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The Sugar Mobile Software Development Kit just got a sweet new upgrade with wealth of new features. Those familiar with SDKs in general know that it allows developers and organizations to build native, or "responsive" apps for mobile. It connects with the Sugar instance and gives you a framework to create apps with tailored functionality. We’ve broken down all the features of the Sugar SDK in a separate post if you´d like to read that, but what do you get in Sugar Mobile 7.0? A number of performance enhancement functionalities build upon the existing cutting-edge features to pave the way for a more robust and inclusive mobile experience.   

Here´s a look at the features that are present in SugarCRM Mobile 7 that make it a cut above the rest.

Download Quote as PDF

Quotes can be downloaded as PDFs using available PDF templates in the Sugar platform. These PDF templates can be created by the system administrator for end-user; the process is very straightforward. Head on over to the “Options" icon in the top right corner when you’re in the Quotes module and viewing a record. You’ll notice new options for each PDF template available. In this instance, the two available PDF templates are “Quote PDF” and “Invoice PDF”.
Sugar Mobile SDK

Clicking either "Download" button will open the PDF in your system and you can choose to save it from there. The Download Quote PDF functionality is compatible with Sugar versions 8.3 and above and only works on Sugar Mobile.

Filter by Reports with Charts

In Sugar Mobile, you can select and filter the reports with charts. Simply tap the filter button to select the search filter for charts and that’s it. This selection is saved and displayed quickly when you return.

Offline File Attachment

In Sugar Mobile, you can easily attach files to records in a number of formats, provided the record has an option for attachments. If you decide to upload a file, it will be viewable by other Sugar users. However, in the latest Sugar Mobile, Sugar users can attach images and files (.pdf, .txt, .xls) to records in offline mode as well. This is an amazing new functionality that is worth its weight in gold for sales departments. Stable internet connectivity is seldom assured out in the field, but with this new feature, you can attach files and queue them up until the connection is restored.

Attaching files is simple, simply head on over to the “Options" icon and create a Note.

Sugar Mobile SDKThen click on the “Attachment” icon and select the file to attach.

Sugar Mobile SDK


While we´re on the topic, here’s a look at what separates Sugar Mobile from the rest of the pack:

Sugar Mobile SDK


Rolustech has leveraged the Sugar Mobile SDK to create a number of different features and functionalities for Sugar Mobile to help clients implement mobile processes as needed. These Sugar Mobile SDK customizations have been built directly on top of the Sugar SDK; here’s a look at some of the out-of-the-box features we’ve implemented.

E-Signature Functionality

The E-Signature functionality in Sugar Mobile lets you use your mobile canvas to craft a signature and use it to verify and approve documents on your Sugar platform. The e-signature is legally approved and binds you to a contract, similar to a regular signature, but with the added benefit of knowing when a document was opened and signed. Here’s a look at how it works in Sugar Mobile.

After the SDK customization is implemented, simply head on over to any module. In this example, we’re going to the Leads module.

Sugar SDK Customization

Open the “Options" tab from the top right and click on "Signature".

Sugar SDK Customization

This will take you to a canvas where you can use the native touchscreen functionality to draw a signature, as in the example below:

Sugar SDK CustomizationClick “Save” when you’re done and your e-signature will be on its way.

Sugar SDK Customization

Other Features to Consider

You can have any number of fields auto-populated on Sugar SDK to improve business productivity. With auto-population, you can display multiple versions of an action depending on how the user behaves. In the case of a questionnaire, subsequent questions can be associated with previous questions and a dependency relationship can be implemented; i.e. Option 2 will only appear if the user responds to Option 1 with Option B. This is one example of how Sugar SDK customization can help you auto-populate fields.

Theme-related customization in Sugar Mobile helps businesses truly make software and applications their own. Custom themes help with adoption and adaptability and bring uniqueness to your platform. All of this makes perfect sense from a branding perspective, which is why more and more businesses opt for a custom theme on Sugar Mobile.

Business logic is another aspect that is distinctive to each industry. It encodes practical business rules and replicates them on your platform to ensure that data is created, stored, and changed according to your requirements. Your Sugar SDK Customization can then translate these sets of business logic in Sugar Mobile to improve productivity and efficiency. Rolustech has done a number of business logic implementations for a range of different industries; get in touch if you’re looking for a Sugar SDK Customization or Integration.

June 1st marked the 15-year anniversary of SugarCRM, so we have dedicated the month to reminiscing on our experience alongside SugarCRM. As one of their very first Partners, and the SugarCRM 2019 Global Reseller of the Year, we wanted to share some of the reasons why our W-Systems employees love both SugarCRM platform and Sugar employees.

