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3 Major Functionalities That Your Mobile CRM App Must Serve!

Blog Post created by Maulik Shah on Oct 31, 2018

“Enterprise Mobility.” If you run an organization yourself, there are chances that you might have heard this term. And if you have not, it is time you acquaint yourself with the significant role it plays for large and small enterprises. As businesses of today are growing at a very rapid pace, customer relationship management applications have also gone mobile. Moreover, they can efficiently cope with the needs of on-the-go sales executives.


It is very important to note here that the functionality of mobile CRM is not just confined to giving access to data on the move. It goes way beyond the “mobile access” part of it. In case, you are planning to adopt a Mobile CRM for your your organization, you must make sure that it serves certain major functionalities. So, let us try to know about:


3 major functionalities that your CRM mobile App should serve:


Taking Quick Actions

We thrive in the 21st century and the customers of today are more empowered than ever. So, offering excellent product and services is quite mandatory. But what’s more important is  connecting with your customers and understanding their needs. Be it through calls, messages, emails, or social media. Go for an app that enables you to search/locate the prospects and connect with them easily. You should also be easily reachable to your customers and promptly reply to their messages.


Enabling your CRM users to connect with their customers not only adds value to their experience but also gives them feedbacks on how to improve.


Check-in/Check Out of Meetings

Attending meetings is a very crucial and constant part of sales process. And as the sales employees are always on the move, it becomes difficult for them to keep these records. A superior quality mobile CRM app helps you to check in with your visits. As soon as the meetings get over, the location gets recorded in the CRM. As the application links the check-in/check outs to the meetings, calls and task, you can find all the details in the check-in module. In case you miss checking in, you can also do it manually later.


A facility like this makes it easy for CRM users to create and keep the records of customers and keeps their co-workers and team members informed about meetings in real-time.


Easy Follow-up Feature

A common saying in sales says, “The fortune is in the follow-up.” There are several reasons why salespeople resist in following up. One of the major reasons is that they tend to forget. Sometimes they forget the purpose of follow up and sometimes they miss the deadlines. Moreover, the conventional ways of making notes and remembering data is quite exhaustive. A CRM mobile app must have follow-up feature which sends reminders on time and keeps the history of customer interactions.


Other Features

Apart from the features that we have mentioned above, you can also get other features like sending attachments by clicking pictures, uploading documents from mobile device to CRM, searching records and changing the language into a preferable one etc. And then you can find the best CRM mobile apps.


Winding Up…

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