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Customer experience is rapidly becoming a top priority for businesses. More consumers are placing their loyalty with companies based on their experiences, rather than pricing and product.

In fact, reports say that 86 percent of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience.

Overall, you want to give your customers the best user experience (UX) possible. But to do that, you need to have the best customer relationship management (CRM) software. That’s why SugarCRM has upped its game by guaranteeing outstanding UX via Sugar Sell.


SugarCRM has always been known for the reliability, satisfaction, and tech support it provides. But how does Sugar Sell equip businesses with the most innovative yet affordable solutions on the market? Sugar Sell brings customer data into one place, then builds a complete system for sales automation, collaboration, and reporting on top of that underlying data.

Sugar Sell offers the ultimate ability to craft a story about your customers, your company, and the future of your business. And it’s the UX solution to use when you want to empower every employee by giving them the right information at the right time—which is before they even ask for it.

Here are some key features of Sugar Sell:

  • Management

You can oversee leads, opportunities, accounts, and contacts.

  • Transparency

You can give everyone in your organization a context for each customer interaction, as well as insight about what to do next.

  • Reporting and Dashboard

With out-of-the-box customized reporting, you can drive strategic business decisions and inform leadership about important qualities of the business. You can also monitor your key business metrics and utilize reports that will turn customer data into business insights.

  • Product Catalog and Quote Management

By placing your product catalog right in Sugar Sell, you can effortlessly search and browse for products. And while viewing your customer account record, you can create custom quotes on the fly. In addition, you can run reports on the opportunities and revenues associated with each product, which will help you anticipate demand and fully understand each product’s performance.

  • Sales Forecasting

With Sugar Sell’s quote management, you can streamline your sales cycle and increase deal velocity. And with sales forecasting, you can improve the visibility and predictability of your overall business.

  • Sugar BPM

With robust business process management, you can improve your sales efficiency and productivity by spending less time on manual effort, and more time engaging with customers. Then you can automate almost any business process, including lead routing, quote approvals, customer email notifications, and much more.

Essentially, Sugar Sell customers can drive revenue, increase efficiency, reduce sales costs, and deliver unmatched customer-buying experiences.

 Want to learn more or see a demo? We’re ready when you are!

There comes a time when managing your client’s databases via thousands of spreadsheets, hopping from one system to another to find leads or customer data, or navigating amongst sales opportunities by checking scribbles on Post-it notes is no longer an option.


In order to effectively handle business operations and to improve the efficiency of your business, you need a robust customer solution where you can capture customer data, track incoming leads, segment customers into meaningful groups and create a structured workflow. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems work best for small businesses to maintain strong relationships across the board. In a CRM, all employees can record customer interactions with the company, create personalized messages for a targeted audience group, implement lead nurturing and lead scoring techniques, automate work processes and much more.


Let’s take a look at factors to consider when picking a CRM software:

 1. Define your business needs

  • Do I need to increase lead generation? Look for a CRM that delivers strong and agile lead generation software.
  • Are deals getting stuck in my pipeline? You’ll want a CRM with strong sales reporting, so you can identify the bottleneck.
  • Do I need to better access my contact data? Purchase a CRM that provides easy access to a 360-degree contact view.
  • Do I need to increase efficiency across my teams? Look for a CRM that can automate as many manual processes as possible.
  • Do I want easier access to insight around my results? Your best bet is a CRM that provides customizable dashboards.
  • Is my sales team unable to convert leads? A CRM that provides lead scoring so that you can qualify leads and identify the most sales-ready prospects will help.

2. Price of CRM for small business.

Most CRM software providers offer a free trial and offer per-user pricing. Before making the final selection, it is advisable to take advantage of the free trial and consider the price your organization can afford on such a plan.

3. Ease of use/learning curve

Will your team be able to easily use the system? User-friendly CRM software is what your small business needs, so having to spend money on training might not be a great idea. Research reviews and find out if the CRM is easy to use and novice-friendly

4. Availability of customer support

You might have technical questions that only the software provider can answer-finding one that offers customer support without any delay is the key to success for any business. Your business needs complete and unhindered access to support that doesn’t allow geographical boundaries or time zones to come between you and support.

