer reviews can be used as social proof reducing potential new customers’ anxiety which is very natural before starting out with a new brand.

Knowing your customers can be your secret weapon to success. And a simple three-question survey can also help you gather all the right data. You can get started with Sugar CRM survey module simply by searching ‘survey module’ on SugarOutfitters. And before investing in the module, make sure it has features like survey reporting, survey automation, net promoter score, skip logic, and data piping features.


* Article published by The Economist in May 2017.

** Apple Customer Pulse referenced in appleinsider

One of the best things about shopping from a physical store is that you get your purchases right there. No need to wait for them to arrive, and no issues with being home to take the delivery.

But online stores typically offer more discounts, and you do have the luxury of browsing multiple stores without actually having to travel to multiple stores. Moreover, you can do this browsing on your own time as you see fit.

The rise of online commerce has given way to a new industry: the shipping and courier industry. New might be a misnomer, but it has definitely revolutionized it as well as made things cheaper and more accessible. The number of companies in this area has increased and so has the range of the services they provide. Because of that, shipping is not limited to big cities, and deliveries go to the last mile, no matter how remote.  

There is still space in this industry - if you need unique ideas to make the experience of delivering a parcel better, then you should listen up.  

Start with the Basics

The first thing you will need for an IT setup is a Customer Relationship Management system or CRM. While you may just be starting out, you should choose something that will be scalable, and SugarCRM is a perfect choice. A basic CRM is simply not enough since your employees will be out on the field delivering parcels. They cannot come into the office every day just to log in the parcels they delivered. This is why you also need a CRM mobile application as well.  

Your mobile app should have all the features you enjoy in SugarCRM, like adding leads, managing customers and opportunities, but also mobile-specific features like push notifications, offline sync, and email support. 

This leaves us with the unique selling point in the shipping industry: Live Tracking. Imagine if you could track your delivery executives in real time, to know exactly when the parcel will reach a customer.

Pretty amazing, right?

Exploring the Tracking Feature 

Customers want to know where their parcel is and how fast it is getting to them. The more information they have about this, the better they feel about shopping or using a parcel service. 

You can integrate a live tracking feature in the SugarCRM mobile app so that you can track your employees while they are on the field. You can assign each employee certain parcels, and track those by tracking the employees.

Employees can check in and check out of each delivery location right from the CRM mobile application, making it easy for you to keep tabs on the parcels. You can extend this by offering a precise ETA to your customers so they know exactly when their parcel will arrive. 

Benefits of Live Tracking

You can go both ways: be a company that solely provides shipping solutions to individuals or join forces with online stores to provide them with shipping solutions.  

If you go with online stores, your unique selling point will give you an edge over other shipping solutions that they can choose from.

Better Customer Service

Your live tracking feature can help online stores provide better customer service, thus retaining their customers and building a loyal customer base in the long run.  On the other hand, if you decide to operate as a streamlined shipping solutions company for individuals, then real-time tracking can come in handy as you can offer this to your customers. 

Better Parcel Tracking

If someone wants to send a parcel to a place that is remote, then you can track the parcel in-real time and update the tracking information for the sender to keep tabs on. As the tracking happens directly in the SugarCRM mobile app, your employees will have an easy time checking off the parcels they deliver every day. They don’t have to do anything extra; they only need to use one app in the field to check for parcel details, customer details and update the deliveries they complete.  

If they are making deliveries in an area that doesn't get decent internet service, live tracking functions offline as well, with automatic sync when it is back online. 

The other benefits of the SugarCRM mobile app are not simply limited to the fact that you have your CRM in the pockets of your employees. After all, technology is only as good as what you make of it.

A Final Word

Shipping companies are not limited to taking a parcel from one place and delivering it to another. They play a significant part in the supply chain of stores and they are the face that customers actually see for a store that they cannot physically go to. It would not sound far-fetched to say that they are the sole reason why online stores even exist.

With breakthrough technology revolutionizing the industry, it is more than necessary to bring something special to the market. A CRM mobile app with real-time tracking might just be it! 

In a world of business where you have boundless competition, CRM is your treasure box. You can use it to track your customers’ needs, their data, sales details, etc. to achieve your organizational goals.


However, your success depends on the quality of data stored in it. Which means it should be updated and detailed enough to guide you for future actions. For example, following up on old leads and enhancing the checkout process of your eStore, etc.

