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Marketing bridges the gap between consumers and the organization. Most businesses focus highly on marketing and look for innovative ways to increase ROI through marketing automation platforms. Additionally, companies with marketing automation see an average of 60% higher lead-to-sale conversion rates. 

With several options available, it can be difficult to find a complete marketing automation solution. SugarCRM offers an all-in-one marketing automation platform - Sugar Market. As a result, many marketing managers are keen to leverage it to stay ahead of their competitors.

Let’s explore what is Sugar Market all about and how it can help your business!


What is Sugar Market?


Sugar Market is an all-in-one marketing automation platform that streamlines your marketing activities. SugarCRM acquired Salesfusion, whose offering was later rebranded as Sugar Market and has since continued to evolve. It can be used on its own and integrated with Sugar or other CRMs. 


Features of Sugar Market


All Marketing Platforms in One Place


Does your team juggle different marketing platforms to identify customer touchpoints and leverage each one of them? With social media, these are changing at a rapid pace. 

However, you can streamline all your interactions with the customers on social media via Sugar Market. Allowing you to schedule posts, manage accounts and track brand performance, Sugar Market will enable you to boost engagement and accelerate customer acquisition.  

Effective Campaign Management


Marketing campaign automation can be done very effectively through Sugar Market. It lets you manage three types of campaigns: single emails, nurture-based campaigns, and trigger campaigns.


Automated email campaigns save time and help in optimizing your sales funnel. In Sugar Market, you can easily and quickly create personalized email campaigns. In addition, Sugar Market lets you streamline your email marketing workflow by scheduling emails. You can also get relevant statistics regarding emails opened, unsubscribed or other specifics.

You can also choose from the built-in email templates or create your own for a responsive email campaign. Moreover, you can also run a nurture-based campaign to convert or optimize trigger campaigns based on a user’s action for great results.

Better Lead Capturing 


Understanding customer engagement is important for digital marketing automation. Impressively, you can transform your customer’s journey by tracking engagement through different stages of the sales funnel in Sugar Market. Moreover, you can also get actionable insights regarding your prospects' interaction with your website and streamline account engagement.


Optimized Lead Nurturing 


Automated lead nurturing is a necessary step for closing more deals and improving conversion rates. According to DemandGen, nurtured leads result in a 20% increase in sales opportunities. Do you want to break through the noise and stay top-of-mind with prospects? Empower your team with Sugar Market, so they can send automated tailored messages to prospective buyers for a more personalized customer experience

In Sugar Market, nurturing campaigns are easy with drag and drop features. Just choose the mailing list from your marketing automation platform or your CRM, and include or exclude people based on various touchpoints. The more you customize the list according to your business needs, the better the results.

Furthermore, you can also renew a campaign by adding a rule or logic related to some action. For example, after sending emails, you can add a rule for follow-up calls if the specified action was taken.

Lead Scoring for Higher Conversions 


It’s disappointing when you can't close a deal after spending a lot of time and energy on a certain lead. Welcome to Sugar Market's native lead scoring mechanism, which allows you to assign a certain score to users based on their web activity, email or campaign engagement, etc. This is important for marketers as they can get the score of a lead and target it accordingly with their marketing efforts.


Launch Google Ads Campaigns


With Sugar Market, you don’t need to worry about managing your Google Ads Campaigns separately. Leverage the platform to see an increase in traffic and drive more qualified leads.


Optimized for Search Engines 


Given that digital marketing is evolving at a rapid pace, it is imperative to have a website with an optimal load time. If you are using a marketing automation platform but your site does not work properly, your business results will be less than optimal. 


Sugar Market brings a complete solution to website and SEO auditing, so you can see how your site is performing and benchmark it as well.  Attract more visitors to your site with smarter marketing.

Easily Create Landing Pages and Lead Forms 

Landing pages help to keep the audience engaged so you can seize new opportunities. In Sugar Market, you can save a lot of time through landing page automation. For this, use the drag-and-drop builders or choose the lead form templates. You can also build custom web pages for quick lead capture.

Measure a Webinar’s Success 

Being an all-in-one marketing automation platform, Sugar Market lets you manage and track your webinars and online events. It can transform your interactions with customers for real-time conversations through webinars. 


Create Custom Surveys - Fast 


Another feature of Sugar Market is that it lets you create custom surveys within the platform. This provides actionable insights about your customers and adds inbound intelligence.

Reporting and Interactive Dashboards

With Sugar Market, you can understand your customers better by tracking critical metrics and determining what drives revenue. With interactive marketing analytics dashboards in Sugar Market, you can create visually appealing reports that are easy to share.


CRM Integration with Sugar Market 


Another great feature of Sugar Market is that it enables seamless CRM integration. You can integrate Sugar Market with Sugar or any other CRM platform, and get real-time synchronization. It will bring your sales and marketing teams together on a unified platform, so you can drive more profits and increase revenue.