5. Marketing features

All-in-one CRMs include marketing automation software. The capabilities coming out of such software will let you do things such as:

  • Email marketing
  • Build landing pages and web forms
  • Score and qualify leads
  • Run multichannel marketing campaigns
  • Track the results of your efforts
  • And much more

An all-in-one CRM eliminates the need to spend more money on a stand-alone marketing automation solution, making it a great choice for small businesses.


It’s more than likely that you’re already using other software systems in various departments of your small business. Commercient SYNC, the #1 data integration platform can help you integrate your existing systems, such as your ERP and CRM solutions. A systems integration will ensure the right information is available to your organization.


Your sales team will have access to ERP data directly in CRM, such as customer information, sales history, invoicing, serial numbers, inventory, multi-ship to addresses, and much more. With a two-way sync, new accounts and orders are integrated from CRM to ERP. This gives you a 360-degree view of sales and marketing.


Revolutionize the way your organization does business and expedite all processes by getting an advanced CRM system. Happy New Year! 

CRM implementation can definitely skyrocket growth in your business. This isn’t us claiming it, but what numbers say! According to Capterra, 65% of businesses adopt a CRM platform within their first five years of business. This is also because the CRM platform has a stellar return on investment. According to Nucleus Research, the average ROI on CRM investment is $8.71 for every dollar spent. That’s a lot of money.

However, the question is why some companies aren’t able to fully realize the potential of CRM within their business. The reason: a lack of CRM software training. A lot of companies don't invest in proper CRM training and fall short of transforming their business.


Imagine this: you invest in a top-notch CRM platform that is customized to fit your business needs. It was a huge investment of time and money. Now, you are expecting to drive high profits and see a boost in business growth with the right CRM implementation strategy. However, to your surprise, your team doesn’t feel empowered and is not accustomed to using the CRM platform.


The solution? CRM software training to reap the full benefits of your CRM platform. 


Let’s get started and see how CRM training can help your business. For this article, we’re going to focus on SugarCRM training; one of the best CRM software platforms.

Benefits of SugarCRM Platform Training

Increased User Adoption Rate

If your team isn’t achieving the expected ROI from CRM investment, that’s probably because they don’t know how to use a CRM properly. This calls for training to increase the CRM user adoption rate.


Sugar training will motivate employees to start using the platform and get comfortable using it. Moreover, they will also be able to leverage to optimize business processes and increase user productivity. 


To speed up the process and to make things more interactive, you could add a touch of gamification. Many companies use gamification to push user adoption and improve engagement. This ensures that your team gets accustomed to the software quickly and has some fun along the way as well. 

Get In-Depth Knowledge of CRM Features

Equip your employees with sound knowledge of CRM features, so they know how to navigate the software. Even if your CRM is user-intuitive, you can train the employees to uncover advanced capabilities through CRM software training.


For example, maybe your sales team doesn’t know that CRM software is mobile friendly. Another scenario might be to train your marketing team to do effective campaign management by leveraging the built-in features of CRM. Your team also needs to know about the flexibility of SugarCRM to customize workflows and integrate it with other business software being used in the company. Hence, with proper Sugar training, they can fully unlock these hidden capabilities and boost productivity.

Drive Efficiency in Daily Tasks

What’s the use of a CRM platform when you don’t know how to incorporate it into your daily tasks at work? To ensure smooth operation and maximum business efficiency, your employees should know how SugarCRM will benefit them. 


For example, they can automate workflows and reduce cyclical tasks with Sugar. Another highly useful application of SugarCRM in the day-to-day operations would be to integrate it with other software and streamline the business processes through a unified platform.