Surveys are one of the best resources to gather fresh and updated data from your customers. But if the data is not analyzed, it’s of no use.

When you unify your survey tool and CRM, you can overcome these obstacles and deploy a win-win solution to solve thousands of such hurdles in a short span of time. For example, if you have Sugar CRM in place, you can utilize the SugarCRM Survey Module to merge their capabilities.

Want to know how? Read on.


Curated Buyer Personas


These are a representation of what your users are really like. But when it comes to creating a buyer persona for your business, the most important thing is research. When you have an integrated CRM survey in place, it becomes easy to research and collect the following data: 

  • Geographic information
  • Demographic info
  • Behavioral data and patterns
  • Purchasing process 
  • Customer profiles


Once you receive the responses and save the data in your CRM, you can drive this data further to create a specific buyer persona. It helps you create marketing strategies and products as well as provide services to meet customer needs.


Achieve Automation


Sending a survey after a customer activity such as a lead conversion or phone call generates more impact than sending them randomly. It gives you accurate and quick responses. When you integrate the power of CRM with a survey tool, it enables you to automate your campaigns with CRM events as triggers. You no longer need to sit in front of the computer every time you want to send a survey; you simply set a date, time, and condition and it will be sent on your behalf.


With automation, you can make the best use of your CRM data - understanding your customers at a deeper level. And it gives you more transparent responses to lead your marketing in the right direction.


Improved Customer Retention


When you own a business, it is important to listen to your customers. And by sending a survey, you have already shown initiative that you care about their opinion. Of course, you might get negative feedback or bad product reviews - but in a non-threatening manner. Hence, it helps you understand your customer’s problems effectively. 


With a CRM survey integration, you can be sure that you have updated information about your existing customers and their preferences. You can also learn more about their journey and create additional surveys for effective communication.


Customer Service


You believe that you provide the best customer service. But do your customers feel the same way?


When you send surveys regularly, you encourage more loyalty and retention. To test it, utilize an NPS (Net Promoter Score) equipped survey. NPS questions give you more clarity on how your services and products are doing with your customers. Plus, you’ll derive how many of them promote your business to others.


Some other plus points are that you can create a better follow-up flow with triggered survey campaigns. Additionally,  you can get in touch with customers who gave you a negative review. This way, you get a chance to pre-empt any negative response and drive a different outcome.


The Right Time


When you have an integrated CRM survey tool in place, you can trigger your survey campaigns at the right time. Unlike other online tools, here you can easily keep up with your CRM events and decide the best time to send a survey to your customers.


It also becomes easy for you to process received data. For instance, once you get the responses regarding your product, you integrate suggested changes accordingly.


The Final Takeaway


The integration of surveys and CRM helps you grow a deeper relationship with your customers. You can acquire new ones, as well as retaining the existing ones. It’s the best of both worlds!

CRM is one of the most prominent assets for a business. It streamlines operations and reduces human errors with its systematic approach. But with the desktop version, you can only use it in the office. Because nearly every aspect of the product has been digitized, employees are no longer tied to their desks; especially sales, marketing, and customer support teams. They are always on the go with meetings, client visits, product demos, etc. And they will need to access certain information from your CRM while working on the field.


That’s where Mobile CRM comes to the rescue. According to statistics, global internet traffic coming from mobile devices grew from 0.7% in 2009 to 52.99% in 2017. Hence, having a Mobile CRM allows your road warriors to work anywhere because of easy access to data. And of course, their clients also expect real-time information for quicker decisions.


If you are also considering such a solution to increase the efficiency of your team, make sure it has these features:


  1. A Native App with Necessary Features


A recreated version of Desktop CRM functioning in a mobile device might make your business suffer a lot. An ideal CRM phone app could help you capitalize on the strengths such as features offered by a CRM mobile app. Simple things like push notifications, voice notes, and a mobile-optimized interface will make work that much easier. 


  1. Import Call and SMS Records, Contacts, and Call Log


One of the most tedious tasks related to CRM is data entry. Your team members will not want to transfer their daily call logs, records, etc. from the desktop to a mobile version manually. Being able to import call logs, SMS records, contacts, and other data from their mobile to CRM saves major of time. It is effective for maintaining the quality of data as well.


  1. Offline Access, Online Data Sync


Working in the field means sometimes working from areas with no internet. So, if any of your employees want access to CRM records it might be a problematic scenario. The offline access feature is a boon as they can access and make changes to CRM while offline. As soon as they come online, these offline changes get synced with the CRM. 