Below you will find 15 reasons why we love Sugar featuring some of our employees from sales, professional services, development, support, and marketing.


Here´s to 15 years and many more to come, SugarCRM!


With Love,


Reason #1: Tracking Support Cases to Help our Customers

Sugar keeps the support team on task and provides tools for tracking support cases to help our customers. With Sugar, we can schedule follow-ups, keep accurate notes of what was done, see links to important resources, and create custom reports and dashboards to fit each Support Specialist's specific needs.


– Fred Block, Support Specialist

Reason #2: Personal Interactions and Relationships

I love the ability that Sugar allows both W-Systems and our customers to build personal interactions and relationships. Software is great, but the fun comes from the relationships we develop with customers and the opportunity we get to improve their lives. 


"I once worked for a CEO that said our job was to change the world. At first glance, that´s a pretty bold statement until you realize if I can make this better, then the task gets done faster and perhaps the person is able to go home earlier, eat dinner with their family or make it to their daughter’s softball game. That is how we change the world, and Sugar allows us to do that every day."


– David Newberry, Customer Success Manager

Reason #3: From Small Businesses to Enteprise, Sugar Can Do It All

What I love about Sugar is that it allows us to meet customers where they are: on their own turf.

  • Small businesses that need opportunities and pipelines? Easy! ✅
  • SMBs that want sales, service, and a custom module to manage events? No problem! ✅
  • Large multinational global firms that need automation, integration, and sophisticated user roles and teams?Can do! ✅

Sugar gives all our customers a "home field advantage."


– Chris Meyer, Consulting Manager

Reason #4: Sugar is the Heart of our Marketing Department

I love that the heart of our entire Marketing department is found within Sugar. Normally you would hear this from sales, but not marketing. Within Sugar, I manage all KPIs and lead generation activities, content and event calendars, campaigns, social metrics, customer satisfaction reviews and so much more. I love demonstrating our marketing workflow and having prospects tell me, “We want the same thing!”,  because it reaffirms that what we are doing is something special, and worth duplicating.


– Sarah Friedlander Garcia, Director of Marketing


Reason #5: Limitless Sugar Customizations

From my point of view, the most beautiful part of the Sugar application is the fact that there are no limits to customizing it. As long as you have the technical prowess, the sky’s the limit!


– Bogdan Cataron, Development Manager

Reason #6: User Interface and Easy Navigation

As a new Sugar user, I find that the interface is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. I could quickly locate and identify the areas and tools that are useful to me. I also appreciate Sugar’s open source roots that have allowed us the ability to customize and create tools that are uniquely functional for each of our customers.


– Vanlexus Franks, Marketing Intern

Reason #7: Managing New Change Control Documentation in Sugar

I love that as we grow as an organization, Sugar grows with us and helps us run every part of the business. For example, while implementing ISO 27001, we were able to manage new change control documentation requirements fully within Sugar.

– Christian Wettre, President


Reason #8: Partner-Based Feedback Helped Build the SugarCRM Mobile SDK

Here's one thing I love about Sugar: their ability to collaborate with partners. When they were reworking their mobile app, we were able to work with the SugarCRM Mobile Development Manager on the benefits of Sugar customizations. As a result, they delivered the SugarCRM Mobile SDK, which enabled us to build wMobile for SugarCRM!

– Ionut Tonita, Director of Development


Reason #9: Sugar’s REST API Makes Data Integration Easy

I love that data Integration with Sugar is a straightforward process thanks to the easy-to-use REST API, which provides useful endpoints for accessing data and metadata. Also, the bulk REST API is very powerful when you want to send large amounts of data to Sugar.


– Dan Ciobanu, Director of Development

Reason #10: Module Builder Turns Sugar Into a Multi-Departmental Tool

I have always loved Sugar’s Module Builder, which allows customers to extend the application far beyond the realm of sales without having to write any code.


– Seth Howell, Client Manager

Reason #11: Innovations of the Past Translate to Those of the Future

I remember when I first used Sugar back in 2004, and I had never seen a drag-and-drop interface on a web app. I was blown away by that being able to move dashlets around the dashboards by simply dragging them and also placing fields on the layouts the same way. Sugar has continued to be an innovative product over the years, and I love that I am able to work with an application that continues to think of new ways to make the experience better for CRM administrators.


– Pat Pawlowski, Senior IT Specialist


Reason #12: Help Me Work the Way I Want to Work

What I love about Sugar is that it helps me (and potentially all Sugar users) do my job easier and better via efficiency. Sugar gives me the ability to easily capture information that helps make my future customer interactions more relevant and timely. And Sugar gives me the information I need to prioritize my activities through custom reports and dashlets that I can easily create on my own to help me work the way I want to work.