Moreover, with all the data available in Sugar, it is important how we use it to make decisions. Your team should be aware of the advanced reporting functions in the CRM. They need to understand how to use the interactive reporting features and dashboards. This makes SugarCRM training imperative so that your team understands the true value of CRM as the best business software and knows how it will boost productivity.

Get Answers to All Your CRM Related Queries

When your team sits down to understand how the CRM platform works, it will soon turn into a discussion full of actionable insights. Sugar training will help you take input from your team and understand how they’re using the software for various business functions. This will help you come up with ways to optimize usage and see how you can further refine processes-it’s possible that your sales and marketing teams are working independently and maintaining separate records, which is a cumbersome task. With the right training, you can pick out these productivity issues and move forward.


The discussions will also give the employees a chance to suggest suitable CRM integrations with other business software being used already by your team. 

Plan Ahead and Identify Issues in Time

After CRM implementation, it is important to figure out the CRM issues hindering the proper usability of the platform. If you invest in SugarCRM training, it is easy to assess the understanding of your team and see what problems they are facing. Hence, bringing the team to one table will result in determining issues before they hinder work progress.   

Better ROI on CRM Investment

Companies that invest in CRM stay ahead of their competitors. However, it is important to use the CRM properly to have the highest ROI. After training, your users will be well-versed with the functionalities of the CRM. As your team will be comfortable, it will result in better reporting, informed decision making, and happy customers.

Increased Efficiency in Business

In this digital age, companies are leveraging the best business software for customer relationship management. It is important to have intelligent customer journeys and leverage data when strategizing. SugarCRM lets you deliver personalized experiences and level up your business by increasing efficiency. However, you first need to have a team that is trained to use Sugar to drive efficiency in your business processes. 

Your Best Bet: a SugarCRM Partner 

Sugar training should be well-thought-out and executed in a seamless way. It requires a clear idea of your business needs and how CRM can be used to streamline processes in your company. Be it the technicalities or application of CRM in your business, a Sugar Certified team will make adoption from your organization much easier. 


Moreover, you need highly-skilled Sugar Developers to cover all your Sugar Customization and integration needs so that your platform mirrors your business processes and not the other way around. With the help of a tailored Sugar training program, your team will find themselves comfortable using the platform and will be eager to leverage it fully to unlock the hidden potential in your business. 


So now that you have a clear idea of how Sugar training can make or break your CRM implementation, it’s time for you to make a decision. SugarCRM training plays a key role in equipping your team with the expertise to properly use the best business software that your company has invested in.

Some things are just better together. Customer relationship management (CRM) and customer support software make a great couple. They complement each other, make the other’s job easier and work together toward a common goal. A powerful CRM platform coupled with intuitive customer support software will take your customer service and your customer satisfaction to the next level.

A good CRM compiles all of your data in one place so that you can keep track of your existing and prospective customers while customer support software keeps track of customer issues, complaints and tickets. To make the most of this combination there are a few strategies you can implement to make things work more smoothly.

Here are a few CRM hacks that can make customer support software more efficient:

Data Sharing

The first thing you should do is to make sure that both platforms have access to the other's data. Set up a bi-directional link between the two so that each platform can pull data from the other. Better yet, integrate the two platforms so that everything is in one place and the entire company is working from one platform.

By combining them, customer support can use the customer profiles and data from your CRM to make their service better and sales can see each customer’s history of issues and service tickets to adjust their sales strategy accordingly.

Clean Data Entry

Make things easier for yourself by emphasizing clean data entry to all of your employees. This will ensure that your data is error-free and duplicate free. It then makes the cross-sharing of data between departments more accurate and efficient.

Make sure that every single team member is responsible for keeping their data clean instead of just handing it off to a lower level employee like an intern. This will help you to keep your data consistent and to reduce the probability of duplication.

For instance, if you have the same company entered in your database three different ways i.e. MasterSolve, MasterSolve Company and MasterSolve Inc, it will confuse. Imagine if your support team is then trying to help a MasterSolve customer and can’t figure out which company name is the correct one. No Bueno! Conversely, if you have the salesperson who has MasterSolve as a customer do all of their data entry, they will consistently enter the company’s name the same way, therefore reducing the possibility of duplicates.