  1. Access to Maps with Route Planning 


This feature enables your employees to set their route between client locations and get real-time traffic alerts, gas stations, meeting points updates, etc. It can save a lot of their time and help them to manage their schedules according to real-time conditions.



  1. Live Tracking and Check-In / Check Out


One of the most important features for sales managers is to be able to track where sales reps are at any given time. Managers can also get an update of their team members as they can check-in and check out of meetings, tasks, and appointments. It helps you monitor their total time spent for a meeting, task or appointment with necessary details. 


  1. Business Card Scans to Add New Contacts Directly


During meetings, seminars, and conferences, your employees meet new prospects. While networking during these events, they can use the business cards scanner to scan them into the CRM app. The information directly gets added as a new contact into your CRM system, saving time and effort. 


  1. Electronic Signature


When your employees need special additional signatures of other members while closing the deal, the electronic signature feature can save the day. With the help of it, they can close the deals easily as they will have the required signatures available in the CRM app itself.


  1. Interactive Dashboards


With so many tasks running in the background, dashboards provide you with a quick glance of all your important tasks. They give you an overview of what is currently going on and help to prioritize tasks accordingly. 


  1. Support for Custom Modules


We make frequent changes to CRM fields and modules to make the most out of it. And it is important to have those updated fields and modules working in your Mobile CRM system as well. Hence, you can utilize your CRM data at its full potential. 


Does your Mobile CRM App have these Features?


When opting for a solution with a vision to make your business better, it is important to choose a CRM platform which supports the above operations. You’ll be glad you did!

Customer feedback. A strong foundation of any successful business. But one of the major mistakes most businesses make is that they do not pay much attention to the customer feedback implementation process.

With the help of right SugarCRM Survey Modules, you can implement a proper automated feedback process. Based on the completion of CRM events, your tailor-made surveys can be sent to those customers. While creating a survey, make sure they are not too long and are on point for a higher response rate.

If you are scratching your head how to decide how to make a short and interactive survey, a single NPS survey question can be your savior. Because it works on numbers, it gives you a clear picture of how many of your customers are detractors, passives or promoters.

Numbers from Temkin research says that promoters are 4.2 times more likely to buy again, 5.6 times likely to let go of the company's mistake, and 7.2 times likely to try new offerings.  However, it is equally important to put your efforts towards detractors and passives.

Here’s how.

First, Calculate your NPS Score

Subtract the percentage of detractors from the promoters. For instance, an NPS survey shows 50% of your customers are promoters, and 20% are detractors. Your NPS score is 30 (50%-20% = 30).

What is a good Net Promoter Score?

NPS scores range between -100 and +100. A score above 0 is a good NPS score; meaning the majority of your customers are loyal. Additionally, 50+ is an excellent score, and 70+is the “world-class” score. If your score is below 0, the majority of your customers are your critics. It’s time to improve customer service. You need to understand their pain points and improve their overall experience.

Here are some NPS average scores, industry-wise:

  • Healthcare: 62

  • Professional Services: 58

  • Retail: 54

  • Hospitality, Travel, Restaurants: 53

  • Manufacturing: 51

  • Automotive & Transportation: 49

  • Financial Services: 46

  • Construction & Engineering: 45

  •  Consumer Services: 42

  • Insurance: 42

  • IT & Software: 41

  • Banking: 37

  • Media: 34

  • IT Services: 33

  • Telecommunications: 24

Drive Business with NPS Score

Follow up with Detractors:

If you don’t have critics, you’ll likely have no success” - Malcolm X

Create a list. Send them a personalized email addressing their customer experience. Offer them a gift or a coupon code as a gesture of appreciation. To track your progress, make changes per their suggestions. Once you complete a sprint on that, send them a new NPS survey. Compare new results to filter out the new promoters.

Leverage Promoters to Generate More Sales:

According to statistics, referral programs are more effective to generate new business. You have a customer base who are happy to recommend your brand to others. Once you identify your promoters, make a referral plan.

As they are already happy with your products/services, they will be more than happy to refer you when encouraged for referrals. Plus, it’s a good opportunity for you to ask them to review your product/services. You may also ask if they’ll be okay with you writing their case study.