How will Sugar Market Benefit my Business?

As Sugar Market is an end-to-end marketing automation platform, it has the potential to transform your business. 

Here’s how.


Increase Your Sales


Marketing automation workflow becomes easy with Sugar Market. It lets you reach out to prospects, attract more leads and optimize your sales funnel. With Sugar Market, you're likely to see a boost in your sales figures. 


Increased Marketing ROI

Sugar Market will give you a clear picture of how your marketing campaigns are performing so you can strategize in a better way. Moreover, 63% of companies leverage marketing automation to gain a competitive advantage over their counterparts. Shouldn't you?

Optimize Resource Allocation


As Sugar Market allows you to track and monitor your campaigns, you can optimize the allocation of resources, time and money. Moreover, you can also customize SugarCRM to better manage your workflows. Not only will this drive profits, but boost your team productivity. 


Improve Customer Experience


Engage with clients at all touchpoints and address their issues for a better customer experience. Via marketing automation, you can retain more customers in an efficient way.


Supercharge Growth with Performance Analysis


It’s important to track performance and look for opportunities to grow your business. You can leverage advanced analytics in Sugar Market to track the performance of your marketing team, and visualize results through the marketing analytics dashboard. This will give you a holistic performance analysis to pinpoint areas of improvement.


What Are You Waiting For?


With its pre-integrated marketing automation solutions, Sugar Market can benefit your business in multiple ways. Leverage it fully with CRM integration and visualize your business revolutionized. 

Lead Generation Campaigns. They can prove a little tricky at times. Unnecessarily so. Let me give you 6 Successful Tips to Creating Enticing Marketing Campaigns to lure in those Leads. There’s nothing here you won’t be able to start working on right away. What’re you waiting for!?


Content is King


There’s nothing quite like the power of word of mouth. If you want your current database to be forwarding on your emails and sharing your messages with the world, you’re going to need to stand out from the crowd. If your emails are entertaining and charming, your audience will always look forward to them and are more likely to engage. Make sure you really put weight behind your content in your next campaign or blog series.


Make your audience feel special, this will encourage current subscribers to share and forward your emails, giving you access to friends and colleagues expanding your outreach and adding to your contact list. Include links in your email campaigns to specific landing pages with form fills. Why not direct them to a page with a pop-up to inspire your audience to give you their email.


The Golden Gates


Get some gated content out there! Gated Content is a great subtle tool when it comes to Lead Generation. Write a new whitepaper or ebook and ask your website visitors to enter their email addresses in order to access the new content. Another bonus of this method is it offers you another level of understanding about your lead, giving you the upper hand.


You can also develop a free tool for people to use, where all they need to sign up is their email address. For example, we’ve created a tool called GatorLeads Freemium. GL Freemium benefits us and its users in multiple ways when it comes to Lead Generation, why not use this kind of tool to your advantage and get new leads signing up, giving you a foot in the door to then show off all your other shiny products.


Keep it Simple


When dealing with the general public, your busy audience has a short attention span. Don’t dive straight in asking for every last detail about them. When using form fills, keep it simple by asking for only their name and email address. You can always ask their biggest pet peeve once you’ve established a connection further down the line. Don’t scare them off in the first 5 seconds!


Be Sociable Online


Having a well-defined social media strategy with a loud voice to catch the attention of the masses can only LEAD to one thing. Use your LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook to advertise an event you may be hosting. Encourage people to come to your website and sign up using their email address.


Partner Up


I get by with a little help from my friends! Partnering with another company in your industry can be incredibly beneficial and lucrative. We co-host many events with our partners Workbooks and Iconic Digital. Not only does this increase your outreach to a partner’s audience, but also gives your current subscribers a fresh outlook.


Co-hosting and Guest Blogging can help lighten the load, both financially and physically. Ensure to include a tracked link back to your website within any pieces you write for your partner so readers can subscribe to your resources.


And best of all! You can share all the leads at the end!


Testing 1,2…


CommuniGator? Bang on about testing again…? Never! You could be exhausting all avenues when it comes to Lead Generation, social media, gated content and event hosting and if you’re still not fruitful, it’s highly likely your copy or design might be to blame. Split testing to different audiences can give you an insight into what content is getting the most engagement, what design or subject line is catching your audiences’ eye, even when the best time of day to catch your target market is. The smallest alteration can cost you or make you a lot of leads.


A full database of high-quality email addresses is imperative to a high performing business.  Here are just a few pointers to aid its growth. I think the main point to stress, is to test. Get to know your target audience and know who you’re sending to and your Leads will look after themselves.