Custom Fields

When making customer fields in your CRM keep your customer support team in mind. Make sure that they are properly labelled so that there is no confusion when helping customers. For example, a label named “Customer Size” may only have the field variables of “National” vs “International.” Then you may have a completely different label named “Employee Count” where you identify the number of employees at the company. You can see how this may become confusing, especially when dealing with customers who want a quick resolution.


Never stop training! Training is essential to keep your team on board with any of your software platforms. It is especially essential if there are always new features being added and new updates to your software. However, when it comes to your CRM make sure that there is always a customer support voice in the room. They will able to vocalize what the support team needs and how each new feature and update will affect the support team to make them more or less efficient. They can advocate for a new feature or raise a red flag when they think it will cause problems for their team.

So, bring your CRM and customer support together today to form a strong partnership. Your CRM can not only ensure that your sales and marketing teams are on track but it will benefit your customer support team as well.

Data is important, but how you leverage it makes all the difference. With businesses having big data, it is imperative to use it efficiently to derive actionable insights. Breaking through the noise and getting the right information at a glance is important for effective strategising.


Companies put in a lot of time and effort to manage data and maintain a well-organized database. However, if you can’t find the right information at the right time, it’s of no use. 


Surely, you wouldn’t want to waste time scrolling through large data files. Moreover, when using CRM to streamline communication with customers, going through a long list of records and applying filters to sort data and tracking leads can be cumbersome and time-consuming. 


The solution: Leverage RT SugarBoards to optimize CRM data with Kanban view for interactive data visualization. It will also let you manage multiple pipelines to drive efficiency in your business processes.   


Without any further ado, let’s dive in to see why RT SugarBoards is a must-have Sugar plugin to make the most of your data with Kanban view and boost productivity. 


Why You Must Leverage RT SugarBoards? 

The RT SugarBoards plugin is compatible with Sugar and helps users in the following ways:

  • Easy access to data with columns and cards
  • Quickly visualize data from your CRM and have all the important fields in the Kanban view
  • Simplified user adoption to keep your team on top of the leads
  • Flexibility to change the status of leads for seamless pipeline management
  • Track the performance of your team during different project stages by leveraging Kanban view to never miss a deadline and achieve business goals

Features and Benefits of RT SugarBoards

Now you know using RT SugarBoards is the best way to optimize CRM data and manage pipelines in Sugar. So, let’s explore the features and see what makes it one of the most popular plugins available. 

Easy to Use with Dynamic Columns and Cards

With RT SugarBoards, you don’t have to spend time going through data; all the required information is available at a glance. This highly demanded Sugar plugin has an intuitive user interface and arranges all your data in cards and columns.

Manage Multiple Pipelines with "Drag and Drop" Functionality

Using RT SugarBoards, data management becomes a breeze. It lets users easily organize data with "drag and drop" functionality so they can move different fields on the cards through different stages of the sales pipeline. Hence, from lead generation to closing a deal, you can keep track of all activities and hit the ground running.

Work Fast with Interactive Action Items

With all your data in the Kanban view, the efficiency of your team with Sugar will go to the next level. The RT SugarBoards plugin allows users to have all the information in a single view. The cards will have interactive action items such as user initials, photo and last modification time.

Moreover, the activity buttons on the cards in your Sugar let you create emails, manage tasks, log calls and schedule meetings from within the Kanban view. Small wonder that RT SugarBoards is the best Plugin for Sugar and will streamline your business processes.

Different Views with Flexible User Interface 

With RT SugarBoards, there is no limitation to the number of ways you can view your records in Sugar. Along with the default Kanban view, it allows users to leverage collapsible view and also go into the detailed view. This will make it easy for you to visualize data and keep track of work in progress.