Activate the Passives:

They are not detractors; they are right here but didn’t receive services in the way they wanted. Reach out to them again. Ask for more specific information. Maybe they haven’t given you enough information, as they thought nobody would care. Reaching out again to such customers will show that you have interest in serving them. You are there for help.

If they reply to you, take it seriously and make the necessary changes. Educate them on how to use your products and notify them about future plans. If you approach them with a follow-up email, it encourages them to stay in touch with you. They might become your new promoters.

Write Pointed Emails

For Detractors: While following up with detractors, state your point with subtle language to get a reply.

Here's an example:

Thanks for responding to our survey. We’re sorry to hear that you wouldn’t recommend us, but would love to learn more about what we can do to improve. Your reply is important to us.

For Passives: Appreciation is important. Ask for suggestions to improve your services and products even further.

Example: Hi Amy! Thank you for your response - we take feedback seriously, and your suggestions will help us improve our services. If you have a minute, we’d love to hear more from you.

For Promoters: They are your advocates. They would love to hear from you! It is the best opportunity to educate them on how they can refer your services to friends and family and be rewarded in return.

For example:

You could earn money by referring your friends and family. Every time someone buys by using your invite, you’ll earn $X!

Here's how you can send them emails to write reviews for you:

We’re so happy to hear that you’d recommend us to others. We’d love a public review on our profile to help other customers - we're giving away a month of free services to the first 15 customers who review us this month. Act soon!

Final Thoughts

NPS alone cannot help you grow to billions in revenue. It’s a consistent process which helps you identify your pain points and gives you a chance to improve. There are SugarCRM survey plugins available on the store with  NPS survey feature. With such a module, you can provide the best user experience to grow your business in numbers, customers, and loyalty.

Surely by now, you’ve conducted many surveys using trial and error. Every time you send one anticipating a certain number of responses, more often that not you end up disappointed. The bitter truth? People don’t like filling them out. Even if they start a survey, most of them abandon it halfway if they find it long. After all, what’s in it for them?


But for you, their responses are crucial in achieving your sales targets. Asking the right questions in a survey can enhance solutions as well as your brand value, but to turn this scenario into a reality, increasing survey response rates is a must.


Let’s look at how you can do just that.


Maintain Transparency


There is nothing wrong with displaying the final outcome of your survey. We’d actually suggest doing so. This way, you provide an opportunity for customers to better know you and your brand in depth. This works best if you are planning to conduct a series of surveys to improve your services or product. Responders would be happy to help you out by filling out surveys knowing they are getting better products as a result.


If you are using Sugar, then you can directly send surveys from your CRM using the Sugar CRM survey module. Using this tool, you will be able to create interactive reports to better comprehend and utilize your data.


Include Incentives


Let’s be honest: incentives work. Everyone likes getting something in return for helping others out. Incentives are a great way to work cross-sell or upsell your products, too. Offer them a free membership, an extended product usage period, free access to your other products, or even financial rewards such as gift cards if your company policy permits and you are in a position to do so.


Respect their Privacy


A year ago, GDPR took effect, and it changed our perception of how we can collect customers’ data. Now more than ever, customers are concerned about their data and privacy. Even more reason to use the SugarCRM survey tool, which offers GDPR compliant survey forms. This way, users know their data is safe and can not be used anywhere without their consent.


Reduce their Hurdles


When conducting a series of surveys, it is important to use a data pipeline feature which is provided in major SugarCRM survey modules. Using this feature, you will be providing users with pre-filled survey forms, reducing data entry on their part. For example, if your survey has five questions and two of them are their names and numbers that were provided in a previous survey, then you can send them pre-filled surveys.


Less equals more!


Maintain Relevancy


Your responders don’t want to answer questions that are not relevant to them. A simple example might be when you pose a question for finance as well as the IT industry in your survey. If the person identifies as finance, the next question should be finance-related. You can apply skip logic here which helps you set the chronological order of questions and assists in making your surveys more relevant and interactive.


Mobile First!


It’s widely known that people spend most of their consuming content via mobile devices. As a result, your survey needs to be mobile responsive. It doesn’t have to be extensively graphical to be appealing to them, either—keep it simple and easy to use.




Surveys are meant to be simple. A good survey response rate is 85% (43 responses for every 50 surveys sent.) Keep the surveys short and on-point to up your response rate. And to really take your survey game to the next level, utilize Sugar CRM survey tools and plugins with features like data-piping, skip logic, etc.

Good luck!

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