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Lead Generation Campaigns. They can prove a little tricky at times. Unnecessarily so. Let me give you 6 Successful Tips to Creating Enticing Marketing Campaigns to lure in those Leads. There’s nothing here you won’t be able to start working on right away. What’re you waiting for!?


Content is King


There’s nothing quite like the power of word of mouth. If you want your current database to be forwarding on your emails and sharing your messages with the world, you’re going to need to stand out from the crowd. If your emails are entertaining and charming, your audience will always look forward to them and are more likely to engage. Make sure you really put weight behind your content in your next campaign or blog series.


Make your audience feel special, this will encourage current subscribers to share and forward your emails, giving you access to friends and colleagues expanding your outreach and adding to your contact list. Include links in your email campaigns to specific landing pages with form fills. Why not direct them to a page with a pop-up to inspire your audience to give you their email.


The Golden Gates


Get some gated content out there! Gated Content is a great subtle tool when it comes to Lead Generation. Write a new whitepaper or ebook and ask your website visitors to enter their email addresses in order to access the new content. Another bonus of this method is it offers you another level of understanding about your lead, giving you the upper hand.


You can also develop a free tool for people to use, where all they need to sign up is their email address. For example, we’ve created a tool called GatorLeads Freemium. GL Freemium benefits us and its users in multiple ways when it comes to Lead Generation, why not use this kind of tool to your advantage and get new leads signing up, giving you a foot in the door to then show off all your other shiny products.


Keep it Simple


When dealing with the general public, your busy audience has a short attention span. Don’t dive straight in asking for every last detail about them. When using form fills, keep it simple by asking for only their name and email address. You can always ask their biggest pet peeve once you’ve established a connection further down the line. Don’t scare them off in the first 5 seconds!


Be Sociable Online


Having a well-defined social media strategy with a loud voice to catch the attention of the masses can only LEAD to one thing. Use your LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook to advertise an event you may be hosting. Encourage people to come to your website and sign up using their email address.


Partner Up


I get by with a little help from my friends! Partnering with another company in your industry can be incredibly beneficial and lucrative. We co-host many events with our partners Workbooks and Iconic Digital. Not only does this increase your outreach to a partner’s audience, but also gives your current subscribers a fresh outlook.


Co-hosting and Guest Blogging can help lighten the load, both financially and physically. Ensure to include a tracked link back to your website within any pieces you write for your partner so readers can subscribe to your resources.


And best of all! You can share all the leads at the end!


Testing 1,2…


CommuniGator? Bang on about testing again…? Never! You could be exhausting all avenues when it comes to Lead Generation, social media, gated content and event hosting and if you’re still not fruitful, it’s highly likely your copy or design might be to blame. Split testing to different audiences can give you an insight into what content is getting the most engagement, what design or subject line is catching your audiences’ eye, even when the best time of day to catch your target market is. The smallest alteration can cost you or make you a lot of leads.


A full database of high-quality email addresses is imperative to a high performing business.  Here are just a few pointers to aid its growth. I think the main point to stress, is to test. Get to know your target audience and know who you’re sending to and your Leads will look after themselves.

Having 5 different locations to manage all your marketing needs is confusing if nothing else. Your social media in one place, lead generation in another and email marketing as well. It’s no wonder you're struggling to keep track. And the reporting, oh that’s a whole other kettle of fish. It’s laborious to compare marketing channels to figure out which offers the best return of leads and engagement. But what if everything could be stored in one location? You could see at a glance what each of your leads has been doing.


As marketers, we can dream. It helps with the creative process after all. CRM gives us that opportunity, to manage all our marketing needs under one roof. But it’s not all about having one view for everything (although that is the main benefit), an almost equally important outcome where everyone is working from the same place. Access to all the necessary information when it’s needed, with multiple teams updating uncovered contact data.  


Channel your focus


With the potential to integrate every aspect of your marketing, the reach is far greater than simply email. Bring your marketing automation software into the equation to simplify the marketing process.  


  • Email: integrate your email marketing so you know what campaigns each contact has been sent, their opens, clicks and undeliverable status.  
  • Social Media: logging in separately to each social media channel takes precious time. Time that could be better used for crafting the perfect email. Record who has clicked on which post, all from your CRM.  
  • Events: they take a lot of work, but events are integral to proving you’re the top of your field. Take some of the load off by automating your event. Obviously, keep an eye on it, but let CRM record who’s booked, attended and follow up afterwards. 
  • Website Activity: Record where a lead is clicking on your website and when. Get lead scores so you know exactly how engaged leads are at all times.  


Transparency for collaboration


Having a singular view in which everyone works from promotes transparency across departments. Employees can see how each team contributes to the lead generation pipeline and beyond. With everyone pulling together the information they gather, future interactions become more personalised than ever.  


Data fluidity


Moving from one department to another can be frustrating for the customer and the teams involved. With CRM, miscommunications are reduced. Each team has access to all information the other holds on a contact. Handovers are easier, take less time, and require fewer documents to be passed across.  


Align departments


Sales and Marketing ultimately have the same end goal: for sales to see what marketing has sent to nurture a lead, and how the contact has responded. Marketing can identify web visitors and what they’ve been looking at to inform sales engagement. What’s more, marketing can create CRM lists which prioritize leads based on their engagement, so sales knows who are the top targets to focus on. And if sales can’t get through to a lead, they can put the contact into a marketing workflow to warm them up until they’re engaged enough for sales to step back in.  


Working together from one view can promote departmental cohesion, understanding and agreement. With CRM, you have the ability to make the process about the customer, while also making each team’s life easier. A small bonus from an already great system.

Want to know more? Contact Lauren King at or discuss this blog with other members of the SugarCRM community, please visit the SugarCRM Partner Corner.

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