Personalized User Experience with Card Labels

Remove clutter from Sugar and enjoy a personalized user experience with RT SugarBoards. You can color code the cards to keep your work more organized and minimize confusion. It also lets you mark or unmark favorites to better manage records and boost your productivity.

Easily Retrieve Information with Filtered Search Integration  

Before RT SugarBoards, you had to scroll through large amounts of data to find the relevant information. This is repetitive and takes time. However, RT SugarBoards has made it easier for users with its filtered search integration. Just use the search bar and you get all the required data within the Kanban view. 

How Can I Get RT SugarBoards?

To make the most of your data and have records organized in your Sugar, Rolustech has got you covered. Our Sugar Expert team will put in the time and effort to understand your business needs and suggest a solution that will solve all your data management problems. 


With RT SugarBoards, a glimpse is all you need to make sense of your data. Leverage RT SugarBoards to make your day to day tasks time-efficient and work more efficiently by bringing Kanban view to all your Sugar modules.

In an ideal world, all your company’s software solutions would be able to easily share information. If you needed an important detail about a customer’s purchasing history while working in your customer relationship management (CRM) platform, it would be simple to call it up from your enterprise resource planning (ERP). Within a few clicks, everything you need would be right there.

But in the real world, software integration tends to be a little messy. It can take a lot of work to get two unrelated business programs to talk to one another, much less reliably share their data.

Meanwhile, it’s never been more important for business software to make these essential connections. Overall, the more efficiently these systems work together, the better it is for your company’s bottom line.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at five software integration trends that have become increasingly important for all types of businesses.

Here they are:

1.       Cloud ERP with CRM

Cloud ERP solutions aim at combining the flexibility and cost-savings of self-hosted software with the reliability, security and access of the cloud. This solution can be powerful for the right business.

While a Cloud ERP is typically known as your “back-office,” the trend has shifted toward an integrated ERP platform with CRM. By integrating a CRM solution with a Cloud ERP, your company can gain a 360-degree view of your entire operation.

2.       Social Media and Digital Marketing Integrations

It’s no secret that today’s sales teams increasingly rely on social media and online marketing to effectively do their jobs. Unfortunately, most older CRM solutions weren’t built with social media and digital marketing in mind.

Today, sales professionals rely on external tools. This outcome isn’t ideal, as it tends to make the CRM itself less useful. Unsurprisingly, CRM integrations for both digital marketing platforms and social media are now on the rise.

3.       IoT Integrations

To many people, the Internet of Things (IoT) still seems like a science-fiction dream. But for some industries, it’s reality.

IoT technology has created a world where warehouse shelves can run inventories on their own, and every machine on a factory floor can give instant updates about their own efficiency. This information is useful for integrating ERP with CRM, and it allows managers to gain real-time insights while they improve demand forecasting and other long-term projections.

4.       AI Integration

From a customer-service perspective, so-called “conversational AI” has the potential to be a total game changer.

Most of the support calls your company receives probably don’t require the involvement of a real, live human being. Customers usually have routine problems that could easily be solved through an automated system, or even by looking up the solution on your website. But when something goes wrong, most people prefer to talk to another human being about it. This tendency involves having an expensive human being on the other end of the line, even for the most mundane support issues.

If only there was a way for your customers to talk to an automated system in a more organic way. That’s where conversational AI comes in: using natural language-processing to create virtual assistants that are almost as good at their jobs as real, live people. Customer service integrations are just the beginning for this advanced AI. This technology is just scratching the surface of its usefulness in business.

5.       Gamification

One of the most frustrating things about investing in CRM or other business technology solutions is realizing that your employees just aren’t interested in using it. They don’t see the long-term benefits, such as the boost to efficiency. They just see more work.

But what if there was a way to make this entire learning process more engaging? Or even kind of fun? That’s what gamification is all about. By using game-like mechanics (such as competitions, leaderboards, badges, and prizes), you truly turn your CRM into an employee-motivation engine.

Don’t get behind on software integration trends.To learn more about the ways your company can benefit from the right software integrations, contact FayeBSG for a free consultation.

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