– Kevin Reichley, Director of Sales - Central

Reason #13: SugarCon and the Expansive SugarCRM Ecosystem

My favorite thing about working with Sugar has been going to SugarCon (now SugarConnection), and other events they host each year. I love the energy at the events and seeing how expansive the SugarCRM ecosystem is with products, partners, and customizations.

(Be sure to take a look below at our highlight reel from SugarCon last year!).


– Katie Liesmann, Marketing Manager



Reason #14: Robust Dashboard and Reporting Capabilities

What I appreciate most about Sugar is its robust dashboard and reporting capabilities. As a user it allows me to manage teams of project managers, consultants, engineers, and support specialists as they work to deliver dozens of complex projects across our entire customer base. This ranges from a single dashboard that gives a solid overview of our entire operations, to the most granular level of a single hour of time logged against one of our projects. As the Director of Professional Services for W-Systems, it allows me to uphold the promise to our customers that we can deliver the same incredible solution for them.


– Damon Hurd, Director of Professional Services


Reason #15: Custom Calendars, Detailed Analytics, Documentation and More!


The fact that you can take Sugar far beyond the realm of sales is something you won’t get from many other CRMs. Custom calendars, detailed analytics, document automation, and so much more—I think that what I love the most about Sugar is that is has enabled W-Systems to develop amazing customizations and integrations and grow as a business.


– Paul Scondac, Marketing Manager

Every business relies on tasks, calls and meetings as well as key dates and deadlines to develop successful and profitable relationships. Sugar is a fantastic tool that helps to collect and manage all your customer data.


The flexible structure of Sugar data allows for creating tasks, calls and meetings related to any CRM object, both standard (Account, Contact, Task, Quote, Opportunity, etc.) and custom.


Sugar Studio allows easy adding of new date-time fields into regular or custom modules where needed. In addition to standard fields such as “Opportunity/RLI expected close date” and “Quota valid until”, you can add a set of useful key dates such as the following:

  • Return to target – Renewing the contact with a prospect who asked you not to disturb them for a set period of time
  • Opportunity postpone until – Do not disturb the customer during the requested period of time
  • Covenant check date – Ensure all agreements were completed in the agreed time
  • Invoice due date – Receive money according to contract terms
  • Subscription renewal – Continuation of subscription with an existing customer
  • Contract renewal - Renewal of the contract for a new term
  • Expected NPS survey date – Collection of important customer feedback


Of course, every company is unique and has its own set of key dates and deadlines. However, each company faces the same challenge: the more of these they utilize, the more they need to see all these dates in a serial stream alongside planned activities. This is regardless of what CRM entity they were planned with or placed in or which CRM user or information system have issued them.


All of the above drive one key immutable aspect of our daily lives: when we plan our day or a particular visit to the customer, when we review our pipeline or prepare a marketing campaign, and, of course, when we answer an unexpected customer call, we need the right data. The Sugar add-on Need ToDo Viewer makes this simple by monitoring activities and deadlines of all related entities at any level where you need them: the main dashboard, a list view or record view.

You can see not only key dates but also a business-oriented description that helps you to derive maximum information without digging into details. This may be the status of a task or a meeting address with an active link to Google Maps, a sales stage of opportunity or its total amount. It’s up to you; the configuration options are numerous.


Better awareness leads to fewer mistakes; fewer mistakes lead to more efficient planning. All of this together contributes to higher overall efficiency in CRM users’ work. Automatic display of data-related entities significantly saves time and facilitates their work, which positively impacts user adoption.


See? Isn’t that simpler?


Would you like to see the above in action? Click here for the webinar replay.

Surely by now, you’ve conducted many surveys using trial and error. Every time you send one anticipating a certain number of responses, more often that not you end up disappointed. The bitter truth? People don’t like filling them out. Even if they start a survey, most of them abandon it halfway if they find it long. After all, what’s in it for them?


But for you, their responses are crucial in achieving your sales targets. Asking the right questions in a survey can enhance solutions as well as your brand value, but to turn this scenario into a reality, increasing survey response rates is a must.


Let’s look at how you can do just that.


Maintain Transparency


There is nothing wrong with displaying the final outcome of your survey. We’d actually suggest doing so. This way, you provide an opportunity for customers to better know you and your brand in depth. This works best if you are planning to conduct a series of surveys to improve your services or product. Responders would be happy to help you out by filling out surveys knowing they are getting better products as a result.