The technology behind creating content based on your target market has drastically evolved, making the process efficient and easier. According to research conducted by Evergage, many marketers agree that personalization is the most effective strategy for retaining the customer.


To successfully implement personalization strategies, you’ll need sufficient data and insights. Bringing data from different systems remains a challenge for about 55% of marketers – you can create unique content on websites or social media, but personalized content is most effective in email marketing campaigns.


Sending individualized emails is not rocket science; however, using personalized emails to enhance conversion rates requires more than adding “First_Name” to your introduction.


So, how can companies gather the needed data? For starters:


  • Doing business with them
  • Tracking visitors on your website
  • Sign-up forms on your website
  • Sales networks
  • Third-party apps


All this data is usually gathered inside your CRM system. Collecting basic information such as name and address can make your email communication simple, but not as effective. Make a list of data fields you want to acquire from your customers - name, address, and contact numbers are a given, but you also want to be able to track their purchase history, product interest, contact history, etc.


How integrating your CRM and ERP system enhances your campaign.


The 55% of marketers that struggle to bring all the data from their ERP system into their CRM system can utilize third-party integration apps to gather all the data collected from marketing automation systems or accounting tools into their CRM system. The integration between the two systems allows you to create custom fields where necessary and capture all the information. 


It is crucial to make sure this information is up to date and accurate. Addressing a contact with the wrong name won’t do your marketing and sales efforts any good. Make sure you provide a personalized link in each email where the recipient can alter their own contact information; this will help to keep your database error-free.


Finally, always remember to send yourself and your team members a test email to see if everything works. With a test mail, you can confirm whether all conditional content or personalization tags are in proper working order. Good luck!

In a world of business where you have boundless competition, CRM is your treasure box. You can use it to track your customers’ needs, their data, sales details, etc. to achieve your organizational goals.


However, your success depends on the quality of data stored in it. Which means it should be updated and detailed enough to guide you for future actions. For example, following up on old leads and enhancing the checkout process of your eStore, etc.

Surveys are one of the best resources to gather fresh and updated data from your customers. But if the data is not analyzed, it’s of no use.

When you unify your survey tool and CRM, you can overcome these obstacles and deploy a win-win solution to solve thousands of such hurdles in a short span of time. For example, if you have Sugar CRM in place, you can utilize the SugarCRM Survey Module to merge their capabilities.

Want to know how? Read on.


Curated Buyer Personas


These are a representation of what your users are really like. But when it comes to creating a buyer persona for your business, the most important thing is research. When you have an integrated CRM survey in place, it becomes easy to research and collect the following data: 

  • Geographic information
  • Demographic info
  • Behavioral data and patterns
  • Purchasing process 
  • Customer profiles


Once you receive the responses and save the data in your CRM, you can drive this data further to create a specific buyer persona. It helps you create marketing strategies and products as well as provide services to meet customer needs.


Achieve Automation


Sending a survey after a customer activity such as a lead conversion or phone call generates more impact than sending them randomly. It gives you accurate and quick responses. When you integrate the power of CRM with a survey tool, it enables you to automate your campaigns with CRM events as triggers. You no longer need to sit in front of the computer every time you want to send a survey; you simply set a date, time, and condition and it will be sent on your behalf.


With automation, you can make the best use of your CRM data - understanding your customers at a deeper level. And it gives you more transparent responses to lead your marketing in the right direction.


Improved Customer Retention


When you own a business, it is important to listen to your customers. And by sending a survey, you have already shown initiative that you care about their opinion. Of course, you might get negative feedback or bad product reviews - but in a non-threatening manner. Hence, it helps you understand your customer’s problems effectively. 


With a CRM survey integration, you can be sure that you have updated information about your existing customers and their preferences. You can also learn more about their journey and create additional surveys for effective communication.


Customer Service


You believe that you provide the best customer service. But do your customers feel the same way?


When you send surveys regularly, you encourage more loyalty and retention. To test it, utilize an NPS (Net Promoter Score) equipped survey. NPS questions give you more clarity on how your services and products are doing with your customers. Plus, you’ll derive how many of them promote your business to others.


Some other plus points are that you can create a better follow-up flow with triggered survey campaigns. Additionally,  you can get in touch with customers who gave you a negative review. This way, you get a chance to pre-empt any negative response and drive a different outcome.


The Right Time


When you have an integrated CRM survey tool in place, you can trigger your survey campaigns at the right time. Unlike other online tools, here you can easily keep up with your CRM events and decide the best time to send a survey to your customers.


It also becomes easy for you to process received data. For instance, once you get the responses regarding your product, you integrate suggested changes accordingly.


The Final Takeaway


The integration of surveys and CRM helps you grow a deeper relationship with your customers. You can acquire new ones, as well as retaining the existing ones. It’s the best of both worlds!

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