If you are using Sugar, then you can directly send surveys from your CRM using the Sugar CRM survey module. Using this tool, you will be able to create interactive reports to better comprehend and utilize your data.


Include Incentives


Let’s be honest: incentives work. Everyone likes getting something in return for helping others out. Incentives are a great way to work cross-sell or upsell your products, too. Offer them a free membership, an extended product usage period, free access to your other products, or even financial rewards such as gift cards if your company policy permits and you are in a position to do so.


Respect their Privacy


A year ago, GDPR took effect, and it changed our perception of how we can collect customers’ data. Now more than ever, customers are concerned about their data and privacy. Even more reason to use the SugarCRM survey tool, which offers GDPR compliant survey forms. This way, users know their data is safe and can not be used anywhere without their consent.


Reduce their Hurdles


When conducting a series of surveys, it is important to use a data pipeline feature which is provided in major SugarCRM survey modules. Using this feature, you will be providing users with pre-filled survey forms, reducing data entry on their part. For example, if your survey has five questions and two of them are their names and numbers that were provided in a previous survey, then you can send them pre-filled surveys.


Less equals more!


Maintain Relevancy


Your responders don’t want to answer questions that are not relevant to them. A simple example might be when you pose a question for finance as well as the IT industry in your survey. If the person identifies as finance, the next question should be finance-related. You can apply skip logic here which helps you set the chronological order of questions and assists in making your surveys more relevant and interactive.


Mobile First!


It’s widely known that people spend most of their consuming content via mobile devices. As a result, your survey needs to be mobile responsive. It doesn’t have to be extensively graphical to be appealing to them, either—keep it simple and easy to use.




Surveys are meant to be simple. A good survey response rate is 85% (43 responses for every 50 surveys sent.) Keep the surveys short and on-point to up your response rate. And to really take your survey game to the next level, utilize Sugar CRM survey tools and plugins with features like data-piping, skip logic, etc.

Good luck!

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) was built with an intent to keep all the customer data at one place. Aiming to make some of the business operations smoother and streamlined. But we all know how CRM has become more than just customer data storing software. Now, you can conduct almost all of your business operations with CRM and there is no bar set for its advancement.


Sugar, a CRM which is widely adopted by approximately 2 million users around the globe, is continuing the advancement in the CRM industry one step further. Sugar recently hit a major milestone with the release of Sugar 9. All the new advancements are developed with one goal in mind: Business-Acceleration. They want a smooth for their users and provide them with a powerful platform to collaborate. Their users will now be able to understand communicate effectively with their customer data resulting in better, informed and quick decisions.


Sugar developed Sugar 9 keeping these three business accelerators in mind: Collaborate More, Know More, and Do More. Sugar 9 sounds really promising and is worth upgrading to. But first, let’s dive deep to understand this launch properly.


Here is what’s inside it:



Communicating is critical. Especially when it is with your customers. In the new Sugar 9, you can now leverage their enhanced email features and make use of group outbound emails. On the other hand, there’s a comment log which enables you to have searchable conversations associated with specific CRM records. Plus, they have introduced the emoji support throughout Sugar in order to enhance the way you communicate with your customers and vice versa.


Deep Analysis:
To help make decisions faster, Sugar 9 has increased the number of re-usable reports which you can as the basis for your personalized reports. You can include a ton of visuals in your reports to present data more accurately. Plus, you can export these reports as CSV as well. Additionally, they have integrated Pendo. It helps to make decisions easier based on the whole data without any direct access to customer’s confidential data.


More Opportunities:
In the new version of Sugar 9, you can manage and customize quotes, their description, and shipping information with their all-new upgrade-safe capabilities. Secondly, sellers can utilize Product Catalog Quickpicks Dashlet to add their most frequently quoted line items to quotes. Other than that, you can fill out and send email templates on updates records with SugarBPM engine’s newly added features.


Other than these, other updates include added platform support, and most importantly the developers have improved the overall performance of Sugar that allows you to access your information more quickly!


To leverage the new capabilities of Sugar 9 you can make use these products which are already compatible with Sugar 9.


Survey Rocket: This Sugar CRM survey plugin help you modernize your way of conducting surveys. It’s a one-stop survey solution as you can manage and run your survey campaigns from the CRM itself.


Trash Bin: With this product, you can easily restore the deleted CRM data whenever required. Other than that, it sends you notifications whenever there is an event of deleting the data.


Dynamic Login Screen Pro: To get customized login screens on your CRM login screen, you can use Dynamic Login screen pro which is now compatible with Sugar 9.


There are many other upgrades offered with this update which you can check out here.

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